Tuesday , July 23 2024

Jabulani Ball Controversy

Jabulani Soccer BallWith all the current hype about the Jabulani, I thought it would be a good time to point out the review of the ball that we did back in January. Goalkeepers seem to be the primary ones discussing and denouncing the World Cup ball because of its unpredictability. After testing, I nicknamed it the ‘Dancer’ for exactly that reason, it definitely moves in the air. If you are a striker you automatically have an advantage!

Check out the SC101 Jabulani review and watch the video at the bottom of the post that shows the ball in action.

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  1. If I was In the world cup I'd lracice with the cleats and ball that I'd have to use, they shouldn't be complaining, except the keepers

  2. Lsory that should say practice

  3. I have the ball. the official one.

    i play with it once a week on grass.

    i think the ball is really great. i love it.

    it just feels good when playing with it and when shooting. it is noticeble that it goes further than you would expect but i havent yet seen the ball move akwardly or dancing and moving strangely!

    but anyway in general it is a great ball and definitely the best ball i have played with. excited from now to see the ball for the 2014 world cup:)

  4. I own this ball that was dubbed by, julio ceasar as a, “supermarket” ball. Given this guy has probably handled more balls that one man should in his lifetime, i like to believe his melancholy attitude toward it is just nerves. Yup, he’s scared. The ball is great imo…I can see how some may not like it. You have to get a feel for the ball to really enjoy it.

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