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Adidas F50 adizero Hybrid Review

Adidas F50 adizero Hybrid

To finish up the review series of the Adidas F50 adizero series we have the FG/SG Hybrid version. After reviewing both FG versions of the Leather and Synthetic adizero, it was nice to be able to get to test out something a little different, and specifically on a grass surface. I don’t get to play on a lot of grass surfaces here in LA, so reviewing these took a few extra weeks than normal. For testing, I wore a size 9US in the Synthetic Chameleon Purple/White/Electricity colorway.

What does Hybrid mean?
Hybrid refers to the fact that you can change out the studs and use the boots on different surfaces. When you buy a pair, it comes with the firm ground studs in a pink color and a stud wrench for tightening/loosening. If you decide, you can buy a pair of SG studs that will allow you to play on soft surfaces. The bonus lies in the fact that you are buying one pair of boots for both surfaces instead of two!

F50 Adizero Hybrid

Breaking In
Comfort wise these were great, just like during testing of the FG versions. I wore them jogging a few times before breaking them out into a game just to be sure that they would not cause any problems – especially since I needed to transition to a grass surface. When I did get them into a game, they felt really good. At one stage I was tempted to tape up my heal as I felt like there was a possibility I could blister, but for the sake of reviewing I battled through and things worked out.

Weightadizero Hybrid
The Hybrid version of the F50 adizero is the heaviest, but for good reason as there is more technology involved to allow for screwing studs in and out. By heavier, these weigh in at 6.6oz compared to the synthetic FG that weighs 5.8oz. It is really not that great a difference, and when you are below 7oz you are still talking absolute lightweight boots! One thing I did notice was that after wearing on a wet surface, and then drying, they weighed 6.75oz. So, they soak up a very minimal amount of weight.

Why buy them?
For a lot of players, the option to buy two separate pairs of cleats are out of the question. So, getting 2 in 1 only makes sense! I had the opportunity to test them out with both FG and SG studs with positive results. For anyone looking to get something for both they are a great option. The one thing to bear in mind is the fact that you are going to need to buy new studs from time to time, I would recommend at least once per season for each set. But with that being said, the studs are far cheaper than another set of boots!

Will the studs fall out?
This is the most common question I have received about these boots and the answer is simple; make sure the studs are tight before each game and they won’t fall out. It is natural for the studs to move a little while you twist and turn during a game, but not enough to fall out! The stud wrench also fits extremely well. One other thing I noticed about the studs is that over time, they lose their color.

Only one, and that is the fact that these are not intended for artificial surfaces. You will only get the most out of these by wearing them on a natural grass surface.

Adidas F50 Adizero Hybrid

The Hybrid F50 adizero is an excellent option for anyone looking for a boot to use on multiple natural grass surfaces. The fact that Adidas have managed to keep the F50 below 7oz astounds me, particularly when you are adding on the additional weight of Aluminium studs. Having the option to change between both an FG and SG stud can make the difference on any given day, especially if you are not sure what the conditions of a field is going to be like. I know that is an area that I have fell short on in recent times, so I will keep these in my bag for a rainy day (excuse the pun!) In terms of performance, you are not going to find a much better boot on the market. If you need more information on how the leather and synthetic versions compare, check out our Adidas F50 adizero: Leather versus Synthetic post.

Adidas adizero Hybrid
*boots supplied for review by soccer.com

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The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Hey bryan, itsnice to see that you reviewed every variation of this boot!

    I was wondering, in your experience does the TPU bottom frame along the toe of the boot increase ita durability? if not then what purpose does it serve??

  2. Hey brian, When you say:" these are not intended for artificial surfaces. "

    what do you mean? do they lose grip or pull your muscles when turning?

    And what type of the adizero is the best for artificial grass?



  3. Dermot,

    It definitely serves a purpose and adds a new dynamic to the boot. I have not worn them long enough to see if it makes a difference (would take at least a season)


    Metal blades are never good for an artificial turf surface, these are only intended for natural grass where the studs can dig in. For artificial surface I would actually recommend the turf version (available for $50) or else go for the FG version that can also be used on grass.

  4. Bryan,

    What is the difference in length between the FG and SG studs?

