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Pele Trinity 3E K – What is Titan Leather?

Pele Trinity Titan K leather

With the recent K-leather version of the Pele Trinity 3E just unveiled, there have been intriguing questions about the advanced Titan one-piece upper and what it is. Having already held a pair, I can tell you that the leather is extremely supple and will add a completely new and exciting element to the market. We reached out to the Pele Sports team to get some answers on the material and they had no problem filling us in with some EXCLUSIVE details on what the advanced upper is all about – you will not find this information anywhere else!

For those interested in the Pele Trinity 3E K, it is available exclusively on soccer.com to pre-order right now, with a retail price of $229.99.

Titan Leather – At a Glance
This new Titan leather is a huge technological advancement over the regular kangaroo leathers currently in the market place. Using this hard-wearing, superior touch, fast, and water resistant durable material – Pele Sports has produced a sophisticated boot of unparalleled protection and comfort that truly molds to the foot.

Developed specifically for the Trinity 3E, Titan leather uses bespoke cutting-edge tanning technology based upon titanium, solid state lubrication and military grade water resistance processing techniques that herald a new era for the Trinity 3E and pioneers new standards for football boots.

Pele Trinity Titan leather

An additional titanium tanning process enhances the strength of the leather while ensuring a ‘glove-like fit’ and reducing the risk of unnecessary stretch.

Solid State Lubrication
The solid state lubricant (SSL) technology used in the production of the boot, penetrates deeper than normal into the fibres to achieve an unparalleled level of softness and comfort when worn. In addition the (SSL) technology actually increases the rate of moisture movement through
the uppers fibers, resulting in the optimum breathability and moisture management for your feet.

Military Grade Water Resistance
Titan leather has been engineered with a new, cutting edge water repellent treatment. It is a military grade process applied during the tanning process to achieve high water resistance specifications keeping feet drier and warmer for extended periods of time.

Darryl Cassingham, Head of Research at Pele Sports states that “Having developed Kangaroo leathers for over 10 years, it was clear the Trinity needed an advanced concept leather like no other. Titan leather is both unique and superior compared to normal Kangaroo leathers allowing a lightweight upper, the solid state lubricant (SSL) technology for ultimate foot comfort, and utilization of military grade water resistance technology to keep feet drier for longer.”

K-Leather Pele Trinity

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  1. So, is this boots with this type of leather more robust and durable than other lightweight boots on the market (like adizero or morelia neo)?

  2. Have you heard anything new about the Maestri III? Release date, price etc.

  3. Gorgeous boot!! Pele is doing some really great stuff.

  4. Just to clarify; this 'titan' leather comes from a kangaroo, right?

  5. Does anyone know when the narrow versions of the Trinity will be released? I’m really wanting to try these out!

    • they have already released a pair but it isn't the titan leather version, it's the synthetic, they have them on soccer.com

  6. Hope this comes out in white or a lime green!

  7. best boots ill have ever owned

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