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Top 5 Boots for Wide Fitting Players - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Top 5 Boots for Wide Fitting Players

Classic Wide Fitting Boots

My interest and possibly mild obsession with football boots came from the research and many articles I read about finding the best boots for wide feet. This brought me to reading and learning about the many technologies, styles and a variety of many brands.

I am unfortunate to have both wide and flat feet which means getting the correct fit of football boot has been a massive problem my whole life. I will try to share with you my experience with all types of boots, do’s and dont’s and try to help you choose the correct pair of football boots.

The important thing to remember is that everyone’s foot shape is different and if possible try the boots on. And do not try to convince yourself they fit just because you really like the boots (I have been guilty of this).

Leather or Synthetic

The upper you choose is vital in this case, and the clear answer is always choose leather. The synthetic materials used on football boots do not offer much stretch, and can lead to serious discomfort and cause blisters. Leather on the other hand is a natural material and will stretch and mold to the shape of your foot, always try and break in football boots before taking them into a game and look after the leather to keep your boots soft and stop the leather from drying out.

Speed/Control/Touch/Blah Blah

The modern football boot all seem to have a gimmick attached to them and claim to enhance your game. If you want to perform at your best, all you need are a pair of comfortable, well fitting boots. The best style of boot to go for, are a traditional leather heritage styled boot, these generally accommodate a wider foot and do not use rigid synthetic materials.

What brand should I choose

This is a tricky question and it depends more on the individual boot silo, for example the Nike T90 range are very accommodating where as the Nike Mercurial not so much. From my experience if you have a wide foot try and avoid Adidas, they are more narrow and don’t offer much stretch.

Get the right fit

For years I have worn boots that are too long for me, when trying boots on I was wanting instant comfort from the second I put them on my feet, always remember that leather will soften and stretch after a couple of wears. Wearing boots that are too long can have a detrimental effect on your game.

The best boots for wide feet

Now I am going to list the best boots for wide feet, this is based on my experience with boots that I have worn or tried on.

** Check the updated 2018 edition of Best Wide Fitting Boot Options HERE **

Umbro Speciali 3 Pro

#5 – Umbro Speciali

The Umbro Speciali range offer an excellent fit for the wide footed player. I have worn many different models of the Speciali and they have all fitted me well. The leather quality used is of a high quality and after a few wears really does offer a fantastic fit.

Find available pairs of Umbro Speciali.

T90 Strike vs T90 Laser Shot

#4 – Nike T90 Laser

The Nike T90 Laser range are well known to offer a nice fit for all foot types including players with wide feet. If you are looking for a boot with striking gimmicks you should have a look at T90’s. With the range now being discontinued it will be harder to pick up a pair of these, so act swiftly.

Find available pairs of Nike T90 Laser.


#3 – Puma King

The Puma King Top or Pro (the real King not the 2013 model) is a very well built football boot that is a great option for a wide footed player. The leather used feels quite stiff to start with but will soften nicely offering a boot with great comfort. The King has been worn by legends such as Maradona, Pele and Cruyff…..need I say more?

Find available pairs of Puma King Top.

Ryal Europa

#2 – Ryal Europa

The Ryal Europa’s leather and build quality are without a doubt second to none. The leather is super soft from out the box and after one wear they feel like they are part of your foot. These are a fantastic option for all foot types as they offer a nice custom fit and mould to your foot. Even though these are not number one on this list, the quality of these boots are the best I have ever come across.

Find available pairs of Ryal Europa.

Mizuno Morelia soccer cleat

#1 – Mizuno Morelia

The best option is undoubtedly the fantastic Mizuno Morelia, these boots changed my whole outlook on football boots. When I was a young player I couldn’t see past the big brands, even though they were too long and caused discomfort I assumed Nike and Adidas must be the best as they were the most well known and established brands. This was until I done some research, took what I thought was a gamble and ended up buying the most comfortable, highest quality boots that I had came across.

For a wide footed player, there really is no question that the Morelia offers the best fit. This does not mean they are no good for narrow footed players though, the reason being that the laces cover a large portion of the boot allowing a custom fit for all foot types.

Find available pairs of Mizuno Morelia.

Do you have a wide foot, if so what’s your best options? Do you agree with my list?

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  1. What about the Mizuno Wave Ignitus? Would that also work well for players with wide feet? I love my current adipower predator's but they have gotten old and worn out. The current predators seem like they are cut differently as they feel very tight for my feet. My adipower predators fit perfectly from the day I bought them (before i broke them in..and both pairs I owned broke in on the first day, so I loved those cleats).

    • mizuno wave ignitus is nt wide

    • If you are looking to purchase mizuno, you should look for the mizuno KR version. It naturally extended version of shoes that designed for wide footed players. How to get a pair? make a korean friends lol. I owned couple of supersonic and morelia. Its does suit better than adidas or nike for wide.

    • I have wide feet and have the wave ignites 3 whilst they are not particularly wide they still seem to be very comfortable I think unless ur feet are very very wide they will be fine

  2. Whatever happened to Kelme? Those were great for wide feet.

  3. What about the Copa? Probably the only exception for Adidas that suits wide feet players.

    • I agree totally, I have worn the Copa for a while now and been very comfortable in them.