  5. Cad,

    The SG studs are a little longer and slightly thinner than the FG. I will add a link to an image of both tomorrow.

  6. Suzy (is it ok that I call you Suzy for short?)

    These studs are made of aluminum so they are safe to wear on an natural grass surfaces. I don't recommend wearing them on artificial turf.

  7. suuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy.

    These Studs are all different kinds but the ones they come with are made like out of metal ish material, and I was wondering …. will they let you play soccer with those kind of studs on the bottom ? The ref usually check the bottoms and they don’t look like you can wear them cause of the studs………..

  8. Hi Bryan,

    So does this mean i can change the sg studs and use the fg studs when i want, just like the f50i tunit?

  9. Hi Bryan,

    I'm thinking about getting the adizero's in the hybrid form, i play rugby so we tend to play on softer ground pitches. Anyway, i want to know if you can take out the studs and use the normal studs that you can buy at most sports shops, or have adidas made it so that you can only use their specific studs?


  10. Pace,

    Adidas have made them specific to their boots, you can find them online for around $10 per set.

  11. ok, thanks bryan 🙂

  12. I am doubting about wich boot to buy, i have very small feet and i love lightweight boots, i always had the mercurial's but now i'm doubting about wich boot to buy, quality is something very important to me because i am a student with limited budget, and i wasn't happy with the mercurial v's, they only lasted 4 months and i had to buy cheaper boots halfway the season, so do you think these last longer?

    greetz from jéffren

  13. Jeffren,

    I have heard mixed opinions on their durability, but from my experience they lasted well. With lightweight boots, it is very difficult to ensure they will last as the materials are a lot thinner. In my opinion, these will offer a lot better value for the price.

  14. Thanx Bryan, you made my choice a lot easier, i will go for the Adizero's, as they are also cheaper than the nike's.

    Thank you very much 🙂

  15. nice…..i love it but not this color……it is kinda wierd but i’ll say its good……..

  16. Hi Brian,

    It's amazing that these boots are so light, and they are obviously built for spped, but will these boots actually allow you to run faster than if you were wearing a 10 oz or 11 oz pair of boots.

    It will help me with my choice for my next pair of boots 🙂

    Please answer,


  17. Jack,

    You can tell there is a difference between these and a 10oz boot and it will make it feel easier to move. But ultimately, it won't make you noticeably faster or improve your reaction. One positive is that they can give you a psychological advantage.

  18. hola estan rre buenos los de messi

    Yo los tengo si no me creen entren al flog

    ElSupermAXX 😉

  19. are the firm ground studs attached?

  20. Yes, there are 5 first ground studs that are permanently attached to the boot (the yellow ones)

  21. Hi, I'm from South Africa and own a pair of this wonderfull boots. Said thing is i only played in them once and the studs were not tight enough so i lost 2 studs. I have looked all over the country and i cant find replacements studs. Please help.

  22. Dear Bryan,

    I'm about to start my soccer season in a few months now. And I think it's Important to start looking at what I'm gonna need. I had in mind the adidas predator X and the adidas adizero hybrid. It is important for me to be light on my feet, have control on the pitch but also be deadly accurate when it comes to scoring .I'm a forward but also an attacking winger. Any suggestions out of those two? -thanks

  23. Christopher,

    Adizero's are a much better option for wingers/attacking players. The Pred X is a great boot, but they are a little heavier. If you want something with protection and additional elements for shot power they are a great fit, but you are probably looking for something lighter that is designed for speed and acceleration, like the adizero.

  24. If you were a winger/forward and you had to chose between these three types of boots witch ones would you chose and why? Adizero, Nike mercurial merical, or the adipure 3.

  25. bryan i am kinda knew to this website and i like ur posts and respect your advice. i was wondering if i should get the adizeros or the adipures right now i have the f50s and i really like them they have good touch and i can get good power on my shots thanks

  26. Colin,

    If you want lightweight go for the adizeros, but if you want more protection the adipures are a better choice. To be honest, the adipures have a more similar fit an feel to the F50 than the current adizeros have.

