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Adidas Predator LZ – Pride Blue/Orange

Adidas Pred LZ Blue

Adidas are back with yet another fresh, new colorway in the Predator LZ series and this one offers a familiar look to boots we have seen before. on this one, I am not referring to the initial Predator LZ release colorway, instead they have a very similar look to the Bright Blue adiPure 11Pro we seen a year ago – check them out here. The official colorway on this version is listed as a Pride Blue/Running White/Orange.

What Adidas has done with this version to set it apart is leave the upper pretty uniform in color. In other words, they haven’t gone crazy by painting every Lethal Zone a different color. This is something we have seen them do a few recent releases and it plays well off well by offering a much cleaner, simplified look.

This Adidas Predator LZ colorway is currently available to check out on

Predator Pride Blue

For those in need of some details about the range, this is actually part of the Predator LZ II series, or the second series of releases we have seen in the Predator LZ range.

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Rather than break off into an entirely new release, Adidas stuck with the LZ title by simply modifying the performance characteristics offered. This latest version has a lot more definition and is considered to be more like a Predator, even though they stil hold a hybrid feel about them. Each of the 5 Lethal Zones serve their own intended purpose and functionality.

Adidas Pred LZ Pride Blue

Predator LZ Pride Blue

Predator LZ in Pride Blue Orange

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  1. Which adidas predators should I buy in a price range of 40-70 pounds? Was wondering whether to buy adidas Predator LZ TRX FG Boots – Black/Pop/White or the ones you just talked about

  2. why is it that Adidas has not released the Adidas Predator LZ2 in Artificial Grass? They had done that with the LZ1, but not with the LZ2. Nike seems always is releasing all their shoes in both grass and artificial grass

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