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Adidas F50 adiZero Blackout Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Saturday , June 15 2024

Adidas F50 adiZero Blackout Released

adidas F50 adizero Synthetic Black

I can tell you from the start that this release is sure to be a very popular one – a blackout version of the Adidas F50 adiZero. There is something quiet appealing about the clean and simplistic look of the all-black boot. Since the upper is synthetic, you get a sort of glimmering/reflective effect not seen on the other boots in the range. Add to that some Electricity detailing on the boot, which has an almost green look to it, and you get a modern and updated feel to a very traditional looking boot. These boots are exclusive to

Of course, there is absolutely nothing traditional about the F50 adiZero, rather they are built to be a technologically advanced soccer cleat. Designed with one thing in mind, you are getting 5.8oz of raw speed thanks to a sprintskin upper and a lightweight sprintframe outsole. I recently tested the Warning colorway with plenty of positives to report. They are surprisingly comfortable for such a lightweight boot and broke in with relative ease. When you take these out of the box for the first time the weight will blow your mind! It is absolutely astounding how light they feel, and the same is true when you get them on the field.

Blackout adidas F50 adizeroBlackout F50 adizero Synthetic

The one thing I find surprising about it all is that Adidas also released a blackout version of the adiPure IV this weekend. We don’t normally see similar colorway releases in different ranges at the same time from Adidas, so it is definitely a new play on their part! I definitely prefer the look of the adiZero Blackout over the adiPure IV version, although I found the leather adiPure offer offered substantially better performance. But, I am a fan of how Adidas have put together this release, and as before I expect them to sell really well.

Adidas adiZero Blackout

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  1. Now this is what I'm talking about. Of course they announce a all black pair as soon as I order my orange leather pair. Haha.

    But from what I'm reading, these won't be released for another couple of months, so maybe it all works out. And I haven't seen any reports of these being available in leather.

    But great looking boots, nevertheless. I like how they add just a hint of a bright color to breakup the black. Great concept.

  2. I dont like the colour of the studs. i think the best colurway yet of the new adizeros is the orange one. but i still i prefer the older design.

  3. as much as i like these, they look like they just blacked-out parts of the black/electricity colorway….

  4. I wish blackout version came out in leather also – but as one previous poster noted, one could easily black out parts of the black/electricity colorway to achieve that. There is a white leather version but white never lasts on the kinds of field I play on.

  5. This is the best color for these boots!

  6. i think these are what valencia is wearing right now

  7. plaese do a review of nike vapor 7

  8. looks like the T90's no difference

    • I don't think they were going for anything different with this colorway.

      They did that with every other colorway they've released this week. Ha.

      This is more of a subtle color. Just like the white/infrared orange ones coming out, along with the other colorways. Which I'm sure Bryan will post something about those also. Whenever they officially get a press release on them.

  9. Like this blackout cw:)

  10. this is the cleats that i have been looking on online ..finally i find it here..thanks..if anyone know where i could buy this cleats plz tell me the website of stores online..

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