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Adidas F50 adiZero Messi Released – “Play The Messi Way”

The Messi adiZero

Whats With This Colorway

Adidas are back with another exclusive colorway in the F50 adiZero for World Player of the Year Lionel Messi. The design is very abstract on this, with the red portion of the boot looking like a flowing ribbon across the upper, with a mixture of shades throughout. The rest of the upper is a clean white, creating a very dynamic effect that evokes the concept of power and precision. You also get the signature Messi logo on the tongue while his name is listed on the side of the boot.

On a side note, this colorway offers a much better look than the previous exclusive Messi release we were treated to. Of course, I am referring to the Ballon d’Or pair that Adidas released for Messi a few months back. Those boots received a lot of criticism and dissapeared pretty quickly. Where that pair was exclusive to Messi and he wore the only pair, this latest colorway is available to buy as part of a new collection (F50, F30 and F10 soccer cleats plus clothing and accessories all bearing his iconic signature logo).

An Unusual Twist Maybe

We all know by now that Messi is a fan of the leather upper version and has continually worn it over the synthetic version. But what is unusual here is the fact that all the media attention around the release, including Messi talking about them, revolves around the synthetic pair. Does this mean that Messi is making a very unexpected twist and moving from Leather to Synthetic?

Messi F50

F50 adiZero Messi Overview

New Adidas F50 adIZero Messi

That One Red Stud

Anyone spot the one red stud on the soleplate? Well, this is the stud that symbolizes Messi with the 10 white studs around it representing Messi’s teammates. In other words, it is a hidden message to reaffirm the concept that he is only one player in a team, playing for those around him rather than himself. His mantra is “give all for your team.”

Via Adidas

The adizero F50 Messi design is a striking combination of red and white – red being Messi’s favourite color and representative of the danger he poses on the field and his fiery passion for the game. The clean white frame of the cleat symbolizes the lightness of hisadizero F50 and Messi’s movements which complement the speed-inspired graphics that represent his blistering pace.

Messi adiZero Concept

About the F50 adiZero

This is the fourth colorway we have seen in the latest version of the F50 adiZero. The biggest difference between this release and previous adiZeros is a 3D textured pattern on the SprintSkin upper, designed to elevate performance in all weather conditions. This water wicking material and an elevated ridge pattern are intended to allow water to slide off the cleat rather than be absorbed — keeping the foot dry and the cleat light even in heavy rain.

Tested – the Synthetic Version

We have already had a chance to work closely with and test the Synthetic version and they worked out really well. Although the new SprintSkin didn’t seem to add any evident performance benefits, the overall make-up of the boot is impressive. There are minor adjustments compared to the last F50 adiZero, like the more defined heel design and the addition of texture on the upper, but the fundamentals of the boot are pretty much the same.

Most importantly – what are your thoughts on this new Messi exclusive release and would you wear a pair?

Find a Pair of Adidas F50 adiZero “Messi” >>

Messi's Red F50 adiZero


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  1. I'm going to buy a pair of these for my son to go with his Puma Ducati's!
    These look great and the shoe technology looks to be great.

  2. Bryan,

    Any chance you are going to do a review on the Asics DS Light X-FLY K?


  3. If they were all red they would be awesome.

  4. i heard the sprintskin is made of adifferent material on these

  5. Messi doesn't wear the synthetic model though. Is he going to wear these in a game?

  6. I think adidas doesn’t try as hard as nike does to make a “special” cleat for their player. I’m a messi fan but I think the cr7 cleats have been more impressive than what adidas has done for messi. Messi fan

  7. This is a very sexy boot. The color scheme is bold and gives the player more confidence in his performance. We just got 6 inches of snow so I’m hittin the neighborhood to get money to grab a pair.
    -Messi Fan

  8. Love these boots, love the player, neutral with the colorway – I prefer the blue adizero over these.

    The new idea behind the CR7 boots and the way they market them is absolute class on Nikes part. However, I'm not the hugest fan of the limited amt. of boots.

    However, both players are fantastic and so are their boots. I'd wear both pairs in a heartbeat!

    "Messi Fan"

  9. I like these much better than the Nike ronaldo vapors they look better and adidas just makes more comfortable boots. Messi fan

  10. I like these much better than the Nike ronaldo vapors they look better and adidas just makes more comfortable cleats/boots. I’m a little bias on the fact I’ve always used adidas boots. Messi fan

  11. Diz cleats are awesome I will buy me pair, but im get the nike mercurial vapor xi on nikeid like customize, after I buy the nike im coming after the Adidas like im the kind of person that likes to try new kind of cleats getting both. Im a Ronaldo fan

  12. Ronaldo's cleats are always over-hyped! I like his simple white colorway this time around! Adidas always does a great job with Messi's custom boots, I don't really like red colorways but I got to admit these are classy and Adizeros are always class!

