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Lotto Futura 100 in Acacia Green Released

Lotto Futura 100 Acacia

This latest colorway in the Lotto Futura 100 range has actually been on the market a while, it is simply me getting around to it a little later than expected. But, what better timing to talk about the Acacia Green/Obsidian Blue colorway than the week of St Patricks day although it is not quite the right green! We all know that Lotto are fans of bright, eccentric colors and this look fits right in with their collection. You are getting an almost metallic lime green look that is sure to stand out on any pitch. The one positive about them is that Lotto stick to one primary upper and don’t try to overload the release with multiple colors.

I recently tested the Futura 100 and although they don’t crack my top 10 boots, they have a lot of positives that players can put into use. Advertised as a speed boot, the 9.8oz weight leaves them sitting as one of the heaviest “speed boots” we have seen. But, with weight comes a well protected upper and this gives them something a little different.

Lotto Futura 100 Acacia Green

The soleplate is where the speed aspect comes into play, and they are packed with plenty of technology! The sole features Twist’nGo, PuntoFlex and ReactiveArch while you also get a Reactive Insole. To save some time, here is the Lotto terminology for each feature:

  • Twist’nGo is the first pivoting stud to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Puntoflex is a special technical device in the soleplate which allows the foot to flex correctly and gives an excellent elastic return.
  • ReactiveArch is a new sole that flexes and moves in unison with the natural deformation movement of the transversal arch in the forefoot. It favors the subsequent elastic return (energy return) of the forefoot.
  • ReactiveInsole offers an exceptional return memory and flexion channels for perfect synergy with the ReactiveArch technology. The ridges positioned on the upper part of the insole provide arch massage which aids circulation and the absorption of lactic acid.

Ultimately, the Futura 100 is a more durable boot option designed for speed, using a soft microfiber synthetic upper and a ton of Lotto technology in the soleplate. Wingers and forwards will benefit most, but I see them being a good option for defenders who want a speed boot with decent protection all around. Price wise, they drop in at around $130, which is a decent price range considering what they have to offer!

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