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Asics DS Light X-Fly K Review

Asics DS X-Fly Lite

Asics are making the ultimate statement with their latest DS Light X-Fly K release. Combining lightweight with a K-leather upper, this is a boot that pushes the boundaries of comfort and speed. Rather than playing off some unique technology, Asics stick to the basics on this one and the overall traditional make-up of the boot produces a much more positive result than we have seen on some of their other recent releases. In fact, these boots have their very own style that really doesn’t compare to many other boots on the market. Without spoiling things, I can tell you the end result in testing was positive, extremely positive. Keep reading to find out just why.

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Initial Reaction

They actually look much better in person than they do online. The leather is super soft and I was surprised at just how light they are. Immediately, I took to examining the stitching along the forefoot of the boot. It splits on either side to create a ridge effect in the center. Very unusual. The ankle seems to have a very low graded curve that might produce a slightly different fit. The soleplate lifts into a heel cup, but it looks like it might dig in.

Asics DS Light X-Fly

Breaking In

Loving everything about these out of the box. Think Tiempo meets Copa Mundial here, they are flexible and almost molded right out of the box. The X-Fly soleplate is made of a Solyte Polymer compound that offers a loose feel without taking away from stability. It is actually designed to even out pressure distribution equally through and this plays true since it is combined with low-profile conical studs. Something I really like about the boot is the suede lining that sits just inside the boot. If you have ever encountered that annoying sliding feeling inside a pair of boots rest assured you won’t with these. It is like have a layer of soft, foam covered sandpaper that catches your sock and holds you in place!

Asics has a reputation for comfortable and consistent running shoes – these are another example of how they are able to transcend that over to soccer footwear.

Asics DS Light X-Fly

Asics DS Light X-Fly Forefoot

In-Game Performance

Did you ever watch an episode of “The Bachelor” where you are 100% certain he is going to choose the brunette and send the red-head home, only for him to keep both and send the blond home? A slap in the face, right? Well that is what these boots are – a slap in the face out of left field that has you wondering what just happened. I’ll be honest, I took one look at these after release and decided there and then not to pursue a pair for testing. A few weeks I happened to have a chance to get a pair and decided – “why not”. Well, after several weeks with them, I am extremely impressed and this particular Asics boot has found a place in my back-up bag.

So what is so special? It starts with the K-leather upper and the odd stitching across the forefoot. First, the actual leather feels buttery soft and folds under your touch. Then the layered stitching adds several padded regions that offer a quality feel on the ball. It reminds me of the stitching seen on the adiPure III or the Stadio Primato. Sometimes the right type of stitching can take a boot to another level. What is different about these is the fact that the stitching leaves an odd, raised panel region in the center of the forefoot. For me, it is what makes the boot look extraordinary weird and is probably the primary reason I discarded them before seeing them in person.

Next up is the studs and the design Asics employ. Each stud features 3 grooves that give it a sort of golf stud style design. I can’t confirm that this plays a role in a better level of traction, but what I can tell you is that the low profile of the studs produces a really stable feel and they are an excellent boot for chopping, cropping and turning on artificial surfaces. That is actually where I think these perform best.

Asics DS Light X-Fly Soleplate

Asics DS Light X-Fly Studs

DS Light X-Fly

The Heel Design

There is definitely a different shape about the entire heel region of these. You can automatically tell that the contour up along your Achilles has been trimmed down, while the region around the ankle bone has been elevated ever so slightly. It produces a nice comfortable fit right around, partly in thanks to the foam lining just inside the boots. Then there is the heel counter, which comes up around your foot. I was concerned initially that it would rub as it has a slightly sharp feel about it. But thankfully, it contours well and never caused any problems. I am interested to hear how players with a thin heel find this – if you have worn them and encountered any issues, let me know in the comments!

How do they Fit?

If you have ever worn an Asics running shoe, these actually fit in a very similar fashion. Length wise, they are very much true to size, while width wise they offer an extremely generous fit. Wide fitting players can definitely add these to the list of possible options, especially if you loosen up the bottom few laces. One other note here, because of the shape of the soleplate you get some support through the arch that might help out some players!

Asics DS Light X-Fly Tongue

Front Stitching Asics DS

Inner Lining of Asics X-Fly

Applause for Asics

Seriously, Asics is a brand that should be competing on the soccer market as they have a proven reputation for producing darn comfortable running shoes. They know how to create a shoe that fits right and provides the right feel through a long run. When it comes to soccer boots, I am yet to test a boot that matches the expectations I have for the company and as a result, my views have been pretty critical at times. In fact, I think the HG10MM technology is a bit of a joke and I won’t ever approve of its use in boots even if it has been proven effective in scientific research.

This is type of release that gives encouragement for Asics and proves they have the ability to make in-roads on the market. Combining lightweight with a K-Leather upper and a solid level of performance and comfort is no easy task. I applaud them for what they have achieved with this pair.

Critics Notes

And after all is said and done, these are the not the perfect release. First off, there are some durability issues with the upper to soleplate joining. I noticed the lip pull up slightly right at the front of the boot. I’ll be monitoring this more over time to see it degrades further. The other negative is the price point. I understand that they compete with other boots that feature similar traits on the market, but if they were less expensive I could see more people trying them and really experiencing the positives they have to offer. I feel like a lot of people are going to miss out on simply because of price.

