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Bright Crimson T90 Laser – Paul Scholes Approved!

Crimson T90 Laser

This week, we happened to have a pair of the latest Nike T90 Laser IV colorway fall through our hands and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to highlight them – especially as they are the current colorway being worn by one Paul Scholes! Of course, there are other top players like Wesley Sneijder and Klaas Jan Huntelaar wearing the same look, but Scholes current form is scintillating and I’m an automatic fan of whatever he is wearing!!

The colorway is listed as a Bright Crimson/Dark Obsidian/Electric Green and we actually highlighted them when they were released in mid-September.In person, they are absolutely popping – I’m not sure how Nike formulated the Crimson color, but it is seriously bright.

Then there is the addition of ACC technology in the upper, or “All Conditions Control”. I’m not going to go into detail on ACC, but if you are interested in reading about it, check out how the experts describe it. It is something that makes this version of the T90 Laser much different from any of the other colorways currently on the market, and it is an ideal addition as we head into the wet winter months.

For those interested, this colorway retails for just under $190. More detailed images below!

Profiled T90 Laser

All Conditions Control

Something else to note about these is the fact that Nike employ a solid forefoot color – this is the first time we have seen them do it on a regular release in the T90 IV range. The Euro Edition did feature a solid white forefoot, but the overall visual design of that boot was unique to the Clash Collection.

One of the primary features of T90 Laser IV is the Adaptive Shield region across the strike zone. It is particularly effective and it effectively bend in motion with your foot as you control the ball, making for a really smooth strike just as Nike advertise. I recently posted a full review for the synthetic version, and they tested out really well.

Along with the release, Nike introduced us to the slogan “The Perfect Strike”, giving you some idea of the direction they have headed with this boot.

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T90 ACC Upper

T90 Laser Strikezone

Crimson T90 Heel

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  1. i want to get these shoes but im not sure if i should do to he fact im a defender, should i get these or the new Nike Tiempo Legends?

    • Both are good options for defenders – these are a better option if you regularly play long balls, whereas the Tiempo is a better option if you dribble out of the back more.

      • Agreed with the tiempos you get better touch on the ball

      • As a fullback who wears Tiempos I wanted to offer my own two cents. While I agree that the Tiempos are great for dribbling and touch, I sometimes find myself wishing I had a little more protection, as I seem to find a way to get stepped on a lot. It is making me strongly consider replacing my Tiempos with the Laser or Powercat when I need a new pair of boots.

        So yeah, while I agree with everything Bryan said, I'd recommend factoring in protection a bit if you (like me), get stepped on a lot.

      • I have to disagree. These are extremely soft, have superb touch and are pretty durable (so far). Long balls and dribbling out of the back more means I should go with Tiempos?? That's kinda crazy. I found these boots to be in a category of there own. But great review and I love your work. Keep it up amigo!!

  2. This colorway is one of my favorites of the year. It's bold and dynamic, but it isn't gaudy or inappropriate.

  3. Hey Bryan, I have the Vapor VII, but I've been thinking about getting the Tiempo Legend IV Elite. Does the Tiempo Elite fit tighter than the Vapor VII? If so, is it tight lengthwise or widthwise?

    • The Elite version fits tight in both length and width, primarily due to the inclusion of Flywire. It acts as a cage of sorts, keeping your foot really locked down.

      • thanks. So i guess that means i should order half size up. I was just worried though, i thought i would have like extra space lengthwise and i didnt want to feel clumsy.
        but i guess i shouldn't worry, since its tight lengthwise as well
        thnx for the rapid reply!

    • Definitely go 1/2 a size up if you're buying the Elites. If you don't you can stretch them but IMO because the leather on the Elites is a little thinner (offering magical touch) you will ruin them if you stretch them too much.

      I always prefer a little more wiggle room and double sock rather than an overly tight shoe and stretch the hell out of them. You see pros going the other way with a seriously tight boot and stretching them so much that on close ups the tongue area is overly exposed. You have to remember though a lot of the pros won't use the same boots more than 2 or 3 games if that at all, so they can afford to mangulate them just to use in one game.

      Also the the T90's upper is still on the thinner side for a synthetic (ask Rooney he got stepped on a season or so ago and broke his foot) so if you were after top protection I would not go with either boot.

      For ultimate protection from a modern boot I would go with either a Diadora DD Eleven or Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2.

  4. Looks like a great boot. Nice colourway showing the passion for the sport. I would very much like to get them if I had more money to spend for myself….

  5. Are these the Kanga Lite with ACC treatment? Or Kanga Lite 2.0?

  6. Hi I was hoping somebody can answer this. I wore the Ctr maestri 2 last season in size 10 and it fit perfectly. So should I get a size 10 in this t90 4 ACC cleat or get a 9.5??

    ** And I like shoe to fit tight**

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