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Adidas F50 adiZero in Chrome/Black/Warning

Adidas F50 adiZero Chrome

Fresh off the release of the new Adidas F50 adiZero Prime comes this new colorway in the F50 adiZero series. Personally, this latest version is a little too bright, although I have been a fan of silver colored boots in the past. The official color is Chrome/Black/Warning and the synthetic upper is definitely going to stand out at night under lights (it almost has a mirror like finish!) The release is currently on sale for $169.99.

New F50 adizero Chrome

The actual design of this release differs vastly from the initial adiZero roll-out. The biggest difference lies in the detailing, with Adidas adding a staggered layer of orange color down along the front of the boot. This drops down from the laces to where the sole and upper meet. The upper is also lined with a silver zig-zag type pattern that you can easily see when you hold the boots up close, adding an extra element of detail. If you recall, on the previous release Adidas had placed a similar pattern to the Grip n’Groove seen on the Jabulani ball, which has been removed.

The signature Adidas stripes have also been modified along the side of the boot to finish of what is a very modern look. Rather than running right along the boot, Adidas have cut them shorter and angled them slightly down. You will also now find 3 striped on the instep of the boot (there was an Adidas logo here on the previous design). Overall, I personally like the design changes that Adidas have made – although I am not fond of the silver/orange colors used.

Chrome F50 adiZero soleplate

With the release of the new adiZero prime, it is going to be extremely interesting to see what reaction this new colorway gets. I personally found that the F50 adiZero performed extremely well on field although I do have a preference for the leather upper over synthetic. Weighing in at 6.0oz, this boot is designed for speed and offers great value compared to the other lightweight boots on the market.

What is your verdict on this colorway?

Adidas adizero Chrome

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  1. Are these the prime or adizero?

  2. This version is the regular adiZero

  3. Am I the only one who sees the similarity of this colorway and the Nike Elite colorway which dominated the World Cup? If you look well, the two colorways are very, very similar in my opinion…

    What do you think about this Bryan? Pure coincidence? I think not…

  4. I think adidas rushed to release the new adizero because new superfly is coming out on March although I don't think it's gonna be a threat. I'm a huge adidas fan but I don't really like these, I'm just glad that the old adizero is gonna get even cheaper now 🙂

    And yes Niccolo they colours are very similar, but brands use the same colours all the time

  5. hey bryan is there still going to be an adizero at $200? and what are the differences that Adidas had to raise the price by $130? from descriptions it seems that they have just caught the Nike BUG! the adizero at $200 was what I liked sooooo much about the adizero compared to Nike's superfly

  6. Hey Bryan can you tell wich cleat are best for a stricker?

  7. @Niccolo,

    That is something I hadn't noticed, but yeah there is a similar look. I agree with Tasos in the fact that it is just how different brands release the same colorways from time to time.


    This version will still be $200, it is the Prime version that Adidas have added $$ to.

  8. Hey bryan , do you think giving that extra money for primes worth? Cause i actually dont find a lot of diff in 165 and 145 grams.and will you recomend adizero, mercurial vapor vi or miracle? Which boot do you think is best for a pacey winger?

  9. Umar,

    Without testing I can't really judge – once I have both reviewed I will let you know if they are worth the additional $$.

  10. did the fix the stud problem on these

  11. what is best adidas f10 adizero or nike tiempo……and resistant

  12. Is there any difference between this, (the regular) and the older version besides aesthetics/graphics? Is it the same weight? Thanks

  13. will there be a leather version for this color?

  14. Just bought these for US$40… love them. The design is awesome and they feel good from the first wear.

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