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Adidas Predator LZ – Champions League Edition

Pred LZ CL

Could this be the best looking colorway in the Adidas Predator LZ range to date? My answer to that is a firm “Yes”, with this exclusive Black/Lab Lime /Neo Iron Metallic of the Lethal Zones ready to hit pitches across Europe this weekend.

What makes this boot that extra bit special is the fact that it is this seasons Champions League release, and I doubt that I’m the only one who thinks it offers a far more appealing look the the adiPower Predator CL released last September. It is the fade through the upper that adds an extra dynamic look to this daunting black colorway, while the Lab Lime creates a highlighted look. I expect there to be a rush of people looking to get their hands on this release.

In terms of retail, they are available for $198.99 at WeGotSoccer, which is right in line with other Predator LZ releases.

Champions League Adidas Predator LZ

So, what makes the new Predator so different from previous editions? On this release, you get 5 different areas where technology has been employed, producing 5 different levels of performance. Rather than being a Power boot, this latest release is more of a hybrid that offers players more control right throughout their game. The 5 Lethal Zones are as follows:

  1. The large First Touch zone has recessed ribs to cushion impact and stop the ball. It’s a vacuum effect for instant control.
  2. The Drive zone has a raised and thicker 3D shape following the natural curve of the instep to help create rebound distance and open the game.
  3. The Dribble zone is designed for quick contact with the ball and close control.
  4. The large Control/Pass zone is memory foam with a sticky coating on top. This ensures consistency, precision and killer passing.
  5. On the Sweet Spot zone 3D ribs ensure longer contact with the ball to generate speed and spin.

As is the current trend with new releases, the upper has been re-engineered to combine the properties of a leather and synthetic upper. The material used is a mix of synthetic and a new Hybrid SL, adding an interesting twist to the release. The real test will be how they perform in game – something I will update on after this weekend. The Predator Zones are each composed of a SL rubber that adds a new element of control.

In terms of weight, they come in at 8.0oz, which is just a slight bit heavier than the adiPower Predator and is definitely lightweight for a power boot. Within the soleplate, Adidas has again placed a cavity for players who want to take advantage of miCoach technology.  Finally, they are going to have an initial retail price of around $220.

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Adidas Pred LZ CL

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  1. In person, they look a lot different as the black in the front is not as dark, they look much better in the online photos than in real life.

  2. i agree, its the best colorway yet

  3. When do they come out in the US

  4. Can you tell me what fits better on wide feet. Because of all the cleats i tried only copas fit. I haven't tried this. I wanted to compare this to the t90. But make sure we are all talking about the bottom tier boots. I have seriously wide feet.

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