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SL adiPures – Tackling the “Next” Big Release

IV SL vs 11Pro SL

Every footwear company has the same simple goal – create a new boot that is better than the last! For the most part, Adidas is one of the companies that consistently raises the bar and they have continually released better and better boots. But, there is one recent example that I just can’t get off my mind, with the latest release in the range hitting an almost off key note compared to its predecessor. Thus, I thought I would take a closer look and get your guys opinion.

It is the adiPure IV SL versus the 11Pro SL. Although the new release does not contain the “adiPure” title, the nature of the release puts it in the same bracket as the IV. Kicking things off, check out the summaries I wrote for each boot:

  • Adidas adiPure IV SL (review) – Extremely classy looking release. Features soft K-Leather upper and Adidas Sprint Frame outsole. Weighs 7oz. Original retail: $250
  • Adidas 11Pro SL (review) – The lightest adiPure we have seen, this version features a combo K-leather/SprintSkin upper. Mixed reaction on release, but test well. Weighs 6.4oz. Original retail: $250

This post is not designed to criticize or downgrade the 11Pro SL, instead it is a post that examines the quality of the adiPure IV SL and highlights the difficulties companies face in creating improved releases.

Those interested in a pair, the 11pro SL is available for $250 on, while you will need to check eBay listings to find the adiPure IV SL.

adiPure SL vs 11Pro SL

Design – Who is Looking Best?
Right after they were released, positive reviews were flowing for the classic Black and Gold adiPure IV SL. Everything from the stitching through the forefoot to the intricate gold detailing on the side produces a very modern, winning look. They ooze sophistication and are a definite winner over what is actually a pretty traditional Black/Running White/Core Energy 11Pro SL. Even with the 11Pro SL taking on the signature Adidas colors, it looks slightly bland when placed side by side with the more supple IV SL K-leather.
Winner – Hands down, the adiPure IV SL wins out in the looks category.

Materials Used
There are a few difference of note between the uppers used on both boots. On the new 11Pro SL, Adidas employ a K-leather upper mixed with single layer SprintSkin around the heel. On the IV SL, the same thicker K-leather is used but a slightly more rigid synthetic is wrapped around the heel. There is also a very different stitching pattern placed on both. When it comes to the soleplate, both feature a SprintFrame design, except the 11Pro SL has been modified to accommodate miCoach technology.
Winner – This is a tough one, but including miCoach technology gives the 11Pro an edge.

Weight – Is Lighter Better?
As you might have gathered, “SL” stands for Super Lightweight – thus both sit below the average weight of a boot! When released, the IV SL definitely broke the norm and weighed in at an extraordinary 7oz. Then came the 11Pro SL, which weighed in at a pretty mind boggling 6.3oz. Reducing weight doesn’t improve comfort and there is little proof to suggest 0.7oz in a lightweight boot makes a difference.
Winner – I’m going to leave the “Is lightweight better” argument up to you guys, and call this one as a draw!

SL adiPure Comparison

Price – $250 Chump Change
Both releases hit the market with an initial retail of $250. We normally see companies increase the price of their newer releases, but when you are talking about a release over +$200, it is difficult to ask consumers to pay more without offering an improved boot. The addition of miCoach is a positive, but then again it also requires you to buy a SPEED_CELL!
Winner – Adidas is the winner here, they are making you pay $250 for a pair of boots!!

Results – My Preferred Choice is….
When it comes down to it, I have simply been extremely lucky to be able to test both boots. Spending $250 on a pair of boots is not easy to do and there are not a great deal of players who can just drop that amount on one pair. But, if you want my honest opinion, I found the adiPure IV SL to be a far better boot, in both design and performance. Simply look at the box they came in and what it contained – I was especially fond of the free tub of leather food and cleaning cloth included in the adiPure IV SL box!

adiPure SL Box

But don’t get me wrong, the 11Pro SL still has a lot of positives to offer players. This is a prime example of the challenges faced by large companies who need to keep innovating and producing boots that please a mass audience. If you ask me, I actually think the adiPure IV SL turned out to be a release that was hard to trump, or in other words it was a pretty pitch perfect release for its particular category. In an attempt to improve, Adidas went with a slightly more off-beat hybrid release with a trimmed down upper that would have worked had we not already been exposed to the adiPure IV SL!

What are your thoughts on both releases and which would you choose?

adiPure SL Heel Counter

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  1. i was exactly browsing these 2 boots this morning and glad i ordered IV SL's..

    Being ebay, who knows if they'll have stock even though their page said so.

    the IV SL I think is the most classiest looking boot Adi has ever made..

    I never felt the "predator" theme colours would ever work with the adipures… and even the ratings of them is an even bigger setback..

  2. I have the adipure IV SL, amazing looking boot, but I've decided to retire it after a season… I don't want to ruin the awesome looking boots, so going to upgrade to the LZ

  3. I am fan of IV SL’s. I bought a pair upon initial release & was such a fan scopped up a couple other pairs off ebay to have them in the arsenal. They are a great light weight boot that holds up well & gives a great touch. Couple that with the White Color way. BIG Fan.

  4. miCoach capability is not a material, it is a feature. So the IV should have won materials for having all k- leather, not just half.

  5. I have the adipure IV sl's….
    I play center back, and I was hesitant to use them at first. I thought I'd be hurting like mad after the games from blisters and people stepping on me, but the leather is not only soft but quite thick. The tongue is probably my favorite part of the cleat. Its super thick so there isn't any lace bite like on the new f50 micoaches. I love these cleats, and the white colorway is super classy. They're light enough to help me keep up with forwards, but at the same time not flashy at all. I love these cleats and strongly recommend them.

  6. I own both boots and the IV SL is a far better boot in my opinion. The leather is thinner, more supple and fee for the ball is superior.
    The 11Pro fails for me because there is no uniformity to the boot.. the front is k-leather and it transitions to synthetic at the passing area. It doesn't feel like a heritage boot and Adidas sacrificed quality too keep weight down.

    I'm glad I kept my IV SL's

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