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Diadora Cambio MD PU – Interchangeable Design

Diadora Cambio PU System

A few months back, we offered Sneaker Report some insight details on what we could expect from Diadora this year, and finally the first of those boots has been released.

Welcome in what should be one of the most talked about boot designs of 2013 – the Diadora Cambio MD. What makes this one different from anything else we have ever seen is the interchangeable inserts, allowing you to change and personalize the design of your boots. Each insert offers a sock-like fit and you simply slip a foot into each clear molded PU upper. That upper itself is going to offer an extremely unique level of performance, with more of a soft rubber feel adding to a market dominated by synthetic and leather uppers. Diadora has also added some texture through the strikezone to add to the effect, providing what should be added grip and spin on the ball.

On release, you have the option to choose from 2 different colorways – a Clear/Fluo Yellow or a Fluo Yellow/Royal. Each pair then comes with a Yellow and a Blue insert, so you can choose the actual style. Each insole is made of shock absorbing E.V.A material, so you know that they keep you feet well protected. I still have a lot of questions surrounding the actual fit and feel of the material inside the boot (including how breathable they are). More to come when we actually test them.

Both versions are currently available at for a pretty conservative $74.99.

Diadora Cambio MD PU System

The sole and stud configuration also looks intriguing. It is a skeletal 14-stud design, with a single wishbone through the midfoot providing the link between front and back. It really is a bare bone design, although I am not worried about traction seeing as it is an area where Diadora has continually excelled in the past.

In reality, if these were released by any of the major brands, they would receive pretty extensive coverage and we would all be talking about how crazy the concept is. Diadora has done very little media wise around the release, and we are left to lament what could have been a truly interesting feature boot. A few graphs and graphics could really make these stand out. Really makes you wonder!!

Diadora Interchangeable Insoles

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  1. will you be getting these to review?

  2. Something like skiboots…

  3. Is the inner sleeve just a clothy material or a type of synthetic? Thanks

  4. if one plays without the insert….others can see our wiggly feet! haha.
    probably enhances ball feel too.

  5. Do not get these! The inserts ripped off after only 2 practices and the boot is way too heavy for actual play. Unless you like heavy boots for games or practices I would not advise these boots at all. The ventilation on the bottom of the boot does not work and the laces tore in an hour of play and I had to buy laces. I would not recommend these boots to any average player. Out of 10 I would probably give it a 4 because once you tie them up it fits nice and snug and its for an average price.

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