  27. bryan, I play attacking mid and was wondering if i should get the adizeros or wait for the f50 adizero primes to come out,thanks

  28. Devin,

    If you can get a good deal on the Adizero's I would go for them now rather than waiting and having to pay full price for the Prime.

  29. Bryan, you mentioned they come with the firm ground studs in a pink color and we could buy the SG studs if we wanted. So does that mean they come like a standard FG version, just that 6 of the studs are removable and SG studs are not provided?

  30. Ben,

    The SG studs come with the boot, there are only 5 fixed studs that are positioned in a way that you can not wear the boots without the SG. Check the images above, the pink studs are the SG and the yellow are fixed. I have heard that if you order replacements, they don't come in the pink color.

  31. bryan,
    i still dont get it does it come with metal and plastic screw ins or does it just come as the top picture with 5 fixed tpu studs and 6 sg studs or what?

  32. Duncan,

    That's correct

  33. so it does come with plastic screw ins

  34. Hi Bryan, you know how soccer shops sell SG adizeros with removable studs? Do you know where I can get the FG studs pack?

  35. Bryan how often would you have to buy Sg studs for these cleats if you wore them in artificial turf for a season?

  36. Christopher,

    If you are using them on SG surfaces, they shouldn't scratch up too much – so I would reckon you will only need one set of studs per season.

  37. Dear Bryan,

    I'm determine to buy these cleats or the puma v1.10k. First of all I play in turf, and you have said that these are not inteded to play on turf but what would be the worst thing that can happen to these if played on turf? Do you think the yellow studs could fall off the shoe and effect the comfort?

  38. Christopher,
    This specific cleat (the Hybrid version) is not suited for turf, the ones you want are either the turf specific or the FG version. With the FG version, there is a risk of the yellow studs breaking off.

  39. Dear Bryan

    Can You Buy Seprate FG stud packs for the SG version


  40. Dear Bryan,

    I am still very confused about wether or not these come with FG studs that can replace the SG studs, because I cannot play with metals. Do the extra FG studs come in a package when you order these? Or do you have to buy them somewhere else?

  41. @bryan

    Are there any major differences between the F50 Adizero and the F50 Adizero Hybrids? I play for highschool and league games are coming up, so I thought it would be suitable for me to play in a SG/FG shoe. Are the differences in weight noticeable? Do you recommend the hybrids over the regular adizeros? Do the hybrids come with the comfort insole as well?


  42. @David L,

    You won't notice a weight difference, in terms of comfort and looks they are very similar, it is performance where there is a difference. This depends on the surface of course – you are going to get the best performance from the SG when you are playing on softer surfaces, while the FG are better for use on more solid pitches! Both come with the comfort insoles.

  43. Hi…m really desp to know,, here in India, all the grounds are rock hard, I mean literally, I bought nike360 trequatrtista FG and the grippers flattened out in a month and half, can u suggest me a shoe which will last for atleast a year??? Will these shoes do??

  44. If you are going to review a shoe, please get your facts straight. The replaceable metal studs come only in metal, there are no variations for different conditions. That was F50 Tunit. The theory is the metal studs are long enough for soft fields, and the plastic studs are designed to help distribute stud pressure on hard fields. That's the theory, the reality is this is a soft ground shoe only, albeit an excellent one.

  45. Hi Bryan,

    can you exchange SG studs for FG studs ?

    thank you

  46. I just ordered these cleats in the cyan color and my club team practices and plays on turf…how well will they hold up in your opinion

  47. @Charlie

    The hybrid version is not designed for turf fields – so you might notice some negatives in performance. They a re much more suited to a soft natural surface.

  48. will the FGs be good on turf

  49. I bought the Adidas F50 adizero 6 with aluminum caps. I would like to find out where can I buy aluminum caps for this model over the Internet.

  50. I am also looking for a non-metal alternative that is a compatible replacement for the aluminum SG studs.

    Has anyone found a suitable replacement?


  51. thanks dude for the link to this review,

    im gonna take these but in the new colors 😉

    bryan keep going, i will keep following up ur reviews

  52. Sooooo koool Wish i had buy this before they ran out of my size 11.5us tell me if someone finds them:(

  53. Please please please tell me where to buy replacement studs

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