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Best of “Other” Soccer Cleat Companies

Other Soccer Cleats

We are all familiar with the big companies that own a majority stake in the soccer market. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Umbro and Diadora are just a few of the top names that you will see on show when you decide to pick-up a new pair. But there is also a wide variety of lesser known brands that strive to take their own little piece of the market. For the most part, they look for niche areas or gaps in the market where they can make a name for themselves. Sometimes it is an innovative design, other times it is a step back to a more traditional, no-nonsense boot.

Either way, they don’t always get the credit they deserve for their hard work, so consider this a small shout-out to the best of the rest. Below is a short list of lesser known companies that I dug up. Check them out, and if you have a lesser known company you would like to suggest, leave their name in the comment section below!

Aspero Soccer Boots


Based in Germany, the Aspero Classic 2012 boot features a leather upper with Neokick touch control, and a ball control region right around the laces. It makes for a unique look, but their second installment or the 2012 edition is already being sported by players in the German league.

Concord Techno


You might have spotted a new brand hit the US market very recently – Concord. This is the one boot on the list that you actually have the opportunity to get your hands on pretty easily. Their new Concord Techno range has heads turning and there is a buzz around the opinion that they might actually make it here. I haven’t tested the boot, but visually I can see why they have a chance!

Cruyff Match Boots

Cruyff Sports

Styled after the classic style of one of the best players to have ever graced the game, the Cruyff Match is about as authentic as you can get! Everything about the boot is built around the true ideals of the game. They feature a soft Italian leather upper and are a minimalist boot crafted to suit modern players. Unfortunately, they are  not readily available to the US market.

FILA Soundwave


Ok, so this is a pretty random inclusion, but FILA do have a few competitive soccer boots on the market, including the FILA Soundwave. Ultimately, these boots are never going to make it as a top player on the market, but we are sure to see sporadic releases from the 100 year old Italian company.

Hummel Old School


Hummel are a brand who have been making soccer boots since 1923! In fact, the Danish company released some of the first ever pairs. Currently, one of their mainline releases is the Hummel Old School, and as you can see from the picture, they definitely hold an old school look! Gotta love the traditional fold over tongue. Currently, none of the boots are available in the US.



I really can’t tell you a great deal about Manriquez boots other than they are a Mexican brand that have been around for 40 years. The first time I saw them was a few years back when my buddy Roro was wearing a pair in the PDL final (check the image in this post). The boots feature a leather upper and the more modern releases have a fold over tongue with an elastic underwrap. I did find some on a local Mexican site in a White/Yellow colorway.

Mitre Rafale


Most players associate Mitre with soccer balls, but what you might not know is that they also have a range of soccer cleats. The main staple in their arsenal is the Mitre Rafale, a boot that features a soft leather upper and is designed for increasing speed, accuracy and feel with the ball. You also get a very unique visual that runs across the side of the boot! Mitre are an English company and have been around since 1817.

Pantofola d'Oro Lazzarini Canguro

Pantofola d’Oro

This is the one boot on the list I have had the opportunity to review – the Lazzarini Canguro – and as a result I can tell you about the quality they offer! These are the classic boot, they ooze that old-school style with plenty of modern Panfofola d’Oro crafting. Again, these are another pair that need to be ordered from overseas. It is a pity, because if they were available here in the US, I have no doubt they would sell really well.

Patrick GoldCup


Growing up, I remember boots from French company Patrick were seen as “cheap”. But, in recent times they have upped their game with some refined releases including the Patrick GoldCup. The K-leather upper on these looks extremely supple and the overall look of the boot is very much Copa-esque! This is one of the boots on the list that I am interested in picking up for review real soon.

Penalty S11 Pro Boot


Brazilian company Penalty created a unique way of releasing their latest Penalty S11 PRO boot with the help of Victor Valdes and a QR code. The soleplate on these boots features a Celeron soleplate and a Tenvis technology upper (both unique to Penalty). A very ordinary looking boot that can’t be found on the US market – but if Victor Valdes is wearing them, they must have some quality to offer!



