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Signing of the Season? Warrior Get Marouane Fellaini

Felliani in Warrior

Honestly, this to me is one of the smartest sponsorship deals we have seen in a while!

Warrior Sports announced the signing of Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini this past week and he managed to score while debuting them over the weekend in what was a pretty pitch perfect start. The American brand has only just launched its range of footwear and this signing not only signals their intent, but it actually shows they have a lot to offer if a top player is choosing to wear them.

Lets be honest, Fellaini has been one of the best players in the EPL this season and there is a lot of talk about him moving to a top 4 club. There are a ton of companies trying to get his endorsement under their belts so it is a super smart move and a great capture.

Fellaini had been wearing Nike Tiempo Legends but has decided that the Warrior Skreamer S-Lite is a better match for his style. Or at least it seems that the one-piece microfiber upper version, which comes in the extremely unique Blue Radiance/Bright Marigold/Insignia Blue colorway, is his chosen style – on closer inspection his game version looks to be a modified pair. Either way, that wild scale like forefoot design might actually be the perfect look for Fellaini, as it seems to go pretty well with his wild hair!

Those looking to pick up a pair can get the S-Lite version or the K-Lite version for $199.99.

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  1. If you notice he wears a custom version that does NOT have the synthetic forefoot. Maybe he’s wearing the k lite version with the blue colorway?

  2. Those are actually K-Lites in the S-Lite colorway. He likes the feel of leather over synthetic. Of course, in order to boost S-Lite sales, they have customized the K-Lites to look like S-lites. interesting.

  3. Yea you can see from the forefoot stitching that they're K Lites. It makes you wonder because if they're trying to pass them off as S Lites, they did a pretty poor job of it, so I wonder if it's just a new colorway for the K Lite?

  4. Wow, big signing for them. I really want to like these boots, but Warrior just make it so hard. First of all, I associate the company with Lacrosse, which in and of itself is not a good thing. Then, they go and include a design that seems like it incorporates tribal tattoos and have a thing on their boots called a "murderhole?"

    Even with a guy like Fellaini, these are far too "Brah" of a boot for me. And this is coming from someone who loves the GT2 light blue/orange colorway.

    • Jose Wenceslao Reyes

      I understand the fact that you see Warrior Sports as a "Lacrosse" brand, however you should try looking at it this way. When Under Armour started producing shoes, I thought of them as simply a base layer company. Now they have really imporoved into a comapny that is producing some quality boots. So I think that if we all keep our eyes open, these companies can continue to grow and give us more products. This is even more possible considering the fact that Warrior has managed to make two boots that I feel were actually very decent.

      • It isn't just that they're a lacrosse company, it's just the whole ethos of this boot. I actually think the craftsmanship might be high quality, I'd expect nothing less from Warrior. In fact, I have been hoping that they would get into making soccer shoes for a while, because I am a huge believer in the quality of their work and that of their parent company New Balance.

        The thing is, I just can't help but feel like this shoe screams immaturity. From the mispelled name (Skreamer), to naming boot technology after a violent crime (murderhole), these just kind of feel more like the kind of boot that someone with a very different type of personality would wear. I know that sounds weird, but with so many great options available, sometimes these more trivial things will help me make a decision.

        • The company's name is Warrior Sports, and their motto is "The means to dominate". While I do understand your thoughts on the naming of certain features of the boot, what did you expect, Warrior Sports Fluffy time with hugs-all-around technology to lower the weight? Yes, yes, I know that is an extreme example of the opposite direction that they went, but obviously, the company has an image that they want to run with. I am a loyal LFC fan, but could you imagine back in the day, this company sponsoring Roy Keane, or Cantana as their face of the company? Also, look at the video on the website; they have Vinnie Jones backing them!

        • Uhm actually a murder hole is a hole in the ceiling of a castle which allows defenders of the castle to drop things like hot oil or shoot arrows at the heads invaders.

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