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Lotto Zhero Gravity III in Black/Neon Green - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Lotto Zhero Gravity III in Black/Neon Green

Lotto Zhero Gravity III 100

Lotto has released a new colorway in the highly talked about Zhero Gravity III range. This latest version holds a new look, but the same colors we have seen in previous Zhero Gravity releases, just switched around on this installment. It is officially listed as a Black/Metal/Neon Green.

For those unfamiliar with the Lotto Zhero Gravity, they are the one and only laceless boot currently on the market. Lotto has spent time and effort developing the highly unique technology that allows you to slip the boot on and sport them without having to worry about tying laces. It there way of letting you play with just second skin. In theory it sounds like a great idea, but it does have its issues and finding the right size can be slightly problematic. They tend to fit a little loose around the ankle lining.

This Lotto Zhero Gravity III colorway is currently available at

Zhero Gravity Black Green

There is also plenty of other technology employed by Lotto in the footbed, including reactive arch, Punto Flex and Reactive Insole, leading to one of the more consistently comfortable soleplates in the game. Your feet won’t complain!

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If the laceless design is not for you, simply drop down to the Zhero Gravity III 200. This version features a lot of the same technology except you get the bonus of laces rather than a sealed in fit. Lotto use a water repellent microfiber upper to keep a similar feel and shape on this version. The same colorway is available at at a much lower price point!

Zhero Gravity III 100 and 200

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  1. They actually look dope and I always wanted the laceless version. But way too expensive couldn’t afford

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