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Cleatology – Ryal Football Boots

Ryal 1946

If you are a fan of classically designed boots that come with a pretty storied history, check out what Ryal have on offer.

Who are Ryal, I hear you ask? Well, they are an Italian designed footwear company who have been around since the 1940’s. Their boots are entirely handmade in Fucecchio, Italia and in similar fashion to the likes of Pantofola D’oro, this small company has stuck local. Currently, they are in a sort of renaissance phase, selling exclusively on the Dutch market. With boots like the above pictured Ryal 1946, it is pretty easy to see why they are currently garnering plenty of positive attention.

Unfortunately for us in the good old USA, the boots are not readily available. A review of these boots is definitely necessary – if you are interested in reading more about these, hit up Ryal on Twitter, and let them know you want to read a @SoccerCleats101 review of their boots!

Check out images of the current range below.

Ryal La Storia

Ryal Classico Moro

Ryal Italia

There is obviously a lot we don’t know about the boot, like for example what they weigh and how they hold up durability wise. Everything about them looks classy and they almost look like they are infused with a touch of Lotto, for example the Ryal Italia looks similar to the Stadio Primato. Some of the designs are also a little unusual, like the Brown Tan Classic Moro – not a fan of they lighter colored stitching.

To see the entire collection or find out more about Ryal, head over to their website –

On a final note, how about the way they have laced the boots, with the laces looped back in through the top hole. It makes for a pretty darn sweet look that I might just have to adopt for myself!!

Ryal Soccer Cleats

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  1. Beautiful leather on this…

  2. Wow…these remind of a pair of Belottis I used to own back in the 90s.

  3. I am in love with the Clasico Moro. I dont usually like classically designed boots like this but I love the Clasico Moro. I have to have them.

  4. Ooh, interesting review. It would be interesting to see these shoes work. I was lucky enough to visit the factory where they produce these beautiful shoes!

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