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Lotto Futura 100 Released

Lotto Futura 100

The latest release from Lotto comes in the form of one their most advanced boots yet – the Lotto Futura 100. Designed to combine style with the latest technology, these boots need to be taken seriously, and I like the direction Lotto have headed with this one. Not only do they look pretty slick, but they are also very reasonably priced at $129.99. In theory, they are the new version of the Fuerzapura – only a lot sleeker and I can bet the overall performance will be far better!!

Lotto use an anti-abrasion and water repellent microfiber upper that offers great feel and touch on the ball. The colorway employed is absolutely unique and there is no doubt it will stand out on the field. It is officially called Dark Mandarin Orange.

In terms of technology, the soleplate of the Futura 100 is bursting with Lotto’s latest advancements. Punto Flex, a Reactive Arch and Twist ‘N Go are all included. If you are familiar with Lotto releases, you will be familiar with the Punto Flex, which is positioned right along the metatarsal region to allow appropriate flex through your foot. It has always been one aspect of Lotto releases that I have found extremely effective. The reactive arch technology is designed to improve comfort and stability, while the Twist ‘N Go stud allows you to pivot and turn quickly, particularly useful when you need an extra burst of acceleration.

Lotto Futura

Lotto Futura Soleplate

The one thing I am left a little confused with is Lotto’s desire to brand this as a speed boot. Weighing in at 9.8oz, they are definitely no slug – but to me they fall into the adiPure/Tiempo/King bracket rather than the lightweight. I am pretty excited to get a pair for testing as they seem like one of the better Lotto releases in recent times (minus the colorway!)

Available From Version List Price
SoccerBanner Futura 100 $129.99
SoccerBanner Futura 500 $59.99

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  1. Flashy

  2. my thoughts of boots with round studs always makes me think of bad traction in the wet… i just feel boots these days are automatically in one sense at a disadvantage… tho i spose at the same time depending on your league you may not always get to play in the wet…

  3. I like these cause the upper reminds me of the Vapor II (my second favorite after the III).

  4. Hey Bryan,

    These are actually a new speed boot from Lotto. These are not the Fuerzapera. Lotto should be releasing the new Fuerzapera soon as a leather control boot, and it should be around the same price as these. I just thought I would point that out. nice looking boot regardless.

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