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Umbro Geometra Pro Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Umbro Geometra Pro Released

Umbro Geometra Pro

Umbro has released their latest boot to the market and the added technology on this one seems like it has been influenced by new designers! The Umbro Geometra Pro is a boot built for players who like to get on the ball and distribute clinical passes. Overall, I like what these are about and I think it is a positive step forward for Umbro. Plus, this release came with no cheesy advertising campaign to get it going (was I the only one that found the whole “Fox or Chicken” to be bizarre?)

So, what has this boot got? To start, Umbro stick with a soft Kangaroo Leather upper, which is also a good start. On the instep, along the inner arch of the boot, a special memory foam pad is added for improved ball control, while a silicon-bonded grip zone lines the toe region to help with first touch. I like the concept of memory foam pad, although it does seem to look a little chunky. Right around the front of the boot, the grip zone looks fantastic and I have a feeling it will make dribbling with the ball feel great.

Umbro Geometra White

Umbro Geometra Pro White Soleplate

One of the Geometra’s most innovative aspects is the stud configuration, which was inspired by the shoes worn by squash players. Featuring a pivot zone pressure point, the design allows players to turn quicker, giving you more time to turn away from trouble or find that perfect pass.

Umbro have gone with three different colorways to kick off the range. The most straightforward, and my preferred choice, is the above pictured White/Black/High Risk Red colorway. They seem to have a calming effect and an overall classy look. If you are looking for something different, the Silver/Black/Yellow combines some unique colors. Finally, if you need something that offers a more subtle look, there is a Black/White/Vivid Blue/Yellow.

You can definitely tell that Nike are having an effect on the normally minimal Umbro release. The added technology almost reminds me of something you would see on the CTR360 Maestri. Either way, I am excited to get a pair for testing. Umbro are pretty synonymous with creating consistent performing soccer cleats – I am hoping these fall right along that line. They weigh in at 10.2oz and are listed at around $180.

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  1. Bryan, the red in the middle of the inside of the boot is grey, umbro changed it last minute

  2. That blue/black colorway looks amazing.

  3. Wow! These are awesome and seem like a good performing pair of cleats.

  4. Im zoo frustrated, i just got a pair from Phuket and I'm on holiday, and I'm aching to test em out, bt there is no place to play over here!!!!

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