    Messi Fan!

  13. I really like these boots. Colorway is sick, and it overall just looks sharp.
    I'm normally a nike guy (big fan and wearer of the CTR360 line), but I would definitely switch over to Adidas just to get these boots. I'm glad he finally got his own pair of boots like Ronaldo, and even though I prefer Nike, I would definitely prefer these shoes over Ronaldo's Vapors.

    -Messi Fan

  14. Personally, I’m more of a Nike fan when it comes to boots, but these in my opinion are better then the CR7 Vapors. Mainly because the 3D design/technology on the upper is more interesting then that of the Vapor. It would be nice to try these.
    -Messi Fan

  15. Messi v. Ronaldo
    I have to side with Ronaldo on the cleats. The Vapor IX are so much more advanced than the Adidas F50 Messi wears. I believe Nike has the better shoes because of the legitimate competition between their different boots; Mercurial, T90, CTR360, Tiempos. Each department challenges one another to make the better boot and when one comes out with a new one, they have to get one out in the next month. Also, the studs/traction is much better on the Vapors than on the Adizeros. Even though I am siding with Ronaldo on the shoes, I am a Barca fan and have to go with…
    -"Messi Fan"

  16. I love the feel of the new boot messi fan

  17. to be honest between this and the ronaldo new vapors i like the ronaldo vapors , why because there lighter the color is superb, the only downside of it is that they offer less protection, but they are better quality, i mean i love them there way better, since they feel lighter on your feet, the overall quality is better on the vapors and would buy those if they cost a little less,, "Ronaldo Fan"

  18. For me i think the appeal of a player sponsored boot is that you are wearing the same boot as said professional. with that said I gotta give the hand to nike and ronaldo for his vapor IX because those are essentially the same boot he was wearing. while ronaldo did wear the faux synthetic upper rather then the dimpled one that is offered to the public, it is still similar in terms of feel. The leather and synthetic difference in the adizero is very noticeable and why Messi only wears the leather version. If messi actually wore these, then definitly they would have sold me, but because he doesnt, I gotta give it to ronaldo here.

    "Messi and Ronaldo Fan?"

    "Fan of beautiful football?"

    But seriously for the "thing" (wink wink).

    "Messi Fan."

  19. I really like these boots, definitely the best Messi boots so far for me, the studs are cool but when they said the red one represents Messi for me that took it a little too far, they're studs after all. In comparison with the CR boots that have been made I'd have to say the Ronaldo vapors are better. The black safari with volt is one of the best looking vapors ever in my opinion. Team Ronaldo

  20. These boots are actually really nice, I could see people complimenting them on the pitch. However, the crispness isn’t as good on these as the CR7 Vapors. If I wanted Shiny Red and White, I’d give the UA Blur Carbon’s a try, and just order some older adizeros at a discounted price. They honestly aren’t that much different, such as the vapor 8 and 7.

    Messi’s “signature” boots are less frequent than Ronaldo’s as he is going to have 2 signature Vapor 9s, the first one being my favorite. Comparing these and the current signature CR7 Vapor 9s I would take the vapors, because the contrasting of white and black, they just stick out more, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Vapor 9. I’d definitely rock these though, a very close second. I’d like to see someone wearing a left foot Messi and right foot CR7 (their dominant feet). Of course this shouldn’t ever happen, with only 100 pairs of the CR7s, but that would be wicked sick.

    “Ronaldo Fan”

    P.S. If you are getting these, maybe a side by side with the UA Blur Carbons? If not dont worry about it, I’m sure it’ll be on YouTube

  21. I think they signify the players, Ronaldo’s boots have always had a bright color and unique look, until this boot(white) but it signifies Ronaldo’s flashy play, his bold and unique moves. Whereas Messi’s explosive red colorway with the classy white, and single red stud signify his explosive yet classy movement on and off the ball, working for his teammates as shown in the stud colors, 1 of 11.
    “Messi fan”

  22. I'm a huge Ronaldo fan, but when it comes to what I trust on the pitch, my choice is adidas. I remember saving up to purchase the Mercurial Vapor III's and being very dissapointed because they were so painful to wear. I sold them on eBay and purchased the adidas Copa Mundial and it was adidas from there on out. I remained loyal to my Ccopa's until I switched to the leather micoach F50's. I think Messi's new F50's look amazing, the modifications they have made from the previous version which I enjoy very very much add to a already solid foundation only making it better. Mind you, I think the little guy is great, but I believe Ronaldo is greater.

