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PUMA PowerCat 1.12 SL Released – A New Hybrid!

Puma PowerCat White Blue Red

Puma are back into the super light game with a cracking new and somewhat unexpected, 8.4oz release – the PowerCat 1.12 SL. At first glance, it is difficult to determine what is going on with them since there is such a wild clash of colors, but ultimately I think this release is absolutely popping! They are officially listed as a White/Ribbon Red/Limoges and definitely offer a unique but less sophisticated option for players who want a Power/Lightweight hybrid.

In my opinion, the one area that adds real spice to the SL release is the design incorporated onto the soleplate. Loving how Puma explore a visually effective design that plays in unison with the upper. And players trying to catch you will have to soak in as you sprint away! The signature Puma Cat takes on a blue design with a twist of white thrown on and if we want to be truly honest about this release, I think it could be deemed the official USA Puma PowerCat!!

This release hits the market a few weeks after the PowerCat 1.12 Munich Edition, while it also holds a very similar look to the Puma evoSPEED 1 that was also released this week.

Puma PowerCat Euro Edition

Having tested the PowerCat 1.12 recently, I encountered no major problems other than some scuffing on the white upper. The major talking point of the release lies along the strike zone, where you will find Puma’s newly innovated PST, or Power Shooting Technology. It is comprised of two separate regions of TPU, both featuring different densities and serving opposite functions. You get the same technology on the SL version but obviously the materials used have been trimmed down somewhat. In my opinion, that 8.4oz weight is pretty ideal and everything about these boots excite me! This was the one thing about the regular PowerCat (10.4oz) that really held things down in my opinion – so I can see a strong fan-base building for these!

If you are interested to see more of these, they will be used by players at this Summers Euro Championships – so you don’t have long to wait! Retail wise, they hit the market at the $210 mark. They are also available in the regular PowerCat 1.12 for $180.

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PowerCat Euro 2012

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  1. What materials are actually trimmed down? The striking element itself? I hope this doesn’t effect the performance of the boot. But, the new lower weight removes the only blemish on this boots record.

    • I heard, but can't confirm, that the "power" and "swerve" element are the same that is on the normal powercat. They went with a thinner leather and the light weight soleplate.

  2. why is there no lace cover like the v1.1?

  3. Well hello PWR 1.12!!! How are you doing today?

  4. the leather used for the upper looks so soft, an SL power boot with quality Kangaroo leather uper, what could possibly go wrong..

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