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Cleatology: Motagalvan on the Nike CTR360 Maestri

In order to bring you even more detailed reviews on current cleats on the market, we have acquired the opinion of a current day professional soccer player Alfonso Motogalvan.

I reviewed the CTR360 Maestri a few months back, but a second opinion can always be useful when deciding if a boot is right for you or not. Here are Motagalvan’s thoughts on the range:

Motagalvan in CTR360 Maestri

For this review, I wore a size 9US in the Black/Challenge Red version of the CTR 360 Maestri.

Initial Reaction
Coming from a guy that only wore Adidas boots all his life, I made a transition and gave the Nike CTR360 Maestri a chance. Fortunately for me, the initial pair I wore were already broken in by one of my teammate, who let me borrow his extra pair.  After getting a good feel for them, I was able to get my hands on a new pair. At first the boot is really snug and tight, and I did suffer some slight discomfort.  However, it only took two training sessions to really break them in and mold to my feet. From my experience, this is really good timing as some boots take longer and some boots never really mold or break in to your feet.

Once again, like I mentioned above, I have always been an Adidas guy. After testing the CTR360 Maestri, my opinion is that the boot sizing is fairly close to those of any Adidas boots I have ever worn.

I think that the design on the boot is very clever. The CTR360 Maestri gives the player an amazing feel for the ball while controlling and passing. And they look good also. One of the complaints I have and I know people on my team that wear the boot have is the stitching. The boot rips pretty easily over time on the side, especially playing on turf. I think instead of gluing the shoe they should stitch it and or make the plastic sit higher along the front of the boot.

Who do they suit?
In my opinion if a player is looking for comfort over style they should definitely give the CTR 360 a chance. Overall, I think the CTR360 is suited for every kind of player. It will be especially effective for players who care about there touch and feel on the ball better, those who are fast and flashy would have trouble with these boots in wet conditions as they can feel heavy.

All in all, I believe that the CTR360 Maestri are one of the best boots out right now on the market. They are extremely comfortable and give you an amazing touch on the ball. I have worn Predators, adiPures, Copas and in my opinion this shoe ranks amongst them if not better!

If you have any thoughts or questions for Motagalvan leave them below in the comment section. Get your hands on a pair of Nike CTR360 Maestri FG in White/Cyber/Black.

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  1. Motagalvan,

    I always bear in my mind the question does the lace position affect for the guys who use inside upper foot all the time like me ?

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