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Adidas F50 adiZero in Prime Blue/Core Energy Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Saturday , June 15 2024

Adidas F50 adiZero in Prime Blue/Core Energy Released

F50 adiZero Prime Blue Leather

Eagle-eyed readers might have spotted Lionel Messi wearing a new Adidas F50 adizero colorway in El Clasico tonight, switching from his latest Ballon d’Or adiZero in order to avoid wearing a boot that resembled the Real Madrid colors! This new colorway is actually a pretty decent match for the Barcelona colors and they looked extremely sweet on the feet of the World’s best player.

The official colorway is listed as Prime Blue/White/Core Energy and they add a completely different look to the adiZero range that is sure to be popular.I am a huge fan of the Prime Blue color in general, but mixed with the Core Red detailing it makes for a great look, and I have to admit it is the first release in the series that looks good with the red strip around the toe!

Lionel Messi in Prime Blue adiZero

This latest adiZero release features a slightly altered stud configuration compared to the original released adiZero. This results in better traction in game and a complete resolution to the breaking-stud issue. The upper also features SprintWeb, which is designed to add extra structure and support – resulting in a more protected boot for players. Through testing the F50 miCoach, I found that this new version has been updated in the right ways! At 6.0oz, there is no doubting this lightweight release is designed for speed. And adding the concept of performance tracking makes these a very appealing release. The miCoach chip does a good job of capturing your data through play and the benefits of seeing how you performed can help you improve your game. It sits very comfortably in the cavity of the boot and you will have no idea it is there through wear.

Something important to note is that this is just the boot – if you want to include miCoach tracking system, you need to purchase a sensor separately or look for a package deal. The F50 adiZero comes in at $199, while the miCoach chip can be purchased for $70.

Fans of the Synthetic version, there is also a boot for you priced at $199.

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Prime Blue adiZero

Prime Blue adiZero soleplate

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  1. the best adizeros that feature micoach for sure. but Pepe played horrible for El Classico

  2. Hey guys spread the word about the Wiki blackout and contact your representative and tell him/her to screw off.

  3. i might get these for spring season…. or any newer ones that come out

  4. They looks sweet, especially on a Barca player.

    And for anyone who wants to see Bryan in action, here is a highlight video

  5. these cleats remind me of spider man

  6. does anybody know when the purple,yellow,black come out?

  7. Looks like they made these to match his uniform.

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