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Lotto Stadio Primato – Revisited

Lotto Stadio Primato (a)

It has been almost 3 years since we posted a review for the Lotto Stadio Primato, yet the boot still holds a key position amongst boots in the heritage genre. Frequently, I receive feedback from players who swear by the consistency and comfort they offer, and a lot of players are confused as to why they don’t get more attention. Here is where you can check out the original Stadio Primato Review.

Fact is, the K-leather upper on these boots ranks right at the top of the market, while they seem to offer far better durability properties than some of the newest releases on the market!

In terms of colorways, you have the option of going classic or absolutely eccentric! The Black/Black colorway pictured offers one of the most traditional looks you will find on the market and there is also an all-white version to consider that is very tidy. Then you also have the option to go Orange, Yellow or Blue (as seen below).

Lotto Stadio Tongue

When it comes down to it, the only warning I have for players interested in a pair focuses on the fold over tongue. I found it flapped a lot after the first few wears and eventually had to start tying the laces over to keep them down. It is a minor issue but can cause some frustration for players not expecting it. Another option is to tuck it under the laces, something that offers a slightly different look or you could simply cut the tongue off at the ankle.

For the most part, the Stadio Primato can be found on sale at most stores. Their original retail price is already a top value for money choice at around $90, but when you factor in sale prices they become an absolute bargain! If they are a boot that you like the look of, my advice is to take a chance and splash out on a pair. You get plenty of comfort and a reliable level of performance. Couple that with a very durable upper and it makes for a winning formula. It is simply a lack of advertising that leaves them sitting in the shade of the top heritage releases such as the adiPure and Tiempo, but rest assured for their price they are a great option to check out!

Lotto Stadio Primato (c)

Lotto Stadio Primato

Lotto Stadio Upper

Leather Stadio Primato

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  1. Nice boots – you can't beat a full kangaroo leather boot. I want to get these but I'd have to order online and sizing can be a challenge.

  2. They look good considering they are 3 years old, even if you haven't been wearing them.

  3. Are these boots good for artificial turf?

    • Yes they are excellent for artificail turf. The studs are great for any surface as well except soft ground. I love these boots so much that I am going to puchase a few pairs through the next few months to mke sure I have pleny back ups. They are verydurable too.

  4. which cleats do you find to be the best for juggling?

  5. Guys – any idea where I can get hold of a pair of these in the UK? Can't seem to find them anywhere. Cheers

  6. Are these good for players with wide feet

    • From the actual review: "Size wise, they fit true to size and I would say medium in all respects. I have a medium to wide fit and these offered just the right shape and width to offer ultra comfort."

      • Jose Wenceslao Reyes

        I would agree with you Bryan. However I think it is important to note that I have wide foot and these moulded to my foot nicely after a few uses.

  7. These cleats were fantastic. I was heartbroken when I found out Lotto discontinued the line. I still see them in clearance sections online, but unfortunately not in my size. Can't say enough good things about the Stadio Primato K. And for $90? What a gift. In my opinion they were easily worth twice that.

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