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Best Looking Custom Boot Releases of the Past 5 Years

Pele SheOne Soleplate

No. 9 – Pele Trinity 3E Sheone

Released: August 2012
Availability: Limited – but there are still some pairs available.
Retail: $200

The Pele Trinity 3E SHEONE was a Limited Edition boot that was designed by London based artist James Choules, who adopts the alter ego of SHEONE. Inspired from the New York wave graffiti era of the early eighties, SHEONE has created a black and white upper design in his iconic signature strokes. On release, fans clamoured to claim a pair, yet they are currently still available at some stores. In other words, they were popular but the notion outgrew the idea and fans moved on. The revolutionary Trinity 3E possesses impressive tri-technology and the 3rd element, which harnesses the ability to perform a dual task – maximizing a player’s game & speed potential and actually training muscles during play. And at 5.6oz, they were one of the lightest boots ever released to market.

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  1. Nice post. I think RVP's boots are the best because they are unique to him only and you can't even find that anywhere. It is not like they were made for a special occasion, he wears them all the time.

    By the way, have anyone noticed Brandon Marshal from the Chicago bears wearing hyper venom during the Thursday night game? Maybe you guys can write a post about NFL players wearing soccer shoes. I know mostly will be kickers and punters but it might nice to know who wears soccer cleats.

  2. I agree, I have seen more Nike id and great colorways on display from NFL kickers and punters, than I have seen all year from professional soccer.

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