  23. I think these adizeros are way better than Ronaldo’s nikes. Ronaldo’s nikes are nice and are flashy, meant for speed and power. But messi’s adizeros are better boots all around. The adizeros are great for speed, their light which helps you jump higher and run faster, the stud configuration gives you a great stop and go traction in any condition, the adizeros take off a little power than nikes. The adizeros give you that little extra edge with speed to beat the defenders. These boots are great for any position. They do take some time to break in and get used to but once your comfortable with them, they will do you good. I used mine for football and soccer. I was a kicker and wide receiver for football. It gave me great traction, helped me with my kicking, and helped me get those passes and it’s very highest. For soccer I was a forward and when my team sent a through ball, I knew I would have a little extra edge of speed with the adizeros. “MESSI FAN”

  24. These are the best looking F50 adiZeros so far, with one of it's better colorways. However, I still think that the Nike CR7s are a better look, as they have a very clean look to them comparted with the F50s. I have always been happy with Nike's performance.
    "Ronaldo fan"

  25. These don’t really do it for me. When I played with a previous model both my touch and my shot were awfull. But, they were comfy, and blisteringly fast. I’d like to see it get a better synthetic upper, like the CR7s. Plus the style on the nike’s is unmatched. I really do love the new vapors.

    “Ronaldo Fan”

  26. Personally I like Adidas over Nike and vapors never really were the thing for me. While I am still to wear any of the latest brand of the F50 the design is pretty amazing and if it were cheaper I would get it over any shoe. The design looks great with both white and red collaborating for the F50 and it looks like these shoes have more things going on compared to any of adidas's previous releases which I would like to see more often from Adidas.
    The Vapor 9 CR7 are a great shoes hand down, but personally vapors never really a thing for me. Cause the recent cleats I thought were a little too little and I would be scared for a rolled ankle, but that's just me. Personally I like Ronaldo over Messi, but these shoes are a different story The Vapor 9 are way too simple for my taste and the material never really suited me as a player and liking.
    If I had to chose I would go with the new released F50. Messi deserves to wear these pair as does Ronaldo his pair, but im sticking to Adidas's new pair cause of the new colorway and boldness rather the simpleness in the vapor 9.
    Although I'm a Ronaldo fan

  27. I honestly love the new F50's, they look good as soon as they came out of the box and they have one of the best colorways released on the F50's so far. I also like how they are relatively easy to break in and even fit people with wider feet. I'm not much of a fan of the Vapors because they came out limited addition but didn't even provide a larger size than a U.S. 11. Also the price range on the Vapors seems to be "more for less" in my opinion because being a wider footed player I can't wear these to save my life. Messi boots all the way.
    -Messi Fan

  28. I think these are awesome the two tone colorway it very cool looking and almost takes a page out of nikes book with the safari superfly 3 gray/purple colorway, and ultimately the Umbro revolution from back in like 2007. I thing the red and white compliment eachother nicely. I think adidas continue to make nice boots for messi and i cant wait to see him weaf these.
    “Messi Fan”

  29. I personally, I am in LOVE with the new Messi boots! I really like the design of the boot because it’s different. Sure the Ronaldo ones look sleek and has a brilliant colorway, but it’s just the Messi AdiZero has something that just grabs my attention. And another is the availability. The Messi boots are going to be available to many people, unlike the CR edition, that is only going to be released to 100 people. So yeah, I LOVE the new Messi edition boots over the CR one, even though I am a Ronaldo fan

  30. I really like the red white design on the messi adizero. The messi adizero really symbolizes messi as a fantastic individual footballer as well a team player, lone red stud. While the ronaldo vapor is more exclusivly about him with CR7 written in bold along the heel as well as the individual accomplishments he had in 2012.
    Messi fan
    P.s. not a ronaldo hater. He is a fantastic talent, that has the ability to tear apart any defense, which we have witnessed.

  31. I like the Messi colorway. I feel that the colors are more striking than the Ronald pair. However I would like to see Messi's accomplishments highlighted in his boot.

    Messi fan

  32. Messi is just the best hands down, Adidas for life!!!

  33. I think the messi one represents more than the Ronaldo boot. Instead of just putting a bunch of numbers on it, Adidas really captured Messi’s game, especially with the one red stud. I wish Adidas had launched more “lifestyle” clothing, like Nike did with CR7. Also, I noticed the boot looks like it has hybridtouch, and I wonder how it differs from the normal f50.

