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Pele Sports 1970 in Amazon Green Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Pele Sports 1970 in Amazon Green Released

Pele Sports 1970 Amazon

Just when you think everything in the world of Pele Sports seems to be normalizing on the success of the Trinity 3E, they come and sucker punch us all with a new and very eccentric release in the Pele Sports 1970 series. Is this a smart or a feeble decision – only time will tell. But it certainly shows an eagerness on Pele Sports part to make an impact on the market.

The upper is officially listed as an Amazon Green and it clearly stands out as unique to the market. From time-to-time we see companies releasing similar colorways, but there is something extremely distinctive about how these look – maybe it is the shine off the leather. I am personally not a fan (even though they would match the Irish kit pretty well), but the yellow detailing is a very complimentary color choice to use.

1970 Amazon Green

When we reviewed the Pele 1970 one thing was clearly apparent – a lot of time and effort went into producing a spectacular leather upper. The entire upper of the 1970′s is a one-piece kangaroo leather, one-piece in order to minimize seams. The leather undergoes an incredible 150 separate processing steps before becoming a final product. Coming in at 11.7oz, weight can easily become a stress point for players considering a pair. But, it is clear that these boots have been designed with comfort and an increased level of protection in mind.

One final, yet very important thing to note is the size. Length wise, I could have done with a half size smaller. My advice is to order down a half size, so if you are a size 9US go with a size 8.5US. They also have plenty of room for those of you with wide feet! Retail wise, they come in around $160 to start.

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Amazon Green Pele 1970 Front

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  1. Essentially, they are old Nomis Sparks, with a new name on them.

    • That is pretty much true but they have slightly different technology in the upper. I am not sure what the deal is but on the Nomis website they have direct links to Pele Sports so something is going on with that.

  2. I actually like them 😛

  3. Trinity's a success? They failed me big time.

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