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Nike Mercurial Vapor Reborn – Limited Edition XV Release

Nike Vapor XV

Look what Nike is treating some lucky fans to – a Limited Edition version of the original 1998 Nike Mercurial. This one is labelled as the Mercurial Vapor IX SE, with the XV in the post title representing the fact that it has been 15 years since we were first introduced to the speed range. In other words, this is an anniversary release.

Plus, there are only going to be 1,998 pairs of the boots available. People have been screaming for this boot to be re-released and although it is not the original, I absolutely love the approach Nike has again taken – soccer has been long overdue Limited Edition, one-off releases and this follows other successful releases such as the Green Speed and the Trinity SheOne.

New Vapor vs Vapor IX SE

The design is the unique factor of this boot. What Nike has basically done is took the Vapor IX and given it an old-school overhaul. With the original Mercurial Vapor, Nike used several different materials to piece the boots together but with this current version, the upper is completely one piece and the soleplate has undergone the speed treatment. The actual colors used are very similar, with Nike choosing to only update the Yellow seen on the 1998 release to a more modern Volt. Check out the comparison image above to really see how the boot has been modernized.

Just to note, you know that if you are one of the lucky players to snag a pair, you will have every player on the pitch coming up to ask you how you got your hands on the iconic boots.

If you are interested in being one of the 1,998 to snag a pair, WorldSoccerShop and will be the places to go and May 8th will be the date. We haven’t heard the details on quantity yet but I imagine there will be a mad rush to secure pairs. Once we find out more details, we will have it updated right here.

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX SE

Mercurial_Vapor_XI_SE Design


Nike Vapor IX SE Limited Edition Release

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  1. They should just RE RELEASE all of the original R9 Vapors.

  2. Are and worldsoccershop the only places they're releasing them to?
    Surprised Nike isn't going to have their own release as well..

  3. Wow 400$ is a bit to much dont you think?? An hopefully this is not the last time they bring back old boots they should copy the Jordan line and make retros.

  4. great, amazing! though it would be great if these have the "R9" logo somewhere, agree?

  5. I cant wait for them to re-release r10s!

  6. Why did the other pics get pulled? The shot of the 1998 version was cool.

  7. Has any one realized how similar the originals are to modern day ones? I am not only talking about just the paint job, but also the sole plate and the overall profile and shape of the boot. It is very similar.

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