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ASICS Lethal Tigreor 5 in White/Red/Black Released

ASICS Lethal Tigreor 5

ASICS are back with an all new updated version of their modestly popular Lethal Tigreor range. The Lethal Tigreor 5 doesn’t feature many changes from its predecessor, but there are areas that Asics has taken a look at and modified in an attempt to move performance forward. The one major change lies in the soleplate, which has been redesigned and features a more speed centric layout. A mixed K-leather/Synthetic upper also allows Asics to decrease the weight of boot down to a very modest 9.0oz (previously 9.6oz).

There are 3 colorways available right from release, with this White/Red/Black, a Black/Neon Green and an Electric Blue/White adding plenty of options for players with differing tastes. In terms of price, Asics have kept things pretty consistent with the boot hitting the market at $150.

White Lethal Tigreor 5

In the heel of the soleplate, Asics has raised the boot by 10mm – HG10MM® technology. The idea is that it reduces the angle at which your body impacts the ground, reducing stress on joints and avoiding over stretching muscles right through the leg. You also start at a very different position, almost in a sprinters pose, and this creates an opportunity to increase acceleration from the right take-off position. Through its advertising campaign, Asics focus on the fact that footwear has been stagnant for the past 30 years, and this technology revolutionizes the boot.

Finally, when it comes to looks, there is nothing overly dramatic that differentiates the new from the old. Players who were fans of the old, will be pleased with the consistent look. Through testing the initial Lethal Tigreor, we found that Asics range is very distinct and offers a look that is easy to distinguish from other boots on the market. The fact that Asics has not gone crazy with their colorway choices is an obvious plus!

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Lethal Tigreor 5 White

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  1. Hey Bryan I desperatley need your help I have a REALLY narrow forefoot and want a boot that offers a high level of performance. I dont really care about weight or technology I just need something that is narrow enough to really hug my forefoot and toes. Preferably something that offers a good touch on the ball bacause I am an attacking midfielder of the Niko Kranjcar mould. Please reply!!! I would really appreciate it!!!! Thanks in advance, Joe

    • Hey maybe I can help. Mercurial Vapors are pretty narrow. Also the adipure IV has lace holes that reach down much furthur than normal, allowing you to really tighten the boot closely around your toes/forefoot. not to mention that they are really cheap now.

    • The new Nike Mercurial Vapors are pretty narrow, so are the older F50s, If you have the money, I would say go for a superfly or some of the Nike elite series, simply for the Flywire

  2. Hey guys, I just bought some Lethal Tigreor 4's and they're pretty much the same as these 5's, so here's my experience: I have a wide foot and my right knee tends to be pretty sore and achey the day after a game. I scored some Tigreor 4's on eBay for a decent price ($90 USD with shipping). I'm 30, an avid runner, and I've played soccer twice a week since I was 10 years old.

    I ran a bit in them to break them in, and they felt pretty good, but as Bryan said, weird at first. I didn't double-sock as I normally do, and I didn't get any blisters or rubbing at all. I've owned countless Nike, Puma, Adidas, Lotto, etc and I've ALWAYS gotten blisters at first wear. This was my first shock regarding the ASICS. With my Tigreor's It felt like my knees were always bent, and never locked like in my flatter cleats. Bryan is correct, your weight shifts forward, so you feel a little more agile as well.

    Basically, I found them to be much like my Adidas AdiPure IV's for fit and feel, but thankfully they fit MUCH wider on the sole of your foot. Sure, the AdiPures can stretch, but the soleplate is only so wide! Shorter front studs is a plus for harder surfaces, but the ASICS have a wider soleplate that accommodates my wide foot with no stud pressure. The K-leather on the ASICS Tig 4's (like my AdiPures) is super soft and great for a first touch and playing passes from the midfield, which is where I play most.

    Here's the best part: After my first game with these boots, my "bad" knee wasn't even sore the day after. I couldn't be happier, so I'm sticking with these ASICS and the heel gradient and I don't see myself going back to my old AdiPure 4's or even my fav backup Puma 1.12's.

    • Hi S-Kell

      I'm thinking about getting a pair of Tigreor 5's, but I'm worried they'll affect my running form… I do a lot of minimal or barefoot running while training. Are these a typw of shoe that while make you heel strike? I like to be on my toes, so I'm just wondering how these feel compared to a regular flat soccer cleat as that is how I run most of the time – in a minimal shoe.


  3. Hi , I am looking forward to buy a new soccer cleat. When I look at these lethal tigreor 5 , I thought it would be great for a change in my footwear but the problem is I don't know how to sizing works in the lethal tigreor 5. I am currently wearing the nike tiempo legend 4 in a size 8.5UK , what size should I get in these lethal tigreor 5 ? please reply and thank you in advance …

    • I haven't worn these yet – bit if they fit like its predecessor, the Lethal Tigreor (review here)

      "Length wise, they fit very much true to size. In terms of width, they are a mixed batch. When you look at the soleplate, it seems like the midfoot is extremely narrow. But, when you put on the boots you find they offer plenty of width and decent support. If you need a wide fit they are worth checking out."

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