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Asics DS Light 5 Released


If you haven’t yet noticed, ASICS has been making a big push on the US market over the past few months, and this latest release only adds to their value. At 7.8oz, the Asics DL Light 5 offers players another option when it comes to lightweight boots, even if it doesn’t match the lightest on the market. The official colorway for this release is Pearl White/Navy/Metallic Silver/Limeade.

Personally, I am loving the clean-cut design and the soft K-Leather vamp featured on this release. Add in the overall lightweight nature and they seem like an absolute no-brainer! One of the ways in which Asics has reduced the weight of the boot is in the tongue, which feature a breathable mesh. Another area where Asics has cut back is in the addition of a low-profile 12 stud design. Through testing other Asics boots (the Lethal Tigreor, most recently) I can tell you that there is a lot of quality in how they are constructed, so I expect no different from these. As usual, I will be looking to get a pair for review.

DS Light 5 from ASICS

ASICS DS Light Soleplate

For me, the biggest selling point on these boots is the price-point, with Asics choosing to give them a very attainable $150 retail. Too often, companies choose to hike up the price simply because they can place their creation in a specific bracket and right now there are not many other lightweight boots on the market that can match the DL Light 5 in price. It is refreshing to have an option for players that is not over the top.

Nike Vapor VI

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  1. ok these are sick! they look extremely durable too! I like it

  2. i like how they look.. im just not a big fan of asics

  3. love the look, the bottom looks cheap though

  4. They don't look like they have the 10mm heel gradient with this one. Good to see some variety!

  5. I ordered these, but they have been delayed until mid January. Only got them because they come in a wide fit version. Hopefully they work out well.

  6. Bryan, do these have the 10mm heel gradient like the rest of the asics line?
    Also between the adipower and the asics lethal tigreor which one felt like it had a higher heel lift?
    Thank You.

  7. do you know if they still have the 10mm heel lift?

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