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PUMA evoSPEED 1 SL Ducati Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

PUMA evoSPEED 1 SL Ducati Released

Puma evoSPEED 1 Ducati

The one thing that Puma does really well is limited edition releases, and this time around they have teamed up with Ducati to create a speed on speed boot!  It comes in the form of the evoSPEED 1 SL, a boot that weighs in at 6.4oz and is developed to suit players who aspire to have the ability to accelerate right through a 90minute game. But what makes this boot unique?

Well, it is simply that bad-ass  Ducati’s rich racing, heritage design. It is a look that screams speed and ensures the mesh of both legendary companies makes complete sense. On the forefoot, Puma has placed the Ducati name, while the heel is home to their emblematic logo. Whether you are a fan of the look or not, you have to wonder why we don’t see even more limited edition releases like this – especially when it combines one of the world largest racing companies team up with one of the leading boot manufacturers. As reference, I do like this look!

Again, this is a LIMITED EDITION release as explained by its listed $275 price tag over on I can guarantee this release will sell out pretty quickly, so my advice if you are interested in a pair is to get them ordered!

Want more images of the boot? Check out the exclusive set below.

Ducati evoSPEED 1

In terms of the actual boot itself – the evoSPEED SL – you are getting the following:

  • A premium monolayer microfiber for an incredible, natural feel on the ball
  • EverFit cage construction around the mid-foot provides additional internal stability
  • Carbon fiber mid-foot stability and an external heel counter for added stability
  • Combination conical and bladed stud configuration for optimal traction

And for those wondering, I have been slacking lately and have not yet reviewed the evoSPEED SL -but rest assured that I’m now working on it so you will have a review to reference for the high profile, lightweight release real soon.

In your opinion, does the Puma-Ducati combo work and would you wear a pair?

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evoSPEED Ducati Up Close

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  1. I know its your favorite brand and Boot Brian but that boot has nothing spectacular to make it for 275 dollars. Especially since they are the same studs as the v1.10 that last about 3 weeks

    • 3 weeks? do you play on concrete? I have been using a pair of v1.10 the last 4 months and they are still going strong.

    • Dude your totally wrong! what are you a Nike or Adidas guy? Man Puma speedboots upper and soleplate last waaay more attached than A mercurial or a Adizero dude I support Max do you play on concrete? you play like crazy or what.

      • OK – 1st my son is the real deal/ODP Regionals in a few weeks. He’s faster than snot and powerful 5’8″ 150lbs and wears a size 6. He plays almost entirely on turf and causes so much stress on his boots that in the past two years he’s blown out three preds -we got tired of getting them replaced- a top umbro that didn’t last a single game and most recently adiZeros that he tore the same inside rear stud off each one. Only the Mundial turf holds up, but they weigh 10lbs each -kidding- What say you PUMA fans? Are these worth the try? Besides their cool factor? BTW- cold day in he!! before I buy Nike…

        • @ Bleevnsocr give them a try but you should teach your kid to take more care of soccer boots

          If he plays on turf than the Ideal or proper shoes are turf shoes, remember Turf is artificial grass that means studs will wear out much quickly and also studs cant dig in cuz its mostly concrete at the buttom of the turf surface and most important it can cause an injury.

          any front stitched turf shoes (most nike do and some Puma too)

          but if you what to wear firmgrounds try:
          PUMA King Top K di FG Firm Ground (riveted and cemented) (I Recomend for hardcore kids)
          PUMA V1.11 i FG Junior(stitched and cemented)

          • Thanks! but- As posted he has Mundial turfs that do hold up. We're trying to take advantage of lighter weight boots that will hold up while more and more US youth and college games are being played on turf. Boot makers must love this 🙂
            BTW- He's 17 and "takes care" of his boots by lacing them up and running his guts out. In the process his boots FAIL him when he comes off the field with seams ripped and studs are torn off.

          • Let me chime in. These are a decent option for his style of play but I'm not sure they will be durable enough. With less weight, comes a lack of durability. Has he tried the adiPure 11Pro? They mimic the Copa's and are a lot lighter at 8.2oz. Definitely worth looking at.
            Otherwise, take a look at Diadora boots – they have a reputation for being durable and the likes of the Evoluzione wight in at 9oz.

          • Very VERY much appreciated! I'll link through your site once we make a decision to buy.

    • ya unless you are playing on sandpaper or concrete the studs last fine, just like max mine are still great after many months.

  2. It is essentially a v1.11 SL, why did they call it the evospeed? …..

  3. THIS IS GREAT! the evospeed design was worthless while the v-speeds were awsome. These are a lot like the v speeds, but with some adjustments (for the better) For sure these are the next best cleats to the v1.08’s THANK YOU PUMA!

  4. My son about begged for these after I showed them to him. Some contribution on his end and we bought. They run small and said a 1/2 size but seems more like a full size compared to Nike.

    These are beautiful! Really cool looking and they seem like they're made out of anti-gravity material…………they weight nothing!

  5. These boots are amazing, and not just because of the cool design. At they said that the boots run 1/2 – 1 size to small, but in my case it’s a good thing. I am a girl and have very narrow feet and high arches so these boots fit wonderfully. Also I ordered mine at but they were only $170ish, maybe they lowered the price? Any ways these boots are worth every penny!

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