  34. I’m a messi fan, btw

  35. Man, the Messi color will look so good in leather, with the red side solid red… I think the Messi one wins hands down (Also Adidas doesn’t raise the price to 300$ just bc they have an M on them like Nike does with the CR7’s)

  36. I like the Messi boots more. For one thing they aren’t extremely expensive just because they are Messi’s signature boots, unlike Ronaldo’s. I find the two shades of red with the white a very appealing colorway, plus there aren’t ONLY 100 pairs. The CR7s are nice, but if you don’t feel like paying a ton for a boot that is the same as the mercurial, then I’d go with the Messi boots. They are both very appealing but I’m going with messi on this one.

  37. Honestly both boots look great. Nike has done an amazing job when it comes to Ronaldo's boots. They all portray the way he is:fast with flashy skills and the color ways they've used on his signature boots are amazing. With that being said Adidas has done a great job on this color way for messi even though I don't like the color red. I wonder how the boots would look if colors symbolizing the Argentina flag would have been used? I would pick Ronaldo's boot because I love the black and white contrast,also white boots look great on the pitch.

    Ronaldo Fan.

  38. I definitely like the colorwave. The design, being in many ways still the same as last year's makes me comfortable with the fit and feel, while exciting me about some potential benefits. One of my feet has torn tendons across the inside of the large toe, which makes the ball extend outward similar to a bunyon. Anyway, that made last year's version a no-go as the "strap" across that region put tremendous pressure on the ball of the foot as the boot flexed. This time I'm happy to see no additional strap-style supports. I'd like to get the Mi-coach also, which is a nice tracking benefit.

  39. I honestly think both pairs are very good looking, but i still keep my opinion that "speed" boots are over hyped. Both boots have their own special meanings and adidas is being more reasonable by not making only 100 pairs like nike did with the mercurials. I personally would not wear either, i still prefer puma.

    -Messi Fan

  40. I think that Messi’s cleats are actually better and Ronaldo’s are overhyped. Messi’s cleats are much better. -Messi Fan

  41. I am an Adidas fan and I always will be. But it has to be said that Cristiano Ronaldo has time and again proven that he is the ubiquitous utility attacker. He absolutely embodies the essence of the Mercurial Vapor as fully as did R9. He is raw speed and guile. That’s the message I get when I look at the Mercurial Vapor. Messi however is a different story. A player like Ashley Young or Gareth Bale seem more akin to the style of the Adizero. Messi is a great player but when it comes to the man making the boot, CR7 is unrivaled. Ronaldo fan.

  42. Fernando Maldonado

    I think these are awesome the two tone colorway it very cool looking and almost takes a page out of nikes book with the safari superfly 3 gray/purple colorway, and ultimately the Umbro revolution from back in like 2007. I thing the red and white compliment eachother nicely. I think adidas continue to make nice boots for messi and i cant wait to see him wear these.

    Mess fan

  43. Like new F50's, yes would wear them, addition of texture will hopefully improve touch.Think Nike hypes more than Adidas.

    Messi Fan

  44. I like these boots, however I would have liked to have seen them perhaps in a blue and black color.
    Other than that the boots are great and I would like a pair just to rub it in my “messi fan” friends’ faces.

  45. I really like this color of boot I love the color red n I also really like the new style but also the CR7 boot are really nice also I really like the color and how nike changed there material on the boot I really love both boots and I really wouldn’t be able to chose between the two boots
    ~ Messi Fan

  46. A great colourway and a great collection to my F10 collection. It is very hard to get F50 around here.

  47. Hello, I am planning on getting these boots, however just recently i was told that its better to have a tight fit boot then a boot i will grow into. Now I have a pair that is size 9 (half a size i can grow into) but i am supposably size 8.5. i am turning 17 soon and I'm afraid that my feet will grow if i buy it in 8.5. What should I do and what age does your feet stop growing?

    • How does the size 9 currently fit on you? Do they feel comfortable or too bulky? If they are comfortable, don't go down a half size. It is better to ahve a little extra room that a tight fit that causes blisters and any pain.

  48. I'm tired of them promoting synthetic when he wears leather.

  49. Hey! Bryan!

    Does this boot run true to size?

    Because I wear Mizuno wave ignitus2 in size 8 and CTR360 maesti in size 8.5.

    I want to make sure before get them….No place I can’t try them.. so I am asking to you.

  50. So that’s why messi didn’t play well, he use synthetic upper! :p

  51. how much do these cost? are they confortable? do they make u play better ? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THEM

  52. i think no more than 80€

  53. i have had these cleats for about 2 or so months and they are broken in and they still give me very bad blisters but my friends and coach say its the new material the put on the cleat to make it lighter i would say not to buy these because of how uncomfortable they are

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