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Adidas adiPure IV Released

New Adidas Adipure IV

Out of left field, Adidas has released the latest version in their adiPure range! The adiPure IV has been designed with some new features that differentiate it from its predecessors including centered lacing, a quilted vamp front and some aesthetic upgrades that give them a more retro classic look. The releases come in a Black/Light Scarlet and a White/Black/Fresh Splash colorway.

At first glance, I felt uneasy looking at the new design, something seemed off. There was something different about them that I couldn’t pin-point. But after reading more about them and studying the design and look of the boot at length, they are starting to seem a lot more stylish! If you are wondering why they look different, here is a breakdown:

  • Center lacing – Adidas have gone back to a centered lace system. I was a fan of the off-center lacing, but this change shows Adidas desire to create a heritage look.
  • Lower 3 striped – the signature Adidas striped have been moved further down the side of the boot. It is a simple change that produces a completely different looking boot in my opinion.
  • Quilted Vamp front – A change to the strike zone is a new quilted vamp surface. The idea is to give players a more cushioned surface for controlling and striking the ball. You will notice more stitching in funny shapes around the toe area!

White Adidas adiPure IV

Also of note, Adidas have lowered the weight of the adiPure down from 10.6oz to 9.8oz. This is a pretty decent drop for a follow-up release and will please many players who want something that offers a more lightweight feel. Personally, I felt the adiPure III were fine weight-wise during testing, but it will be interesting to see what effect (if any) this has on the new release. They obviously don’t challenge the 5.8oz adiZero, but then again the adiPure is designed with a lot more protection!

New Adipure IV

Finally, is it just me or does the Black/Light Scarlet release remind you of an old school Predator? Something about the colorway screams Adidas Predator to me – not a bad thing, just something that came to mind when I first saw them! I can’t say much more until I have them in person to review, but between you and I my personal preference still lies with another boot in the adiPure range right now!

Adidas adiPure IV

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  2. The Adipure III just shouts class and the Adipure IV shouts "bought them at a thrift store". I think Adidas went down hill with this one as in looks, i think it looks terrible. Then again its just my opinion.

  3. what's with the stitching?

    they make the boot look ugly.

    i like adipure 3 more in terms of how they look.

  4. I don't think they look that ugly. Actually it seems more like a modern look of adipures. Then again, it's just a personal preference but check them out on http://www.worldsoccershop.com/18302.html

  5. these in my opinion look cheap, i'm sure the leather is class, but the design off. they look like 30$ telstars

  6. Do we even know when they will come out?

  7. @Curtis,

    They will be available before Christmas (1-2 weeks)

  8. I absolutely love these. Even though I just picked up a pair of F50s, I think these are very classy and I absolutely love the white ones.

  9. these look more like copa mundials than preds

  10. the predator rx is better looking than adipure iv

  11. Not bad. I prefer the adipure 3 looks though. i also dont like that they changed the lacing

  12. I personally thought the Adipure III's looked like trash, while the II's were the best-looking.. The I's were also a good looking boot, those were the cleanest, classiest-looking ones.. I guess my order of preference would be II, I, IV, III.

    However, I do like the retro look of these IV's..kind of cool!

  13. Not keen with the design and they are pricy £120??


    The only good thing is the III is getting cheaper lol

  14. Which version of adizeros does gareth bale wears?synthetic or leather.does these absorb water in rain .and is there anything like the ball slips on the synthetic adizeros in wet conditions

  15. Synthetic mate. They surely don't absorb water too much for being thin.

  16. I am curious to hear the reactions to the laces being where they are

  17. Hey I just got some of these Adidas merchandise at:


    ^Has pretty good prices

  18. Wow, after seeing these stinkers, I am going to invest in about 4 pairs of adipure IIIs at reduced prices and stockpile them for use over my entire college career. I was hoping to start my college career next fall in the new adipures, but unless these offer some kind of revolutionary comfort and touch, I will stick with the IIIs

  19. nooo.. it just looks like a pair of old bowling shoes. I prefer the adi3

  20. Do yourself a favor and buy the puma finales… These do kinda look like junk this time around.

  21. I already pre-ordered these from soccer.com! I personally like the look that they have, I'm just worried how the center lacing is going to affect my shot, but I still like how Adidas has decided to go back to "basics" with these.

  22. Finnaly something with a classic look. Center laces don't bother me, cause I know how the strike the ball. Whoever thinks they look cheap, I guess they prefer the neon ballerina shoes they have out today. Set up you game scrubs!

  23. These are a great looking boot. I love the look of a classic style 🙂

  24. Anybody try this? What do you feel? Is Adipure III or IV better in term of controlling the ball and shooting.

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