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Adidas adiPure IV SL in Zero Metallic released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Adidas adiPure IV SL in Zero Metallic released

adiPure IV SL Zero Metallic

Just as I am finishing up testing the adiPure IV SL in Black, Adidas has dropped a brand new off-White version of the lightest adiPure ever. The colorway is a Zero Metallic/Black/Matte Gold, and is basically an up scale version of the adiPure IV released in the same colorway last week.

I am a huge fan of traditional looking soccer cleats, but I have to admit that this version of the adiPure IV SL looks very classy. Rather than being a clean white color, Adidas have chosen what is more like a cream Zero Metallic color. I love the added gold detailing on the boot, particularly the along the side where adiPure is stitched in. And, weighing in at 7.0oz, Adidas have seemingly created the perfect balance between performance and lightweight. A lightweight K-leather upper, Kevlar laves, X-static silver thread stitching  – all adds up to a very interesting  package in my opinion.

Adidas Zero Metallic adiPure SLZero Metallic adiPure SL

For now, enjoy the pics. After letting you guys decide, I will be posting a review for the adiPure IV SL first, so stay tuned for that next week, with information on how this range tests on the field!

Adidas adiPure IV SL

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  1. im sorry but, as quoted by you, "holy batman and robin those things are classy!" Simply stunning. I literally couldn't ask for a better colorway than that!! So fricking excited for them to come out!!!

  2. White is for baseball cleats in my opinion, but these should make a lot of people happy.

  3. Glad these came out! I was worrying that it would be only the black ones! This also means that I may be able to get black for a better price!
    Keep them coming adidas!

  4. Are these available yet? I've seen them all over the net, but not sure when they'll be available to buy. This colourway is just too class not to have.

  5. is it just me or does the leather seem different from the black versions leather, besides color?

  6. I’m a winger and when needed play a little cm would the adipures be good for me?

    • Yes, yes yes! Im a winger and i bought a pair 2 months ago. The best decision ever! They are so fast and you can change direction very accurately! Its definetely a must for a winger or fast player!

  7. By far the best k-leather boot i have worn! very comfortable & elegant boot.

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