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Warrior Skreamer K-Lite in Black/Spicy Orange

Warrior Skreamer K-Lite

Warrior add some spice to their debut line-up with this feisty colorway

Where Warrior has decided to go completely abstract with their initial synthetic release, they have done the complete opposite and played in safe with their K-leather release!

This is the Warrior Skreamer K-Lite and it actually looks pretty slick. Of course, I am yet to peel back the almost Predator like design – Predator, the sci-fi character and not the Adidas release – to get into the core performance of the boot, but there seems to be some obvious positives to this boot.

Retail wise, they have a price-tag of $220, which drops all the way down to $179.99 if you have Goal Club.

Warrior Skreamer K-Lite Black

Shiny K-Leather Upper

Start with that shiny K-Leather upper and the fact that they weigh in at a very slight 7.6oz. Warrior are already keeping par with the market by releasing a boot that holds its own in the weight department. The leather looks extremely slick and is combined nicely with some lacing straight down the forefoot. You also get a touch of modern detailing along the side. Warrior has listed this colorway as a pretty simple Black/Spicy Orange.

How to promote yourself effectively

Something that Warrios has pulled off really well is their name placement on the boot. A lot of companies fail to add their own signature without it looking Tacky. I like the font and placement on the inner side and soleplate of the boot. And the signature Warrior “W” also has a pretty nice look to it. It is siomple, looks good and is one that doesn’t leave a funny aftertaste. One other separate note, the stud configuration reminds me a lot of the UA Hydrastrike design.

Less Padding in the Heel!

On the top image you might notice that there is a hole in the heel region of the boot. It is a unique addition that is intended to allow for easy access when you are pulling on the shoes, or looking to fix the heel after getting stood on. Personally, I’ve never had a problem with the heel of my boots so it seems a little big gimicky. In fact, I’d rather that area was fully padded so studs didn’t have an opportunity to get to my bare skin.

What are your guys thoughts on this release and Warrior thus far? I’m definitely interested to check these out in person and test them to see what they are all about – review to follow soon!

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Warrior Skreamer K-leather

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  1. the bottom kind of looks like fly wire, does anyone know what's made of.

  2. These look sick

  3. The S version has more grip and feel sexier

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