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Adidas Release 2013 Champions League Boot Colorways - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Adidas Release 2013 Champions League Boot Colorways

2013 ECL Nitrocharge Colorways

Adidas are back with a whole new collection of colorways that are set to be available, and on view, during the first half of the new season in Europe. In typical fashion, the colorway has been released to coincide with the start of the Champions League season. There is no doubt that a lot of players will be going with the latest designs in their particular range of choice and they are all going to be very noticeable on field (especially the Nitrocharge release!!)

Here is the 2013 Adidas Champions League line-up with details on each boot.

You can currently find all 4 boots at

Adidas F50 adiZero Electricity (b)

F50 adiZeroElectricity/Hero Ink 

Available for $210 at

Under normal circumstances, the F50 adiZero is intended to be a speed boot. But add the shock value of an Electricity Yellow upper and you have a boot intended to blast by defenders. Gareth Bale was the player that introduced us to the new colorway during his Real Madrid unveiling. It was a surprise move by Adidas, but another piece of marketing genius. Find Fast in the adiZero F50 Electricity.

Read more about them here: Adidas F50 adiZero – Electricity/Hero Ink

Adidas Pred LZ Pride Blue

Predator Lethal Zones – Pride Blue/Orange

Available for $220 at

At this point, we are pretty in-tune with the fact that the Predator LZ is now a Control boot rather the Power Predators of days gone by. On this version, Adidas has matched two great colors and kept things simple by blending the Lethal Zones in with the color of the upper, although the Orange does seem to hold a slightly more Red tinge to it.

Read more about them here: Adidas Predator LZ – Pride Blue/Orange

adiPure 11Pro Classic White Gold

adiPure 11proRunning White/Black/Metallic Gold

Available for $160 at

Everything about the adiPure 11Pro screams integrity, and again Adidas has gone with a familiar color combo to bring that heritage look back.  The Gold detailing adds a touch of class to one of the more popular, durable options currently on the market. Just to note, this colorway was actually unleashed on the market back in June, but Adidas has included it as part of this latest collection.

Read more about them here: Adidas adipure 11Pro – Running White/Metallic Gold

Red Nitrocharge

Nitrocharge 1.0UEFA Champions League – Red

Available for $200 at

Red with relentless energy” is the slogan from Adidas on this one and it is very difficult to disagree with that. Some would refer to this as the firestarter colorway of boots, I see them as more of a Superhero. Be The Engine and Nitrocharge your game!

Read more about them here: Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 – Vivid Red/Electricity

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