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Classic, Heritage, Old School – Top 10 List

Heritage Boots

We are currently living in a world where flashy, vibrant colored boots are all the rage – or at least that is what we are lead to believe. As companies compete with each other, they are using the most outrageous colors to set themselves apart and make their boots more noticeable.

But, where does that leave the traditional player who wants a no-nonsense boot that simply performs without the need for over-kill visuals? Believe me when I say that I am a fan of heritage boots, even though there is an influx of posts on SoccerCleats101 about the newest boots released. If you check out our “Heritage” section, you will see that there is plenty of content focused on the genre.

This is a post I have wanted to put together for a while – it is a list of the best boots you can currently find on the market that hold a classically inspired, old school look with plenty of Heritage on the side.

Black Puma King 2013

#10 – Puma King 2013

There was a wild fight to claim the last remaining spot on the list, with several newer releases stating their claim. But, for me it has to go with the latest Puma King release and in particular, this graceful blackout version. There have been complaints that this latest version moves the range to far away from the King di, which is also on this list, but I say let it be and keep the visuals looking classic.

Release Details:
Retails for: $149.99 on


#9 – Hummel Old School Star

Hummel are an unusual addition considering they have been on a sort of soccer shoe slumber over the past few years. But I have been reassured that is going to change over the next year and with this addition, it is all in the name. Additionally, you can find pairs of the Old School Star on eBay, so they are available. Everything about this boot is about as basic as you are going to get, from the logo to the leather and the soleplate – yet you have to love what they are all about. These remind me of boots my Dad would have worn back in the day!

Retail for: Around $80 on eBay

Ryal 1946 Soccer Cleats

#8 – Ryal 1946 Classic

This Ryal addition is another prime example of their “Against Modern Football Boots” stance, the 1946 is a classically inspired release that combines modern performance features with old-school design. The addition of gold stitching and “Edizione Limitata” add a nice twist on the primary black upper while you also get the Italian colors thrown in to gently spice things up. A positive on this one is Ryal ability to eliminate the “floppy tongue” by adding a nifty layer of double stitching.

Retail for: €144 from Ryal

Asics Lethal Testimonial 2

#7 – Asics Lethal Testimonial 2

Some of you might be surprised to see an Asics boot included on this list, but you have to love the classic nature of the Testimonial. This version has undergone some technical upgrades since the original but it still reaches into the sole and has the ability to tug at the heart of traditional fans. My only complaint with this one and why it is not listed higher is the HG10mm heel gradient – not a fan.

Retail for: Around $100 at eBay

Black Stadio Primato

#6 – Lotto Stadio Primato

This one I am a huge fan of and I have actually tested them twice! I hope Lotto continues to retail for a while to come, although I am hearing reports that they might be coming close to their expiry date. Either way, grab a pair and experience one of the most classic boots before they disappear. Right now it earns the “Top Value for Money” award – as you will see by the retail price listed below.

Retail for: Around $70 at eBay

Nike Tiempo Legend IV

#5 – Nike Tiempo Legend IV

You can’t have a top 10 classic list without including a Tiempo Legend! In terms of performance, there is a definite modern feel to this boot but they still hold a very minimal and classic visual look. One of the highlights is the cross stitching on the forefoot, it adds a really nice cushioned feel on the ball. Consider this one the “I want a newer release in a black colorway” release (if that makes sense!?!)

Retail for: $200 at

Puma King Top K di

#4 – Puma King Top K di

This is about as close as you will get to a pair of Puma King from the 70s, and they resemble the King’s that I grew up wearing. The summary on sums these up for me – “Premium soft and comfortable K-leather upper with quilted vamp and central lacing for a natural touch on the ball.” You could almost pour yourself a bowl of these in the morning for breakfast they are that delicious!

Retail for: $59.99 at

Pantofola d'Oro Lazzarini Canguro

#3 – Pantofola d’Oro Lazzarini

Ok, so this one is not readily available in the US but the history behind the Pantofola range speaks for itself. They just ooze class and offer fantastic performance on the field. This is the type of boot you need to own a pair of before you finish your career. I tested the red colorway imaged – sorry if they are a little too bright for the traditionalists, but you can get them in all black also. If you have a few extra minutes, check out the sneaker range Pantofola have available on Amazon.

