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Pele 1962 Redeemer Review

Pele Redeemer

We have become familiar with lightweight, advanced releases coming from Pele Sports in recent times, with the Trinity 3E taking center stage. But they also currently have a more classically designed release on the market, the Pele 1962 Redeemer, that can only be described as a boot on another mission. With an advertising slogan like “Born Tough”, you can tell that everything about these is built around the premise of comfort and a traditional fit, even if that means they pack a little extra heat under the hood. In fact, if you ask me I see these as a boot pushing the boundaries and testing the resolve of another classic that has stood the test of time….more about that below.

There is only one colorway available in this range, the pictured Black, which currently has a retail of $129.99 from

Pele 1962 Redeemer

First Impression

The first thing you will notice is that the upper is soft, but definitely full bodied. The stitching creates very defined panels along the forefoot. The slogan “Love, Honor, Play” is placed on the soleplate in fancy text and it looks great – very iconic and inspirational. They almost look like the Adidas adiPure III, although they definitely feel heavier.

Breaking In

There is a definite air of calm when you take these out onto the pitch for the first time. Maybe it is associated with the number of wildly colorful boots I have tested in recent times, or maybe it is due to the cushioned feel provided by the entire inside of the Redeemer! The Calfskin upper is slightly thicker than other uppers currently on the market, so it does take a few wears for it to truly mold to your foot shape. From first wear they feel decent on the ball, but over time they feel even better. The soleplate also feels slightly stiff from first wear. It is a one-piece TPU with no dedicated folds, so I’d recommend flexing them before wearing them for the first time.

Pele 1962 Redeemer Upper

Pele 1962 Redeemer Leather

Pele 1962 Redeemer Detailing

How do they Fit?

Very important to take note of this section! In similar fashion to the Pele 1970, they fit a half size long and I strongly recommend ordering down at least a half size. So, for example, if you are normally a size 9US go with a size 8.5US. They also have plenty of room for those of you with wide feet.

In-Game Performance

There are a few important things to note about the Redeemer when it comes to wearing them on pitch. First off is the comfort they offer – and they are extremely comfortable. There is fantastic padding provided right around the foot that makes you feel totally confident wearing them. Pele Sports use a an insole that provides solid shock absorption and stud configuration on the outsole that provides solid weight dispersing . It is an effective combo that was especially evident while playing on harder ground. In fact, the Redeemer proves to be one of the most effective boots for transitioning from firm to slightly harder surfaces – there really are not many boots that pass that test.

I also found the stitching across the forefoot to be extremely effective for striking long balls and shots. It is actually a lost feature on most current new releases as companies look to push for lighter and lighter releases. In a sense this is a refreshing release that breaks the trend we are currently seeing.

If you were to ask me where these boots are positioned in the grand scheme of things, I would put them sitting right between the Adidas Copa Mundial and the adiPure series. The adiPure series is actually supposed to be the modernized version of the Copa, but I found that the Redeemer is the one that has a lot more in common with the Copa!

Pele 1962 Redeemer (b)

Pele 1962 Redeemer Sole

Pele 1962 Redeemer Heel

That Classic Look

Everything about these looks old school and that is the approach Pele Sports has taken with these. It is a specific type of player that will seek these boots out, someone who enjoys comfort mixed with durability and a design that doesn’t look like it was put together by a seven year old. Interestingly, we are now starting to see Pele Sports separate their iconic logos. On this version, the “Pele” signature and the Heart are situated on opposite side of the heel (as seen above), which actually represents the growth of the company. And in case you needed a reminder that Pele himself was involved in the creation of the boot, “Grand Master” has been imprinted across the ankle lining.

“Born Tough”

When a boot is released with the slogan “Born Tough” it is pretty easy to assume they are packing some weight, and that is the case. At 11oz, these are one of the heavier releases we have seen in a while. That is simply something you have to understand before deciding to splash out on a pair – these are a classically styled football boot made from high quality and innovative materials.

The Critics Notes

For me personally, the weight issue puts me off. It is simply part of the package, but I still feel there are areas where things could be dropped to the high 9oz region. There is not a great deal else I can report in the negative box. They fit the bill as a very effective, traditional boot.

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The Skinny Summary

Highlight: A well built boot designed to provide excellent comfort and durability, all in a traditional package.
Category: Heritage, classic, traditional – everything about them screams old-school….with a modern twist.
Weight: On the higher end, they weigh in at 11oz.
Would I Buy Them: If I was on the lookout for an updated version of the Copa and someone handed these to me, I would definitely take them and wear them with pride!
Player Position: No better player to make these look good that a hard-working center mid or an hard-hitting center back! Outside backs will also enjoy what they have to offer as they take care of speedy, tricky wingers.

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  1. Jose Wenceslao Reyes

    I just purchased this boot in the turf model. For me I wear a ten in most other brands, but for this shoe I ordered a 9.5 US and I ended up having to send them back because they were still too big. I would definitely suggest a half to full size down. They are very well crafted however and I cannot wait to to get these boots in the mail with my corrected size.

    • Jose Wenceslao Reyes

      One other thing that I forgot to mention with the turf version, is that the insole is removable and is fully lined on the bottom with a Poron Insert.

  2. There still are a lot of durability issues with the Pele brand. I’m not sure the Made in Vietnam is up to scratch yet. They sure charge a premium for their cleats, they should be really concentrating on durability.

  3. @Loli:
    They have definitely fixed the durability of their shoes with these boots. Trust me. In fact this boot was built around the property of durability.

  4. I would like to ask if the hard ground version of the shoes is still a soccer one or it's indeed suitable to be used on astroturf pitches and, in general, on turf pitches typical of outdoor futsal.

  5. As a hard-working, 54-year-old, central midfielder, I am proud to wear these boots.

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