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Kits and Jerseys: 2013-14 Bundesliga - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Kits and Jerseys: 2013-14 Bundesliga


After an all German final in last years Champion’s league, we are all forced to take a real look at the Bundesliga in 2013. The Bundesliga boasts the largest fan bases in the world and two of the best teams in the world, one of which just happens to be Adidas’ flagship club. The kits in the Bundesliga feature a variety of brands, some of which have provided an interesting design for the 2013/14 season. Take a look at some of the most popular designs below.


Borussia Dortmund

After Dortmund played second fiddle to Bayern Munich in both the European Champions league and the Bundesliga standings last season, Puma has provided a kit that aims to vault the club into the lead chair this season. The subtle yellow stripes and minimalist collar highlight the design that will look great on the field this season. We didn’t highlight any Puma kits in the EPL preview, but the brand has made a big push this season with the Puma Football Club promotional tool highlighting some of thier biggest stars. The recent ascension of Dortmund into the world stage is a great step for the brand stuck behind Nike and Adidas in the soccer world.

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BM Jersey 2013

Borussia Monchengladbach

Borussia Monchengladbach will not be the first club on your mind when you hear Germany, but that doesn’t mean you will have trouble recognizing them on the pitch. The radical designs from Kappa utilize some interesting stripe combinations, my favorite of which is on the home white kit. Kappa took over from previous club kit manufacturer Lotto, and are in the first year of a five year contract with the club. With Kappa on the outs with several teams in Europe including Fulham and AS Roma, any new clubs picked up are positive for the brand.


Eintracht Frankfurt

It is not surprising Eintracht Frankfort has a relatively unknown kit provider in Jako. Just two years ago they secured promotion to the Bundesliga, and last season in a remarkable feat finished in 6th and secured a Europa league play-off spot. Jako is a popular brand among German teams, but has yet to break into the English or American markets. The kit is a rather simple striped design, and it will be interesting to see if it can help Einracht Frankfort to improve on last years impressive finish.


Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich’s relationship with Adidas is no secret, and Adidas loves to take advantage of both its players and team to promote its equipment. A win in last years champions league all but solidified Bayern’s take over of Barcelona’s title as the best club in the world. It is hard to say if we will see a run of dominance from Bayern that matches that of Barcelona’s. The new all red kit is relatively simple, and features the signature three stripes from Adidas on the sleeve.

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The season in Germany is already one round down, but it is far too early to make many solid predictions about the teams. How do you see the teams stacking up? Think Bayern will have any challenge at all this season? What do you think of the lesser-known brands utilized in the Bundesliga?

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