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Which Soccer Ball to Buy

Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to test out the top soccer balls currently on the market; the Adidas Jabulani, the Nike T90 Tracer and the Puma PWR-C1.10. Each ball has its own unique attributes and they are all extremely different. With that being said, I thought it would be worth breaking each one down with a simple summary to give you a better idea of which one might be best for you.

Nike T90 Tracer (read full review)

Plain and simple, the T90 Tracer is currently the king of soccer balls! It is currently being used in the top leagues in Europe – English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A, and is playing a part in the average 2.9 goals being scored per game! The Tracer is sweet as a nut to strike and feels great to dribble with. There is a unique feel to the ball that makes you want to strike it over and over again. Add to that the visual enhancements used by Nike on the ball and the results are extremely beneficial to all players on the field.

Great for striking solid, accurate shots.
Visually enhancement allows you to track the ball as it moves.
I have heard several goalkeepers complain about it.

Nike T90 Tracer Ball

Adidas Jabulani (read full review)

The Jabulani is without a doubt one of the most controversial soccer balls ever released! Along with the Vuvuzela, the Jabulani took center spotlight as the World Cup began. There were those that critiqued it and those that applauded its design – I personally deemed it the “tiny dancer”. The main enhancement in the design is the use of The ball is surrounded by GripnGroove technology, allowing it to be aerodynamically advanced. This provides flight characteristics not seen on any other ball. Currently, the same ball is being used in MLS and several other leagues in Europe. Adidas have changed the design to suit the other leagues.

Uses GripnGroove technology to give it a very unique flight property.
Once perfected, you can create great dip and curve on shots and crosses.
Can be very unpredictable, as seen at the World Cup.

Adidas Jabulani

Puma PWR-C1.10 (read full review)

Puma’s top line ball is designed in a completely different way to the other balls on this list. Created using 20 high-frequency molded panels that have been placed in different shapes and sizes around the ball, the PWR C1.10 ridges between each panel. This leaves you with an extremely unique design. The ball also uses a visually enhanced design that allows it to stand out on the field. Currently, the WPS uses the ball – infact, Puma have created unique versions of the ball during the season for excellent causes.

Good price for a top quality ball.
Puma testing identifies it moves 4.3% faster than a regular ball.
Doesn’t necessarily feel like a match ball.Puma PowerCat 1.10

Please note, I have not tested the Adidas Finale 10 or the Brine Triumph 600X soccer balls that should be considered on this list (I did try to contact Brine but received no response.) If you currently own a top soccer ball, let us know below what your experience with it has been like.

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  1. great post. i own the jabulani andi like it. although i would like to try the nike tracer ball and also the adidas finale 10.

  2. I own the Nike T90 Ascente, and from what I’ve seen it’s almost identical to the Tracer. I’ve played with both and love them. Haven’t gotten the chance to try out a Jabulani, though.

  3. It had been advertised by Nike at the start of the season that the Nike Total 90 Ascente was the ball to be used in the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A. However in England the Premier League teams are using the Nike T90 Tracer – you can tell because the pattern is different.

  4. Love "Tiny Dancer" its a cool song…..and u have Puma @ the Jabulani pic love Puma also This site is awsome!!

  5. Nottylerthat'sfo-sho

    I own an adipure 2010 ball (you know the one that looks like the teamgeist) and the ball is amazing. It's swerve may be average if you compare it to a jabulani, but that's not what this ball excels at. The ball is meant for knuckles. It'll fly as accurately as you could imagine possible and because of the thermally bonded panels it retains its shape even after being used for two seasons as a game ball. I has a very high quality bladder and rebounds extremely well. The touch is great and it has amazing grip as well, which means that you can maintain good control over it when using the soles of your boots and as a bonus it'll keep your teams goalie happy.

  6. i owned a hand sewn match grade jabulani. I used the ball for a while and loved it. The only problem I ever noticed with the ball is if the ball is knuckled, similiar to throwing a knuckle ball in baseball (no spin), it flies anywhere it wants. The jabulani is also a much lighter match ball than others. I just recently bought the t90 tracer and this ball completely blows the jabulani out of the water. The ball is much more accurate, it has a little bit more weight to it so it you can handle the ball better, and the overall feel of the ball has created a whole new level of match ball. t90 definately wins.

  7. i just got the t90 tracer its really smooth and good i love it i got it for 60$

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