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Nike CTR360 Maestri Elite in Blue Sapphire Released

Nike CTR360 Maestri Saphire

As part of the latest Nike round of releases is this Blue Sapphire version of the Nike CTR360 Maestri.I am a fan of the CTR360 Maestri, but I am a little indifferent on this colorway. The shade of blue used is very unusual and I have a feeling that these are a pair you need to see in person to get a good feel for. One thing I do like is how CTR360 has been wrote in blue on black along the heel of the boot. It is probably a release that plays against the more colorful Nike Cherry Superfly that also entered the market in the last few weeks!

I was heavily impressed with the CTR360 Maestri in testing. They offer great touch and control, as well as being one of the most comfortable boots that I have tested. Basically, they are the optimum choice for playmakers, as well as being a great option for every other position on the field! The one area I feel they fall short is in durability, with a lot of players having reservations about the range because of this factor. But it really depends on how long you expect a pair to last and how well you take care of them. i can see the CTR360 lasting a season easy – in the right conditions!

As worn players like Landon Donovan and Cesc Fabregas. They are also available in the regular CTR360 Maestri version.

Nike CTR360 Maestri

Nike CTR360 Maestri Saphire blue

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  1. They are better than my Nike Id :S

    Gonna buy them

  2. Don't wanna be a grammar freak but it's spelled Sapphire

  3. Title says that these are the elites, but that cleat shown above is just the CTR360 Maestri. The elites have a carbon fiber soleplate and different studs.

  4. Bryan, these cleats seem to be the best option for my style of play, and i am commited to heavily cleaning them after use. Do you think they will last a full season of games or practices and games with cleaning?

  5. John,

    If you keep them clean and dry after each play you will get a solid season out of them!

  6. Bryan, In your opinion is it worth paying the extra $100 for the elite version over the Maestri FG? I cant decide whether or not to get the elite version?

  7. Jay,

    If I am being honest – I wouldn't pay the extra $100. You do get a little more from the Elite version, but you could also buy another top line practice pair of boots for $100!

  8. Bryan,

    thanks for your help, i know it all comes down to personal preference but what boot would you rekon for me? im a small-ish centre midfield, who likes to pass, keep posession and have control over the ball?

  9. For your review on the Ctr360 maestri, did you review the normal ones or the elite ones, or both?

    – I meant this review, was this review on the normal version or the elite version?

  11. @Andrew,

    The review is for the regular pair rather than the elite version.

  12. Bryan, what is your method of cleaning the ctr's? Some say do no wet it, and some say it's ok putting them into the washer. Isn't kanga lite suppose to be more water resistant?

  13. Nigel,

    A little water is fine, but I am not sure they are suitable for the washing machine. My recommendation is to just use a damp wet cloth to clean them – then let them air dry!

  14. Bryan,

    i live where it rains practically all season. which means muddy pitches and wet conditions. do you know what the ctr360s are like in the wet and mud?

  15. @Angus,

    They are a little slippy in the FG version on muddy fields, you might want to check out the SG version.

  16. I got two pairs of the elites (not the ones pictured above), the elites have a softer leather, more dampening pods on the front and instep and a carbon fibre sole, they are fantastic, best boots ive had by far, i use them every day for my training at cardiff and will probably get a new pair soon and probably wnt change from these CTRs, always had the adidas predators but these are far greater

  17. what happens if i wear the ctr360 maestri FG on muddy and very wet field? would it ruin the leather of the shoe? i mean whats the effect on the leather if i do so? and what does it means by kanga-lite is more water resistance?

  18. @Nik

    Kanga-lite is a synthetic leather. Check out this post about leathers.

  19. can order from Singapore ??

  20. hey guys
    do these suit players with narrow feet?

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