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Diadora Add a Splash of Color to the Kobra K

Diadora Kobra K Blue Red

Now, here is a pretty unusual new color release from a company we have not heard much about in a while. This Camine Red/Azure Blue color in the Diadora Kobra K Pro series is sure to grab some attention. Ultimately, I am not sure if it will be for the right or wrong reason! The color is a little bold/in your face and not something I would necessarily wear myself. But to be honest, I like the fact that Diadora are stepping out of their element with this one – I can’t remember the last crazy colorful release we have seen in any of their ranges!

Diadora Kobra K Blue Red SideBlue Red Diadora Kobra K

I am going to let all of you decide what you think about the colorway, but I can tell you from testing the Kobra K that they are a pretty decent boot to wear. If you are in the market for a speed boot, these are not what you are looking for. Diadora emphasize comfort and performance over speed and weight. From reader feedback, I know there are a lot of you out there who swear by Diadora boots and the positive attributes they bring to your game.

In terms of who they suit, I can see more defenders benefiting from their comfort and protection more than a striker who might need something lighter and a little less bulky. And of course, if you had forgotten Diadora was the boot of choice for Roy Keane!

Diadora Kobra K

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  1. May go well with the Costa Rican national team outfit.

    Roy Keane's boots were armour-plated.

  2. they look fit for a 4yr old. These colour ways are getting worse.

  3. I reckon that they would look good on spiderman.

  4. These are actually pretty nice. And Bryan you are right i have to say that I swear by Diadoras. I have tried adiZero, T90, adiPure, but Diadora is my favorite boot company. I could have a collection of Diadora and Pirma then that would make me happy.

  5. the Kobras are no Adizeros in terms of weight but they are by no means heavy or bulky, I don’t know what the writer is talking about. I like the color by the way; certainly not for the conservative minded but its a funky combo.

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