Tuesday , May 28 2024

Just Arrived – Diadora DD Eleven and Solano GX 14

Diadora DD Eleven and SolanoTwo of Diadora’s latest releases have arrived for review, the DD Eleven GX 14 in Fluo Yellow/Black and the Solano GX 14 in Olympic Blue/Silver. Both releases are definitely colorful and offer very imaginative designs. The DD Eleven, in particular, is designed with a lot of pretty cool detailing that I will highlight more in the actual review.

Both releases feature the all new NET Breathing System that is designed to let your feet breath by expelling excess heat through the sole surface. It is a very interesting concept and I am eager to find out how or if it works effectively. You can easily see where it is used by turning over to the boots, with the soleplate seemingly broken up to allow access to a mesh type material. A lot of technology included on these ones!

Diadora NET Breathing System

Including the Maracana, there are currently 3 pairs of very colorful Diadora soccer cleats in review right now. Stay tuned for more details on all 3 reviews.

Available From Version List Price
SoccerBanner DD Eleven – Yellow/Black $199.99
SoccerBanner Solano – Olympic Blue/Silver $109.99

*all prices are subject to change over time

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  1. Bryan, i played on a horrible field today, where it was alot of dirt. point being the dirt was black, and with all my team mates included we were all complaining about how hot it was. think thatll happen with the new bottom of the boots?

    • I think that is the what Diadora have designed them for, so I hope they work! I think the biggest test will be on a hot turf surface. More details to follow after testing!

  2. also i really like how you did the video, more of those would be cool if you could

  3. Cool finally someone is going to review these. I am also curious about how these will work out as it is an interesting use of technology that no one has tried yet.

  4. I just bought a pair of these and absolutely love them. The fit is excellent and I really feel that the touch control is alot better than on my last pair of Puma v1.10's. The Net Breathing System also really does keep your feet cooler and I feel that I can strike the ball harder with these, maybe due to the extra couple of ounces over the Puma's. One tip…with my narrow feet, I went with a Size 8 even though I wore a Size 9 in the Puma's. The kangaroo leather also really molds to your feet, so the 8's have been perfect.

    • P.S. — These boots are bright! Even brighter than in the pictures. When I plan in them, I can literally see the flourescent yellow reflecting off of my legs!

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