Here is an interesting one – Tiebao are a Chinese company who actually manufacture boots for other companies, but somewhere along the line they decided it was time to create their own line of boots. Performance wise, there is no way these boots should be used as a game boot – at most they should only be considered as a training boot. Finding a pair might prove extremely difficult as Tiebao only seem to sell wholesale.

Topper Velocity


If you play in South America (Brazil or Argentina specifically), one of your top options comes in the form of Topper, and they have a solid selection of boots. We are highlighting the Topper Velocity, which is a speed boot designed to give quick players maximum speed. I haven’t heard much else about the company, but their boots look sharp and if their website is anything to go by, they have money to invest in their products!

Zygo Deztruct

Zygo Sports

Featuring one of the wildest designs you will find on the market, the Zygo Deztruct is a boot packed with power. They are designed using strategically positioned, yet extremely odd looking pods along the front of the boot. Control and power are the key attributes focused on with this release. Zygo are based in Australia and are quickly becoming a top player on the market there.

And that is the list! There are plenty of other companies out there, so if you have any more that we might have missed leave details below. After checking them all out, the big question is which company or pair of boots do you like best?

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Nice article. However, I am Australian and I have never once seen a pair of Zygos so I don't think they are 'top player' here. The most popular brands are just like everywhere else but Asics is also very popular here and are recommended by Physio therapy groups to a lot of people.

    • I want to test some of those Asics. They're fairly inexpensive and I'm interested in the raised heel concept.

  2. I had a pair of Kronos boots years ago that were primarily white with blue accents/blue logo. They were extremely light, very easy to break in and enabled me to hit ferocious shots-I had procured these overseas as my Adidas Predator Pulse boots I felt were absolutely terrible- they were clunky and would tear up the soles of my feet; I had to get inserts put in to prevent that.

    Sadly though for these boots, shooting ultimately proved to be their undoing as the upper split from the sole and I still lament I don't have those boots; given how I am fastidious about cleaning and polishing my boots before and after every match and training session. While I have procured umpteen pairs of Adipower Predators, Adizero F50s, Adizero MiCoach F50s, I feel the Puma Powercat C1.12 has been the closet analogue to it both in terms of look and in terms of fit and performance- I can only hope for this season they are as effective as the Kronos boots were

  3. what about concave boots?

    • Didn't Concave go tits up?

      • Yes they did; interesting concept though. Unfortunately they did not understand the cleat marketing cycle in the US and came in hard making it tough to outlast the learning curve. With a minor adjustment to the plate placement and how it interacts with the entry into the boot, the technology could be utilized by a company with distribution channels already established.

        I tested a pair and was impressed with the plate concept.

  4. Nice article.

  5. I have a pair of concord kangaroo techno shoes. They are wonderful shoe after being broken in. I love my shoes n I like that many people don’t use these brand. Good durability

  6. I’m interested in Pirmas as I see them a lot in all the games of the Mexican league. And they always have similar colours to the Nike and Adidas boots.

  7. uhh Mizuno..

  8. Well, you´re absolutely right about Topper here in South America. They´ve been releasing some cool new boots that are easy to find on the market. If you have the time, try researching about brazilian brand Olympikus. I hear they´re about to put on the market a new boot with hybrid studs, the kind that pro players get made fot themselves.

  9. Concord!

  10. My favorites would have to be the pantafola d'oro,cruyff match, zygo,topper and penalty , in that order.

  11. I know Kappa makes some boots. Haven't seen a pair around but if I do I'd definitely consider picking up a pair. I know they're reasonably well thought of in Italy with several players that I've seen sporting them.

  12. Matthew Vincent

    Calle, a Brazilian company make some pretty nice indoor/futsal/street shoes; I wish they also made cleats. The Rilo is more durable than any shoe Ive worn by the major companies, and actually fits a wide foot!

    And, other than what's already mentioned, Pirma comes to mind…

  13. Matthew Vincent

    Forgot to mention Kelme as well.

