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Is this the New Adidas F50 adiZero?


With the new Adidas F50 adiZero pretty close to release, we are starting to see more players testing blackout pairs that seem to mimic an F50 silo. One player in particular that has been sporting a pair in both games and training has been Lille forward, Salomon Kalou. Since the Ivory Coast international has worn F50’s in the past, it only makes sense that he would be testing out a new version and it is what leads us to believe that they are the real deal.

Adding to all the hype, we also obtained the below close-up image of what the boots look like. Since they are a blackout, it is extremely tough to make out what they are all about but it does give us some clear insight into the direction Adidas are headed. The one obvious detail is that there is plenty of texture right around the upper, with a slightly weaved pattern sitting through the forefoot. Adidas also stick with their trusted Sprintframe outsole.

On a slightly different note for fans of the current F50 series, I recommend checking out the limited edition Graphic Pink version before they sell-out!

Check out the controversially revealed image below.

The initial version of the F50 adiZero hit the market way back in May 2010, with an updated version hitting the market compliments of Lionel Messi in September of last year. That leads us to believe that the newest version, which offers a very different look, will be released very shortly and around kick-off time of the big leagues in Europe. Stay tuned for more details as we get them.

What are your thoughts on the below image and can you make out any unique details about the new range?

New adiZero

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  1. I'm really liking the clear studs and it looks like they've added a bladed stud. Just hope they come out with a good colorway.

  2. I’ve seen leaked pictures totally different than these, but these look a lot more legit than the other pictures

  3. the design looks pretty cool but they have funky colorways written all over it.. which is a shame

  4. It looks purrrrrrrrtttttttttttty!!!

  5. Looks a lot like the greenspeeds…. #copycats

    • Intelligent comment… #nikefanboy

      You do realize that it's impossible to develop a shoe in a month, which is about how long it's been since the world first saw the Greenspeed, right?

    • look on the far boot. the stripes can be made out next to the sprint frame

  6. it has the sprint frame which the Adizero's now have so i say its legit but i just hope that they have better colorways than say the Mcdonalds colorway released last year

  7. where are the 3 stripes?

    • they probably left them off so its not a complete giveaway. just imagine them on the side wehre they normally are and it looks like and adizero model.

  8. is this the same boot as the one in leaked pictures with the yellow stripe???

  9. What will they be called? What’s the idea behind them (are they a shooting control or touch boot? Do they have a hybridtouch or synthetic upper? They look like a leather version of these.

  10. From what i can tell on the pic it doesn't look like it has the micoach slot which is always on the left boot.

  11. that photo is fake look at the studs of the boot in the foreground how they look on the carton

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