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Adidas adiPure 11Pro SL in Black/Core Energy

adidas 11 Pro SL Black

There is something very simplistic about this release that makes them look like your everyday, run-of-the-mill adidas boot. But, don’t be fooled – I have a feeling they will pack a pretty killer punch in action! The Adidas adiPure 11Pro SL has been released and it hits the market as the lowest weighing adiPure ever. If there were any doubts about the direction Adidas was headed, then this release answers those questions. At 6.4oz, these fall more into the lightweight category than the heritage, with Adidas trimming them down to the bare bones.

For those of you that were disappointed about the adiPure 11Pro not featuring a K-leather upper, Adidas has a response. This SL version features a soft K-leather upper with an ultra-thin layer of protection, called DuraCoating, providing an extra level of durability around the strike zone. Not what many players were expecting! As with all current release, Adidas employ their SprintFrame soleplate and the ability to use their miCoach performance tracking system. The chip sits in a cavity in the soleplate.

adiPure 11Pro SL

adiPure 11Pro SL soleplate

The official colorway for this release is Black/Running White/Core Energy and they offer a very classic feel. These are the traditional colors used in the Predator range, although the blending effect through the midfoot gives them a more unique look. I like how the classic black leather upper looks, but ultimately I am not a fan of the blending used and the adiPure IV SL release appeals to me far more than these. This is the type of boot I could absolutely see someone like Steven Gerrard wearing – the no-nonsense, hard working, center mid that likes to pop up all over the field, only these boots offer a lightweight feel also!

With that being said, I am eager to test these out and see what their performance is like in game. And of course, the question of comfort has to be addressed since they are lighter than any adiPure we have seen before. The ability to use miCoach is included, so you can track your performance through wear. Retail wise, they are currently available to pre-order and are listed around the $250 mark.

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adiPure 11Pro SL Images

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  1. This is much better than the 11Pro, but I don't think I would pay the extra $100 just for the K-leather. Good thing I will have the Adipures I won from here for awhile!!!

  2. As far as technology is concerned, NIKE IS DEAD. They really have nothing now except marketing gimmicks and brand perception, just look at the vapor 7, “Look fast and be seen”.. they just cant compete with brands like Adidas, Mizuno, or even puma at this point. i bought a pair of Mizuno Wave ignite 2 for christmas, and directly compaired to my Nike Total 90 laser 3 Elite, were 100% improved. not to mention the boots plus shipping from england only cost 86$…. Nike cant figure out how to make a boot weigh less than 8oz, so they say ours “look the fastest” or “vapors are for acceleration not top speed”. the only thing keeping the most expensive brand in buisness is brand perception at this point. people believe that just cuz superflys are 450$, that means they are the best jsut cuz they cost the most. when i reality, i would rather have a pair of these anyday, 6oz and REAL KANGAROO. recipe for victory.

    • BTW, mastered the Mukaiten in 3 days, ignitus do work, period.

      • I agree with you. Mizuno make best gear for baseball, football is sideline product. But they can make tech shoes too, so Ignitus is really good. I heard that Ignitus III should come in June 2012. Too bad is long time for wait…Still my yellow Ignutus I works in perfect condition in any surfaces. I never believe that K-leather are durable like synthetic leather, but Ignitus does.(ofcourse i clean shoes after game, but only after played in rain or mud…I never used cream for shoes)

        Adipure is not K-leather. With worse material. miCoach is good for session, but for game? I think it is bad idea. I will never wear miCoach in game.

        • Yeah, if they made the regular adipure pro in k-leather i might consider buying those. But i think micoach is supposed to be unobtrusive.

  3. I hope these fit a little better than the original adipure sl. They were too wide and long and I also found that there was a lot of stud pressure under my big toe causing a lot of discomfort on the originals. These would be pretty good if they fixed that. I would really love to see the mi Adidas chip on a bladed stud system like the Adipure 4 or Adipowers. They're just plain more comfortable.

  4. Buy yourself two pair of copas and keep the other $50 you save in the bank

  5. I too found out using adizeros that the FG sprintframe gives too much stud pressure if the ground is not completely soft…actually it looks more like a SG sole because of the height of the studs…maybe adidas forgot that the majority of us doesn’t play on perfect soft pitches like pros

    • I had F50 and is right when ground is soft, sometime you can feel little presure from studs. They are little tiny and thin so the pressure is little more than clasical blades(ala Predator), but is still ok.
      I had Vapor 3,4,5 and the studs under toes are little worse, if we play in dry ground i almost get blister.
      But still i agree with you. Clasical blades ala Predator are still best or conical stud ala Tiempo or Copas.

      • i actually loved the vapor 5 studs, but i prefer conical now, as im wearing the puma mexico finale 86, but my other boots are mizuno wave ignitus 2, which are ultra specialized blades. i had a bad experice in store, the first adipure sl's had massive stud pressure under my big toe, i couldn't imagine playing a full game in them.

  6. Is there anyone who knows how the fit of these boots is compared to copas and the latest predators? I have wide feet and have been using copas, but I think they stretch a little too much so I lack touch after a couple of weeks. I can't size down either, because I already wear the smallest size the length of my feet can handle.
    Thanks for answers!

    • Yeah, just got a pair. i personally think that the fit is fine. they are a little narrow on the feet, but thats just fine for me. really, if you are by any place that they currently have them in stock go check them out. really nice boots.

  7. When are we getting a review for these!!!!????

  8. xq algunos 11 pro sl vienen con la cabidad del micoach tapado xq es trucho?

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