  14. Whatever happened to Lanzera? I had a pair of Lanzera boots in high school and loved them. Also used to have a pair of Lanzera suede shoes (like the Adidas Gazelles) for casual wear.

    • I had these boots they were probably the best pair I had and people who borrowed them went out and got a pair! they should have stopped making boots…

    • Eurosport bought out Lanzera (I'm not sure if it was global or just US licensee) more than a few years back. The cost of producing cleats and liquidating left overs probably prompted them to stick with eqt and apparel for the Lanzera brand.

  15. I have used Uhlsport boots for years and the Kikksokke is a top boot and a one of a kind as well. The feel is unlike any boot I have worn. Definitely worth making this list.

    • The kikksokke was extremely light and a great highend boot with uni-upper construction. When not under brand restrictions, I am currently using predominately the Kickshuh Instinkt due to only coaching while wearing them. Reasonably light weight for the comfort and durability offered.

      Uhlsport is discontinuing field player shoes to concentrate on GK specialist shoes and futsal shoes in the footwear market. So for this list, only the Torkralle GK shoe would have qualified, but that is a very minute market.

  16. I definitely remember wearing Patrick's and Mitre's as a kid here in the States, but can't find them now. I don't buy leather boots anymore, and am always tempted by the Pirma's but I hear they run wide, and have a narrow foot. If I did buy a pair of leather boots I would highly consider some of the Pantofola d’Oro, such beautiful boots!

  17. ive recently tried a pair of pirmas. very impressed. also kelme, kappa…uh joma?

  18. Daniel Colebank

    I am a huge fan of ASICS and i have two pairs of them…wore them for rugby and footy and they were absolutely the best boots i have ever worn! They also do not rip easily! A great, comfortable all-around shoe for any position!………….. You forgot the two brands valsport and underarmour. both companies headed in the right direction

  19. You should consider checking out eescord i pick up a pair on a rescent trip to mexico nd they are solid nd pretty cool for the price nd the only player that i saw use them was BOFO from Mexico playin for Quetero

  20. No nomis football boots?



    just needed to get that out there so no one is confused 😉

  22. I’ve had Concords since ’98 but I’m Mexican and live in L.A. Cauhtemoc Blanco and Sebastian Abreu wore them

  23. I and some colleagues have just started a small cleat company called Just Play Cleats. The premise is that we do not have any brands or logos on any of the cleats. Ultimately, we all love the game of soccer and we felt that this helps make it more about the soccer and the player's performance than the brand or logo. Just started a couple of weeks ago and pre-orders can be made now.

    Great comments from everyone by the way, it's great to learn about all of these companies helping to grow the game of soccer.

  24. Isn`t Hummel from Denmark?

  25. Your opinion is most based in appearance… As a brazilian i can say that the penalty boot is a pro boot with high quality and technology, but the topper one is a cheap boot. Actually, Alex (ex-fenerbahce) and others pro-players are sponsored by penalty, using not only the S11 Pro but also Brasil 70 (a classic boot). Topper is only a bigger brand and more popular in south america because is a transnational company, with foreign money. Penalty is 100% brazilian, not so popular, but a lot better.

  26. Interesting that you recall Patricks as being the”cheap” cleats. Growing up here in the States, Patricks were definitely seen as higher end compare to the cheap plasticy ones readily available at the time. Patrick Keegans were like $60 which at the time was a lot of coin for a kids boot. The other brand was Mitre. Those were the cheap ones. I think I had a pair of mitre milanos. Lol, brings back memories…

  27. can you do another one of these

  28. I remember as a kid growing up in the late 70's early 80's all I wanted to get my hands on we're a pair of Patricks!!!!! I got my Keegan King indoors and loved them and all of my friends went out and bought them as well!! Hey Patrick, America loved your boots!

  29. Also there is Bikkemberg, I remember Chiellini was wearing it.

  30. I wore Patrick in High School but never could find them again when playing in college.

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