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The Skinny Summary

Highlight: Asics has elevated their status by keeping things simple and producing a comfortable, efficient boot in a more stable package. There is nothing complicated about these!
Category: Definitely a Speed boot, with a touch of Heritage thrown in.
Weight: A superlight and highly impressive 7.2oz.
Would I Buy Them: Before testing them, no. But having tested them, I would absolutely seek out another pair. The price point is a bit of a bitch, on sale they would be a great purchase.
Player Position: This is a pretty flexible boot that has the demeanor to suit most players on the field. I can see defenders using them simply because they offer comfort and nice K-leather upper. Then attacking players can benefit from their lightweight nature. Naturally I am a winger, but I’ve been wearing them and really enjoying the performance while playing up front lately.

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The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. I completely disagree with your views of other Asics shoes and don't understand why you initially didn't want to test them just because they looked different. I have tried 2 different models from Asics (Lethal Tigreor and Lethal Stats) after trying most models from Nike and Adidas and I can honestly say that the shoes from Asics are at the very least on par if not better than what the big brands offer. I didn't find any negative issues with the HG10MM feature and you easily get used to it after a practice or so. Durability and comfort have been superb on the Asics shoes and I didn't experience any blistering whatsoever with them ( I am very prone ) something I can't say from some models from Nike and Adidas. I definitely would encourage people to try Asics as they make some quality products.

    • Agree with this very much.

      The 10mm heel gradient is something that gets blown way out of proportion, from both from Asics and various reviews I've read. Other companies put out things that are far more gimmicky than this, yet I don't see the same level of "criticism" for them that Asics seems to receive.

  2. Good review, these look and sound nice. I think is Asics lowered their price point they would have more players willing to give these a go.

  3. "The price point is a bit of a bitch, on sale they would be a great purchase."

    Agree 100%. I love everything about these, but for $209, they can keep them. Love the review, and loving the honesty! truthful non-bias opinions are why we read! Keep telling us what you really think and we will enjoy it, even if its an unpopular view.

  4. I don't agree with the fact that fact that you gave these a bad review on durability considering the fact that you tested these on artificial grass. The rest of the review was really good. But I thought I would point out that if you use your FG boots on AG, your warranty becomes void. I do like these boots a lot though. I personally would pay the higher price for these over leather adiZeros. Better leather and looks like a better quality boot.

    • Asics actually markets this boot as an FG/AG hybrid of sorts. If you look them up on you'll see the sole plate is designed for AG and harder FG surfaces so I see no problem with the review. Regardless, many people are still using FG boots on AG surfaces and while that may blur the line between "use" and "abuse", it's still very relevant information that people want to know.

      • Even the low profile of this boot and the actual stud configuration makes them about as AG appropriate as you can get, so I agree with everything Keane has to say. It is becoming a common trend that players are using FG boots on AG and companies are trying to adapt to that fact.

        Jose is correct in saying that if you use your FG boots on AG, your warranty becomes void – well worth noting!

  5. Would love a pair of these.

  6. Please let us know some more info such as:
    Tongue material
    Stiffness or flexibility of the soleplate
    Sock liner thickness
    Stud pressure

  7. Great review. Would love to pick up a pair but for the price I'm concerned about the durability issue. Asics is usually one of the best when it comes to durability, that is why they are so popular in rugby circles.

    Could you please keep up up to date with the durability issues you have been noticing. This would help a lot of people make up their mind before buying a pair of these I'm sure.

  8. I bought a pair of these a month ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed using them!

    They offer supreme comfort throughout the boot, lightweight feel, fantastic touch, great cushioning, and a simple but effective stud pattern (I played on AG). I would definitely rate the X Fly as the most comfortable (and the most impressive) speed boot in the market. Certainly an impressive release from Asics!

    On a negative note, the lip of my boots also pulled up a lot after just two matches. However, I put some epoxy adhesive on it and the upper and the soleplate have stayed together since.

    • Hello aek. Sole separation is my top concerning when purchasing boots. My last pair of tiempos are no longer usable thanks to this. These boots seem very similar yet the rivet at The sole seems like a huge plus. I would really like to know exactly what eppxy adhesive you used since you say it solved your problem. Ive used shoe goo on my tiempos and even taken them to a shoe shop only to have them rip at the toe after one game….i only play on firm grass

      • Hi there. I used UHU Plus Endfest 300kg. The trick is to make sure that your shoe is as dry and free from dirt as possible, and to put the glue as deep as possible into the space between the upper and the sole plate. Leave the shoe for 24 hours to ensure the strongest bonding. The good thing about this adhesive is that it doesn't seem to damage the leather on the upper, and also doesn't damage the look of the shoe, given that you wipe the excess glue away properly (I just used my finger to do it because you can easily wash away the glue with water).

        It doesn't always work–in some cases the separation reoccurs after a few wears, but most of the times it does work for me.

  9. Dear Bryan,
    How would these Asics soccer shoes compare to the Mizuno Morelia Neos?

  10. Hello Bryan!
    Please, why don’ t you leave a review about Asics Tigreor IT ( or ST )?

    This Asics model was created with the collaboration of Argentina’s midfilder Juan Sebastian Veron for 2006 World Cup’s Italian testimonial Fabio Grosso and during all these years continues its costant presence at the foot of many Italian Professional Tournaments’ characters. In Italy these boots are Very appreciated! I hope you too!

    Thank you very much!

  11. The idea shows you have a wish to have an influence on the east coast.
    Some people may be the 8 oz.

  12. it is oversize by 0.5??

  13. Bought into asics science and 10mm heel gradient three years ago-play mostly grass and some turf-lethal stats last about a year or 50 plus games plus tournaments-i usually bust the toe section from flexing and being steeped on. no injuries,no blisters etc etc .Had addidas/ nike etc -too finnicky-asics-work horse 🙂 looking for kangaroo this time around-staying with heel gradient-hope this helps someone.keep in mind that asics does not put the $$ into soccer promotion…do your knees a favor 🙂

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