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Nike Vapor VIII CR - The Cristiano Ronaldo Edition - Soccer Cleats 101
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Saturday , June 15 2024

Nike Vapor VIII CR – The Cristiano Ronaldo Edition

Nike Vapor CR7

A lot of people have been waiting for the arrival of the Nike Vapor VIII CR7, well finally it is here!

Oddly enough, this is probably the most simplistic CR7 design we have seen to date, with the Vapor VII Safari and Superfly CR offering much different designs. This boot features a modern, classic black upper twisted with a Light Blue contrasting line and a very flavorful Pink soleplate. It is an extremely unusual look but one that compliments a maturity in Ronaldo’s taste.

In terms of what performance can be expected, this is essentially the Nike Vapor VIII with a new paint job. There has been some minor tweaks with the Vapor VIII through its life, with the addition of ACC and some blade reinforcement. I expect Nike has made one or two slight modifications with this release, but nothing dramatic. The Teijin Microfiber upper offers a sleek close fit, achieved by making the material around the toe softer.

For those eager to pick up a pair of Mercurial Vapor VIII CR boots, you have a few weeks to wait! They are currently available for pre-order from sites like, but their official retail date is not until December 1st.


Nike CR7 Vapor Upper

Nike CR7 Vapor Profile

Nike Vapor CR7 Soleplate

Nike CR7 Heel

The soleplate is extremely vibrant and the Pink used completely contrasts with the old-school upper. Traction is everything when the final goal is explosive speed and the Vapor series features a two blade heel design that allow for a quick release from the turf and the asymmetric design of the stud configuration delivers an explosive start.

Nike has placed a new and bold graphic logo located on the heel of the boot in gold, it features a heart (representing a love of winning) overlaid with an X (representing a hatred of losing), to reflect CR’s philosophy on and off pitch. And sitting just above the new logo is Ronaldo’s signature #7 – as worn on his jersey.

We will update once we have official word on where the Mercurial Vapor VIII CR can be ordered, but should have them listed real soon, with a retail of December 1st.

Nike Cristiano Ronaldo Collection Performance

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  1. Poor guy and a very misleading concept that of the heart and the X.

  2. One word boot reviews:


  3. Guys lets not hate

  4. Homoerotic

  5. The more i look at them, the more i love them. Hopefully they go on sale quick so i can score a pair.

  6. Prodirectsoccer is already taking preorders.
    They have made the artifical grass versions more expensive than their FG counterparts. Previously it was always the same. But i think AG take up has improved.

  7. Now that is a hideous boot. One of the worst around

    • I totally disagree. While I'm not a fan of any boot boot with pink on it, when I watched CR play in this mornings UCL game and these cleats looked awesome from the TV. I wish more players wore black cleats because they look so classy.

      On CR, great player but I just can't stand him or his attitude as a person. The funny thing is its his attitude and pre-Madonna character which is holding him back from becoming one of the best ever. If you are to believe rumours, most of the players in the dressing room can't stand him or the coach. Real should send them both back to Portugal I say. While they're at it send Pepe back too (even though he did score) he makes way too many mistakes at the back.

      Ramos also would have to be one of the dirtiest players going round. Looks-wise he seems like a pretty boy, but boy does he play dirty and rough. After reading his stats I never realised he was one of the most red carded players in La Liga ever.

      Anyway these cleats look great, but I'd never wear them. I much prefer a nice Kangaroo leather upper cleat.

  8. Did you guys see the new f50! Adidas tweeted it saying messi was gonna wear it!

    • much prefer vapors. bladed studs and asymmetric normal lacing works for me. moreover nike's forefoot flex has always been better than adidas'.

      • I think your post hits on some of the reasons that the F-50 vs Vapors issue boils down to personal preference. I much prefer conical studs and given my wider foot, prefer centered lacing (I can generally get a much better fit).

        I find it so silly that people have to debate which boot is "better," when they are each a high quality package that offers something slightly different.

        • Interestingly i have a very wide foot and i play without insoles to fit into the vapor. However the bladed studs help me because i feel less clunky. Like im on a thinner edge instead of the clunkier conical/semi-conical studs. This helps to keep me on my toes better.

          I initially thought f50 was for me but having bought and trained in them i realised not so.

          Yes each person will have their preference. If you like conical the Evospeeds are a top top release. Their midtier and low tier evospeed 4 and evospeed 5 are unbelivably light!

  9. Love the boot! Most of our club coaches hate fancy shoes and this will be a good mix of classic and modern. They still have the approach that you have to earn the right to wear fancy shoes.

  10. nice cleats what is the hart and x means

  11. Hi Bryan..
    Greeting from Malaysia, just out of curiosity,this NIKE Vapor design has been sell by China Made way before the original came.I think i saw in a website that sell this design as early as May 2012.So does that mean NIKE using China made design??

    (I prefer to think that the design is leak..)

  12. Got these boots today… Very thin material in the forefoot, even more so than the previous vapor…. Very nice release and excited to use them

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