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Mario Balotelli Gets Custom Mr. Dheo Boots

Mr Dheo Balotelli

There is absolutely no way we are going to see Mario Balotelli wear these boots in a game anytime soon, but kudos to artist Mr. Dheo for creating a pretty extraordinary customized pair! Everything about them pretty much sums up our opinions of Super Mario. The guy likes to be in the spotlight.

Honestly, have you guys seen a pair like these recently? Underneath, you get a full bodied camo paint job on the upper. The detailing really compliments the AC Striker, with “BALO IS BACK” on the side of the boots, an Italian flag along the forefoot, his #45 on the heel and a Superman logo on the lateral side.

There are not many other players in the world with as much arrogance as Balotelli and for that reason the entire make-up of this boot seems perfectly constructed for him. If anything, these things just look dangerous.

Balo is Back

Mr Dheo Balotelli Boots

Balotelli Superman Boots

Then there is also the box, which has been befitted with some awesome graphics – its special. I would definitely love a custom pairs of boots designed by the Portuguese artist.

How do we know Balo won’t be wearing these? Well, first Balotelli currently wears Nike CTR360 Maestri III (as seen in the picture below) and second this custom pair is actually the older model Mercurial Miracle III rather than the high-end Vapor range that pro players wear. You can tell from the filled in heel stud and the lack of ACC across the tongue. I’m even going to go as far as guessing they are the Seaweed/Volt colorway! Then there is the fact that Nike branding has been all but removed and we know how they love to highlight their swoosh and name. And finally, you would have to be extremely bold, brash and arrogant to sport these in game……..oh wait!

What do you guys think of the design and would you actually wear a pair?

Mario B Boots

* About Mr Dheo: Mr.Dheo collaborates with well-known international brands and companies although he keeps the street as the perfect place to create. Versatile, he dedicates himself mostly to photorealistic productions which, together with graphic components, gives him a very personal style in constant growth and development. Photos by Deck97.

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  1. id wear them. I honestly am waiting for nike to jump on the camo wagon and do a multicam boot.

  2. Those are sick aha, I would definitely wear those, minus the Balotelli features.

  3. id wear them go balo

  4. I would pay $700 fir them and frame these sexy boots

  5. I would love to wear those boots they look some out of this world

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