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Adidas adiPure IV SL Released

Adidas adiPure SLWe broke news about the pre-release of the Adidas adiPure IV SL a few weeks back, and now they have finally been officially released on the market. What an awesome boot these look to be, they have a classic look that really appeals in my opinion. And a super soft K-leather upper is always a welcome addition, especially when you factor in how light these really are!

If you are wondering what SL stands for, it is “Super Light”, and that is where Adidas has placed emphasis with this release.

The adiPure SL weighs in at an incredible 7.0oz – meaning it is lighter than the likes of the Nike Vapor VI. I am not entirely sure that the adiPure range was ever intended to be a speed boot, but if these carry the same performance as the adiPure IV, Adidas have pulled off a pretty phenomenal feat! The K-leather upper mixed with the same last that is used in the adiZero, creates a very appealing combo.

Adidas adiPure SL

Obviously, testing is going to be key in finding out exactly what the adiPure IV SL is all about – and I can guarantee we will have a full review of this limited edition boot as soon as they are available. They also come with a pretty sweet shoe bag, which is something we don’t normally see Adidas doing. Right now you can get a pair for $250.

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  1. I cant WAIT for this review – a speed cleat in a very classy design, I love the idea. Nike needs to step up to the plate, adidas looks like they're passing them in technological advances and style.

  2. I agree with Chris…I want to see something new from Nike…Write the future while in last.

  3. this boot screams out class!

    At least now a speed boot with a bit more protection, id assume with the thicker leather.

    the gold trimming gives it a nice touch as well..

    If i could id prob swap my adizeros for these in a second!

  4. These boots looks pretty good, but couldn't you just get leather adizeros because they also offer good touch.

  5. oh yeah, one more thing has anyone seen the leaked images of the t90 laser 4 because those images are now out.

  6. You could get the leather but I think the leather wouldn't be as thick?

  7. the point, now, is to know if this boots will be the same problem of some adiZeros… studs broken!

  8. amazing dude these r lighter than superfly 2s, superfly 2 is 210g and these r 200g. Wow adidas r leaving nike behind.

  9. Wait, limited edition? I never want to buy anything but these ever again, I guess I need to buy like 20 pairs.

  10. chris and Lawrence – The leather on these is much higher quality than the leather adizero. Probably not that much more in terms of protection, but in terms of comfort and touch.

  11. This only proves how much the studs can reduce the weight….

  12. Patryk Julian Zysek

    What happened to Adidas? This brand used to affordable to soccer players alike. Now it is turning into another Nike Also why does Adidas always use black as their main colorway? Come on Adidas introduce some colorful ideas into your cleats.

  13. I will own these. well done, adidas, well done…

  14. @Patryk, um, adidas has always had high end boots that were expensive relative to the market…

    I had to preorder these online because I'm predicting they're going to be sold out in stores. I hope they're similar in sizing to the adizero since they're built on the adizero last.

  15. @Roark

    I would expect they are – good call ordering them early!

  16. Look at the bottom pad of the shoe – AdiZero's "Sprint frame"

    AdiPure IV+AdiZero = SL.. looks strange on the last picture

  17. This is a very interesting release. It could be the next big thing in soccer boots, or it could be a flop. Sometimes you just can't combine two good things to make a great one.

  18. So, are these already available in red and yellow before the limited edition version has been shipped?

  19. I have flat feet and play at a center mid/attack mid, I’ve been wearing a pair of mercurials that have been ok but I haveto wear inserts that raise my foot and it tends to be difficult to get proper feel of the pitch this has always been a problem for me. I’ve been playing more and more indoor cause ican wear shoes without I soles. I find when I don’t wear them (the inserts) my strikes are more accurate and I tend to have more control over the curve on corners and free kicks so I’ve been lookin for a pair of cleats that have a wider flatter base that I can just change the insole to a flat one but this only works if the base of the shoe is wide enough to compensate such an insole I was wondering if the adipure would work or if u had any suggestions

    • This version of the adipure is supposed to have a slightly wider base because it is built on the adizero last. The k-leather will probably help too since it will stretch more.

  20. Dear Bryan,
    I just finished buying the T90 Strike III FG and was dissapointed and am looking for a new cleat. I'm not sure if I should get these or the new Nike Superfly III. I am a Striker/Center Midfield, mostly Striker where speed and control is crucial. I also have the Nike Mercurial Vapors VI which I find extremely comfortable but my foot is growing and need new cleats. My budget is at least up to 300$. Please help me with your advice. Thanks!

    • Ace,
      I haven't tested the either the adiPure IV SL or the Superfly III yet, but I can tell you that both are good options for attacking players and will suit your speed and control requirements. Watch out for full reviews in the coming weeks – might help you decide!

  21. Anyone know why the release is being delayed on these? First all the soccer sites were saying they were getting shipped on April 1st, and now they all say late April with no date specified.

  22. In case anyone is interested in some news about these, I just got an email from saying they will not be limited edition and will not be individually numbered as expected. Seems that this is what is causing the delayed release.

    • That's amazing news. I went out and got the superlight but kinda annoying adidas F50 primes and I didn't want to miss out on these. Now I can wait till highschool season and be ok…

      • I know right, they finally delivered these to me and I got to wear them in a game and they are everything that they were expected to be. Can't wait for Bryan to review them here.

  23. I purchased the superfly’s roughly 5 months ago and had nothing buy problems.. I recently purchased the Adipure SL and believe me, they are AMAZING. If you are looking for a truly spectacular boot in every aspect, these won’t disappoint you. So glad to have these!

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