Retail for: $180 at ProDirectSoccer

Ryal La Storia

#2 – Ryal La Storia

The La Storia is actually a relatively new boot to the market but the look and comfort from this boot is pretty fantastic. In summary, they are a tantalizing, old school release that oozes quality with its K-leather upper and unique “from a past era” design. They look reminiscent of something you would have seen worn in the 1970s or even earlier and are sure to satisfy the taste buds of any traditionalist out there.

Retails for: €119 from Ryal

Adidas Copa Mundial

#1 – Adidas Copa Mundial

It doesn’t get much better than the Copa when you are looking for a tradition, consistent performing boot. And is there any boot out there with more recommendations from fellow players? Everything from the Leather upper to the slightly stiff soleplate and iconic tongue make these one of the best boots ever to hit the market. I can almost guarantee that if I put this list together a decade from now, it would still sit in the #1 spot. Enough said!

Retails for: $150 at

Notable Mentions to Check Out!

Mizuno Morelia –
Pele 1962 Redeemer –

Adidas adiPure 11Pro –
Under Armour Hydrastrike –
Pele Trinity 3E K –
Concord Techno Kangaroo –
Diadora Maracana –

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  1. Have had my pair of Copa Mundial in the rotation for five years now and always feel great when they come out to play.

  2. I was very disappointed and to me this list is a complete joke!
    1) The new Puma King 2013 (… 2013!!) has no business being on this list! There is absolutely nothing about these cleats that are "Classic, Heritage, or Old School" and most importantly it doesn't even feature kangaroo leather! Mentioning the Puma King Top K DI was sufficient.
    2) The only good thing about the Lotto Stadio Primato is the price and these cleats were rated higher than the Asics Testimonial? You can't be serious!!
    3) Finally, the most important and shocking: NO MENTION OF THE MIZUNO MORELIA. Not even in the "Notable Mentions" section. When I saw this I had to post my first comment on this website, and I visit regularly!

  3. No room for Mizuno Morelia's? They are as classic as they come!

    • Morelia added to the "Notable Mentions" by popular request – again trying to keep as focused on boots available to the US market as possible (bar the Pantofola and Ryal, which need to be on the list)

  4. Good list, them Ryal’s look great. Was surprised not to see Umbro Speciali’s and Mizuno Morelia’s on there though.

  5. Hey Bryan, the puma evospeed k is on for $90, is the boot good??

  6. Nice list. You can't beat good comfortable leather boots that don't cause blisters.

  7. Great list, although the new kings im not so sure about. I can’t decide what boot to get next! Hummel Roma Vintage or the Copa. Everyone will say get the Copa, but honestly that would be the main reason for me to buy the Hummels. Also just to let people know, Pantofola’s are available in limited colors in America. they are for sale at pro direct US.

  8. We should call this the "Blister free best touch on the ball top ten". Vapor Fan boys will not even click the link, too bad for them. When they tear a ligament in the knee wearing the Vapor FG blades on turf, the might finally understand molded studs are just better.

  9. You could also title this one: Boots that last and don't fall apart in less than one season!
    In comparison to the new plastic boots that cost 200 or more dollars? All I can say is: Don't believe the hype!

  10. Great list. Although I would not have included the Puma King 2013. Way too modern and too much synthetics used on this boot to be called classic, heritage, old school any more.

    I would have put the Pantofola d’Oro Lazzarini in at # 2. Copa stays at # 1 of course.

  11. For me the best ever classic boot has to be the Mizuno Morelia "Made in Japan" version (not the same version that is widely marketed in the US/Europe).

    Worn by legends like Rivaldo and Ronaldo (not Cristiano Ronaldo), it is simply the best of the best in my view.

    The quality of the K-leather upper is absolutely phenomenal — on par with or even better than the Copa Mundial. The leather is incredibly soft and molds to your feet very nicely, offering a tremendously comfortable fit and fantastic touch on the ball.

    The amazing upper, combined with a simple yet elegant design, delicate construction, as well as a tried and tested conical stud pattern, makes for a true heritage–one that oozes real class.

  12. I would include Diadora Brasil and Umbro Speciali before Asics Testimonial or Ryal 1946. They were both made in Italy, Direct Injected PU sole and K-Leather with an outstanding fit and performance, almost like Adidas Copa Mundial andWorld Cup.

  13. The Mizuno Morelia is more of a classic,heritage and old school boot than the Puma King 2013 and Nike Tiempo Legend IV.

  14. How about an updated version (2015)

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