      • I don't agree about the Copa, though an exceptional cleat (I own a pair), the sole is very narrow and not suited for wide feet. Yes the leather does steatch but your foot hangs over the cleats sole.

  4. We can add Asics Lethal Testimonial to this list. Great fit for a wide footed player.

  5. I have wide feet and a bunion sufferer can u recommened me any cleats that would be more suitable for my feet? I wear t90 currently.

  6. add the Asics Ds Light Wide Fit to this list for sure. It's an 8oz speedboot with a k-leather forefoot, but you can get it in a wide-fit where the actually soleplate is a touch wider – that helps SO much with balance and agility for those of us whose feet are normally hanging over the edges of a standard soleplate. Great shoe.

  7. which edition of morelia ? there are a lot of it

  8. Kevin – do you have any suggestions for indoor trainers for indoor football? I have fallen arches (flat feet) and so could be doing with some suggestions as getting no support from my Sambas.

  9. what about the cruyff brand the design very much seems to be made for a wide footed player

  10. I found success in the new Puma Evospeed 1.2. I have freakishly wide feet. So i was doubt dull when my evospeed came into the mail. But after a week of training in them they adjusted perfectly. So now i have been looking for new futsal shoes. My Nike mercurials Stretched to my wideness but there was way to much space in the toe box. I purchased the puma evopower and expected them to work. The toe box problem was fixed, but the width! to narrow. Any suggestion on Futsal shoes?

  11. Hello,
    Did you ever try Mizuno Supersonic 3 Super-Wide cleats? Does anybody know where to buy it in US11 and NOT pink?

    • I got them on ebay. They are really wide. My feet is 4E and it fits perfectly. My only complain is the shoes are made from synthetic leather. The feeling is not the same when you wear K-leather.

  12. What is the reason made you choose the Morelia over Ryal Europa? How are they compared in leather quality, width, ball touch? Thanks.

  13. Hi! Just wondering if you recommend nike tiempo to wide-footed players?

  14. I would love to get a pair of Mizuno Morelia’s but so far I’ve found a billion different models. Does anyone know a link or have any insight into some of the different models of boot? What is authentic and what are cheaper versions? What is the true leather and which are synthetic?

    Thanks in advance

  15. I looked for the Mizuno and gave up those shoes are awesome but just go with Asics easier to find and exclusive to the US. Great for wide fit too ALL of the Asics.

  16. Is the site legitimate? I’m about to spend north of $200 on extra wide cleats for my son. But my husband says those companies (mizuno, adidas, nike, puma, asics) don’t make wide cleats; that it’s a hoax. What do you think?

    • I would be very skeptical – and being honest, it is not the type of store I would purchase from!

      • Regarding Wide Soccer Cleats. Net, I have found that they basically sell stock versions of Cleats that they suggest are two, three, Exedra, but in actuality they are making a claim that they are actually manufactured as two, three, four E… When they are just wider shoes by nature and they are extrapolating what the with would be. In reality, you are paying hundreds of dollars for a shoe you can get at a local big box shoe store.

  17. I'm currently having trouble with my Copa Mundials (astros, not boots). The material on the insole has completely worn down on the inside of my foot, up towards the toes and actually under my big toe. This is on both shoes and it causes some soreness and blisters, which can be uncomfortable to say the least.

    I have wide feet, particularly towards the toe end, but as the article says these are one of the wider pairs available and with their soft leather I really didn't think that would be the problem. Currently wearing a 7 and a half and wondering if I should try moving up to an 8?

    I'm only playing 40 minutes once or twice a week on an artificial pitch and also had the same problem with a pair of Adi Free Xite's. Is it simply a case of admitting Adi boots do not agree with my feet? And if so, I'm unsure what to try next.

  18. I have a very wide foot and very high arches, so fitting my feet is probably just as difficult. I feel your pain, and I fully agree about the virtues of leather boots! I've had great success with the Nike Tiempo range. The Tiempo Genio (leather, of course) is a great, budget friendly option that offers width, arch support, and is durable, sturdy, and comfortable. The Tiempo range also comes in a version for every surface, but I wear the Nike Bomba II for indoor, artificial grass play, currently. Two American companies (which may or may not be available in Europe) that make wide boots are NewBalance and UnderArmour. I'm anxious to try the NewBalance Visaro. They have a kangaroo and a synthetic version, but I wear NewBalance trainers and they really know wide feet!! On a side note, I feel like the King is just Puma's version of the classic Adidas Copa Mundial, which I've worn for many years. Hope this contribution helps! Cheers!

    • Thank you for this post Joe – I'd like to add Nike Tiempo Genio. I bought some adidas ace 15.3 as they said they were for wide feet – these killed my toes so got a refund after wearing them twice. I have very wide feet and a high arch and saw that people like me were finding joy with the Genio. I've just bought them and they are the comfiest boot I've ever worn. Although I had to go one size up they feel like a natural fit and do no pinch my feet anywhere. Highly recommended.

  19. Can we get an updated article on this topic please?

  20. Can you do a 2018 update on this?

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