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Nike CTR360 Trequartista II Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Wednesday , June 19 2024

Nike CTR360 Trequartista II Review

Nike CTR360 Trequartista II

During its initial release, the Nike CTR360 Trequartista gained a reputation for being a very solid, value for money option. Second time around, Nike has ensured that this reputation is kept intact, by creating a very classic release that really doesn’t stray too far away from its predecessor. The Trequartista II offers players an opportunity to wear a boot that looks similar to the CTR360 Maestri II, without the technology. The challenge of course, is trying to keep performance as high as possible with a much more basic boot.

For testing, I had an opportunity to wear the latest and very slick looking Black/White/Challenge Red colorway in a size 9US. The Trequartista range retails for around $81.99.

Nike Trequartista II

Breaking In
Without having to go into too much detail, the Trequartista II turns out to be a steady yet simple boot to break in, just like the original Trequartista release. Because the upper is a synthetic leather, you don’t get the luxury of much stretching. It’s size starting out is pretty much what you can expect throughout wear. The soleplate offers a flexible feel from first wear and I didn’t have any concerns with it at any point. There is nothing complicated about this release and that includes how they work out through the first few wears. After they arrived, I started out by using them in short sided games, where there was plenty of cutting and sharp turns and the level of comfort was spot on. In-game they continued to perform at a consistent level.

Compared to the Maestri II
You are obviously getting a much different and more tailored experience with the CTR360 Maestri II, but in terms of value the Trequartista offers an excellent alternative. The most obvious difference lies in the technology used. You don’t get the unique pass and receive pads found on the Maestri, with the region leveled along the side of the Trequartista upper. Ultimately, if you are on a budget and like the look of this release – then go for it, you won’t be disappointed in the quality and value they offer. But, if you have the option to choose between both, the CTR360 Maestri II is the way to go!

Nike Trequartista II

There is nothing spectacular to report about these boots. They work and are effective for what you are getting. Striking the ball felt fine, they offer good traction when it matters and they are, overall, a comfortable boot. You are not paying for a Porsche – so don’t go into wearing them thinking they are going to give you the best experience you have had in a boot! Instead, see them as an economical car that gives you excellent mid-range performance. I hope that makes sense! Since they weigh in at 9.4oz, they can be considered a hybrid release.

Nike Trequartista II

Nike Trequartista II

I wore a size 9US and they offered an absolutely ideal fit. The upper is a synthetic leather that offers a snug fit around the midfoot, and plenty of room up around your toes. You won’t get too much stretch, so the size you start out with is important.

I have very limited negatives to report. There is not much technology included on the boot, but when you consider price, there is not much else to complain about! Compared to the original Trequartista, this release is definitely a step up.

Nike Trequartista II

With every high end release on the market, comes a more economical version for those with less money to spend but an appetite to taste the experience. Sometimes, the economical version can be somewhat off in quality compared to its big brother. On other occasions, it can blow you away with its value for money. In the case of the CTR360 Maestri II, Nike has released what is an extremely effective boot in the CTR360 Trequartista II. They offer great value for money ($81 compared to $161), but you do lose out on the performance found with the Maestri. This is something you need to expect before wearing them for the first time. In terms of position, every player on the field could wear these boots effectively, there is nothing about the Trequartista that makes them specific to a particular position. To sum up, if you are on a budget and want a boot that looks good and works effectively, this release rates very highly on my recommended list!

*boots supplied for review by WeGotSoccer

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  1. Thank you, Bryan. This is the review I've been waiting for! How about the dampening pods? They look flatter than those on the Maestri.

    • Yeah I have them and the dampening pods work great, they improve first touch so much, and also, the lacing off to the side works great, I can hit much harder than before!

  2. I'm using the Trequartista I… it scuffs a lot…
    What can you tell about this in Trequatista's II?

  3. Seems good if its comfy, its good

  4. I'm sorry if this is off topic but there isn't really a section (that i know of) for questions. I have pretty flat feet and wear inserts normally but not when i wear cleats. Are there any inserts that you know of that will fit in cleats and do you know of any professional players that wear them?

  5. how good are these for striking a ball?

    • These aren't the best at striking a ball, because sometimes the dampening pods feel like they don't let you strike with your laces

  6. Hello Bryan, great reviews. Question: I read on some sitesthat both the Trequartista II and Maestri II's stud pattern on the bottom (mainly the center circle of studs) is absolutely unsuitable for artificial grass pitches, they have been even described as dangerous. What is your opinion/experience?

    • I wore them both on turf with no significant problems. It really depends on the type of turf you are playing on, but for the most part any type of new style turf will cause no issues.

  7. are the trequartista kanga-lite?

  8. I love the shoe except that they smell horrible! This started after about a month! Ive had many pairs of soccer shoes before and im sure they didnt smell great but this is unbelievable. Again i love the shoe its fine. Maybe i got an unlucky pair or something

  9. does this shoe run half a size?

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