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Dealing With the Problem of Preseason Blisters

With preseason fast approaching, and your new pair of boots ready to break in, there is a must have item that I recommend all players have fast access today – blister band-aids! We have all had blisters at some point in our playing career, and for some reason they always seem to come at the wrong time. Even though there is no quick fix solution to help you heal overnight, there are some products out there that are designed to improve healingBlister Band-Aid time while also protecting the wound.

In my bag, I carry a pack of Johnson & Johnson Advanced Healing Adhesive Band-aids. I find them to be very effective and they are useful if you have them at the right time. Basically, all you need to do is apply the band-aid over your wound (your foot needs to be dry) and leave it on for a day or two. They are sterilized for use on open wounds and they come with Compeed Moisture Seal™ Technology that helps them stick to your foot really well. I have worn these during games on occasion without them falling off. They won’t take away the pain, but I have found that they do help and they “promote fast blister healing” (according to the box!)

You can find them at pretty much any local pharmacy like a CVS or Rite Aid, with the best part being the price as they are very affordable. You can get a pack of six for around $5.

There are also other options to consider like the Spenco blister kit and the Pro-Tec Liquicell Blister Bands. I have not tested either, but they have different properties that might be useful to help with blister problems. Both are available at If you end up testing them (or have) let us know how they work out!

Foot Blister band-aid

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  1. thanks very much cuz my total 90 give me blisters like everytime i tie laces too tight

  2. Hey I have a question… my F50 adizero's that just came in the mail from are giving me incredible pain and blisters on my heel. I think it is because of the heel counter, but I am not sure. Do you have any suggestions on how to take away the pain when playing, or even how to fix the problem? Could the cleats be defective?

    • Are they leather or synthetic? You might have a sizing issue and it sounds like an additional half size is needed. Giving them more time to break in might help, try wearing them around the house and jogging in them before breaking them into game action!

  3. Hi question i go back and forth from Adidas F 50 and Nike mercurial Superfly and i usually have to tape my toe to avoid friction when i play or it will cause blisters. Do you think it might be the actual cleats? or something else causing the distress. i would love to just throw on my cleats and play and i have been through many cleats. Broken them in and all.

  4. have an effective liner sock to prevent blisters for soccer. Originally designed with military and hiking in mind. They've had great feedback from mums who have solved their kids blister problems

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