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The Best Player in Europe Wears Nike CTR360 Maestri III

Iniesta UEFA 2012

Messi wears the Adidas F50 adiZero, Ronaldo wears the Vapor VIII, Van Persie wears the adiPower Predator, Aguero wears the evoSpeed……but the best player in Europe currently wears the Nike CTR360 Maestri III.

Andres Iniesta was today named the UEFA Player of the Year and with it, the Nike CTR360 gained one up on the their leading competitors in the market.

Although the fore mentioned Messi and Ronaldo had incredible seasons this past year, Iniesta absolutely deserves full credit for his top level inspirational performances both for club and country. Only last week we got a glimpse of his latest cameo appearance for Nike, where he is the Puppet Master. And for those that point out it is not the boots that make the player, I agree. But the point here is that Iniesta made the decision to wear the CTR360 Maestri over all other boots!

A few weeks back, I finished reviewing the CTR360 III and they worked out really well. Overall, they didn’t have that X-factor that I was looking for to put them at the top of all boots reviewed, but I can see why they would suit Iniesta’s game so well. In a sense, they are the perfect boot for the center midfield creator, especially since he played a role in the boots development! Having the control region on the side suits his ability to trap balls while moving it forward with pace and the ACC (All Conditions Control) means he has a boot that is fully functional in all weather conditions.

For those interested in picking up a pair, the Sonic Yellow colorway currently retails for $199.99.

Sonic Yellow Nike CTR360 Maestri III

More about the CTR360 Maestri III:

The Upper – Design and Kanga Lite
One thing that has stayed consistent is the two-tone upper design. On this version, Nike has selected a Black/Yellow that mimics the similar T90 Laser K colorway released last year and the GS released last month. The upper made using Nike’s tried and trusted Kanga-Lite, while they also feature a new All Conditions Control (ACC) technology. Obviously, I’m already to see what this ACC has to offer, with Nike stating it provides the same level of control in either dry or wet conditions. Again, you get off-centered lacing, ensuring you get a large zone for taking the ball down and striking shots with enhances touch sensitivity through the region.

Control – What is Lining the Instep?
The instep features one of the more intriguing parts of this boot, with fins lined along the control region, designed to hug the arch and maximize contact with the ball. This is an area that Nike has really focused on perfecting and the revamped 3D control pad seems to be an important aspect of this boot. Since they are designed for the playmaker, ensuring control is completely optimized obviously plays a role in the success of the range.

Soleplate and Stud Configuration
Again Nike has changed things up with their sole of the boot, from initial images it looks like they have made some positive changes. The inclusion of round studs on the medial and blades on the lateral side of the soleplate seem to make perfect sense for midfielders who need to make sharp turns throughout the game.

Weight – Shaking Things Down
Lightweight seems to be the big thing and as you would expect, Nike has dropped the range down from 10.8oz. We have unconfirmed reports that the new range will weigh in at 9.2oz but nothing official to date – once we get full details from Nike we will update.

Do you think Iniesta deserved to win this years UEFA player of the year, or should Messi/Ronaldo have got it? Leave your comments below.

CTR360 Maestri III detailing

CTR360 Maestri III detailing (a)

CTR360 Maestri III detailing (d)

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  1. Well Kaka had 8 goals and 11 assists… So did Iniesta…

    • and he didn't play that many games either

      • Yeah well but Kaka's impact on those games was nowhere near Iniesta's. Knocking Iniesta because he "only" scored 8 goals is weak. He's not a striker. All three are deserving. That said, Iniesta's award is a testament to: 1- those that watch the games, and not only the YouTube highlights and scoring charts, 2- the great players that impact games with attributes besides scoring a superhuman amount of goals.

  2. The Best Player in Europe Wears Nike Mercurial Vapor 8, it's a CR7

  3. Definitely should have been messi. ppl are starting to become used to his amazing performances and appreciating them less. Barcelona had terrible defense last season and who was the person who kept their hopes alive? not iniesta with 8 goals Who scored 5 goals in one match? Who was top scorer in every competition Barcelona played in? ppl are taking messis sublime performances for granted. i think almost every game last season messi played better than iniesta (apart from a few) visca barca

    • That is a very good point but the award shhould go to those who did the best for their club and themselves. Ronaldo should have edged out Iniesta because he literally carried portugal on his back during euro while Iniesta was one of many key pieces. Spain can win without Iniesta but Portugal can not win without Ronaldo

    • Edgar J. Miranda

      well, what if messi didnt have iniesta, xavi, dani alves or all the other players that distribute the ball? Messi would still be good but not the best without them. iniesta did alot for club and country you cant take his cedit. im actually happy iniesta won.

      • Have u evens seen messi play for Argentina lately? He scored a hat trick against brazil and made up for la abicelestes crap defense. He also scored against Germany. Ronaldo couldn’t perform against big teams like Spain and Germany. He scored against Czech republic and a terribly out of form holland who didn’t win a single game at the euro

  4. While the Maestri III is undoubtedly a good boot for playmakers, can we really say Iniesta chose it? Since he has a sponsorship deal with Nike, aren't his choices limited to their range. At most can we say anything more than he chose the Maestri over the Laser, Tiempo and Vapors/Superflys? Granted he did choose to sign with Nike, but is there any reason to believe that decision was made for any reason other than they offered him more money than the other shoe companies?

    • Not to mention that he used the pervious version to win the player of the year award technically, he has only started wearing the Maestri III since the start of this season.

  5. He didnt choose , Nike pays him to use those cleats

  6. Boot choice doesn't make a better player. A great player makes his teammates better.

  7. For me, Xavi is better than Iniesta. but he's still world class, and makes Messi who he is. but Messi broke a scoring record. Ronaldo's Madrid beat Barca in la liga. Any of the 3 are great though

  8. iniestas great but it really should have gone to messi. he had 82 goals in 69 appearances and i think around 30 assists

  9. As mentioned below, Iniesta won this award with the Maestri IIs not the IIIs. I love my IIs and dont see myself upgrading to the IIIs. Shout out to the IIs

  10. bryan, would you recommend these or the superfly iii's? i have a chice between the two right now for the same price. i have a skinny and long foot so im not sure.

  11. I love how Iniesta play’s!! How he distributes the ball, the amazing control!!!! He has of the game… On any game! I would love to have those CTR’s! Their amazing.

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