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Adidas FreeFootball SpeedTrick Review

Adidas Speedtrick

When it comes to finding a name that fits a particular shoe, none are more suitable than that of the Adidas FreeFootball SpeedTrick. Adidas has developed one of their latest indoor shoes to be a true multifaceted machine, ready to take on most off-pitch surfaces. More in-depth details on that below, as well as some deep thoughts into why Adidas use such a funky design (in this instance a Lab Lime/Tech Onix/Bright Pink).

What are they all about?

Rather than being a shoe designed specifically for indoor play, the SpeedTrick has a flexible role that allows it to be a shoe ready for play on any surface. They are light, provide a tacky feel on the ball and feature an extremely flexible sole, producing an end product that is unlike anything else currently on the market.

Thoughts Before First Wear

I have to get something off my chest here – I had no real desire to test these before they arrived. In fact, even when they were dropped at the door I was put off by their looks. They just seem a little flimsy and sort of cheap. Plus they don’t have that true, high performing indoor feel about them. But, as I discovered, that is what makes these shoes absolutely unique and it plays in their advantage. Where a regular shoe can feel clumsy off the court, the SpeedTrick has a natural flex that makes them the perfect shoe to wear on rocks – if needed!

Adidas 5 Speedtrick

FreeFootball Speedtrick

Speedtrick Touch Compound

Lets Talk About the Touch Compound

It might seem like Adidas gave some abstract artist a boot and said “draw some lines” and that is absolutely the final visual effect. But the key here is performance and if it actually works when it comes to control on the ball. The Touch Compound has a 3D feel and there is definite definition to each line. It does proves effective and adds an extra element of grip as you move with the ball at your feet. I like the fact that it runs right through the forefoot rather than being specific to a particular area – as you dribble, you are continually moving the ball from side to side and that is especially true when it comes to indoor or quick-sided outdoor games.

Performance Lies in the Sole

The true beauty of these shoes really does lie in their flexibility and natural ability to mold, groove and shape to your foots movements. One area that proves particularly effective is the sole that features what looks like a large piece of chewing gum that has been slapped on and gently positioned with a sculptures knife. It doesn’t look pleasing to the eye, but it does add grip on several different type of surfaces thanks to the odd shape catching the surface easily and providing a wider area of traction.

And then there is the toe groove, which is my personal favorite aspect of these shoes. It adds an additional bend that makes them an ideal shoe for testing your skills with. You lose some of that protected feel around the front of the shoe but in return you get some the ability to really maneuver in tight spaces or as you look to pull of some tricks – exactly what the shoes are intended for!

Adidas Freefootball Speedtrick
Adidas Freefootball Sole
Adidas Freefootball Grip
Adidas Freefootball Flex

Are They Ready for Indoor Play?

Maybe, but not really! Where shoes like the Munich Gresca and Nike5 Elastico Pro excel when in-game situations, the SpeedTrick joins the likes of the Nike5 Elastico Finale in suiting the more spontaneous player who likes to play whenever a ball is thrown in front of them – even if that is in a gravel pit! Don’t get me wrong, the SpeedTrick can easily be worn on indoor courts and I am sure they will suit plenty of indoor player styles, but they are not the ideal choice for players who want an indoor specific shoe.

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How do they Fit?

Stick true to size, and wide fitting players can give them a whirl as they do offer plenty of space right through the forefoot.

The Critics Notes

It might be slightly obvious, but the visual design and colorways used in the range just don’t appeal to me. I get that Adidas are trying to create something unique and different and that makes sense considering who they are targeting with the range, but it really is wild. And that goes for other versions like the Running White/Pop and Green Zest/Bright Blue.

Have You Worn A Pair?

As always we want to hear your feedback – if you have worn or tested a pair, leave your personal comments below!

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The Skinny Summary

Highlight: An extremely flexible indoor shoe that can be used on more than just your run-of-the-mill smooth surface. A combo of the versatile sole and Touch Compound upper make it a perfect shoe for players who like to perform tricks at high speed.
Category: An indoor shoe design for players with a lot of skill.
Weight: 8.8oz, which is on the lighter side for an indoor shoe.
Would I Buy Them: Not for actual play and I wouldn’t wear them in games, but as a flexible “play at any time” shoe they are a great option.

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  1. Did Ronald McDonald come on these shoes? Adidas needs to get their design team together and have an intervention.

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